Dominique Bolts

Gods Child🙏🏾 Personal Barber💈Owner Of RocMyStyle✂️💈✂️ Roc'd2Deaf Fashion Show Planner📝👻Rockodabarber Waco Tx

90’s Party means 90’s music 🎶 as well #imhereforit
First Friday Hip Hop Night is the place to be this summer. 18 to get in 21 to drink @skate_waco
I see you still over there hating 🤦🏾‍♂️
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you 🌹
In just 3 days we will have the Palladium Roc’n for my mamas 50th Birthday Party 🎉 BE THERE
It’s about time I kick it with my Rich Bros. They keep me motivated!
“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” —Ryunosuke Satoro. Speaking of oceans these waves bout to have y’all sick 😂
S/O to Team RocMyStyle for flooding the streets of Waco with all that drip yesterday 💧💧
This video had my DMs jumpin. Wonder if it still holds weight 🤔
I just don’t get it. How in the world 18 years go by so quick. I remember being mad at my Mama for going to the hospital without me lol actually I remember all these pics we took like it was yesterday. You were my first child 😂 loved you so much back then and that love has not changed. I know you will make plenty MORE mistakes in the future but no matter what I’m here for you always and forever!!!!! I Love you dearly Happy Birthday Martrice Peoples 🎉🎈🎊
Today I had a chance to visit Carver Middle School. Major S/O to my good friend @baldheadscallywag_08 for allowing me to come share my story and hand out a few fades to the kiddos ✊🏾
Care too little you’ll lose them.. Care too much you’ll get hurt
I heard there’s a movie playing at Roxy Grove tonight 👀. Don’t miss it. #judgementday
Work on your craft like an athlete in the draft
The night of the Skate Party I was frustrated not to mention tired but when you have an event to host you can’t let that show. So despite the way I felt I went in to make sure everyone enjoyed the party. Well it’s true what they say, you never know who’s watching. Today I got a visit from the GM of Skate World and Skate Country. He stated that everyone was impressed on how I interacted with the guess then he offer me a deal I couldn’t refuse. I don’t be asking for these blessings but he blesses me anyhow.... 😩🙌🏾 #rocmystyle #staytuned
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