Dominique Bolts

God’s Child🙏🏾 Personal Barber ✂️ Owner Of RocMyStyle Barbershop💈Event Planner 📝. 👻Rockodabarber Waco Tx

I’ve been highly thinking about joining in on the redevelopment of East Waco (outside the elm area) Starting to spend my off days learning about the History of Waco. • 📷: @shotsbytb
“You thought I was worth saving so you came and changed my life” • • • •styles by @ladodogale at @modernmanwaco
I’m not calling it success until there is a piano in my living room 💰
I remember when I use to ask people to believe in me, now I know I was going about it the wrong way.... #MAKEMBELIEVE #ROCMYSTYLE
I know y’all turnt about starting 2019 but I can’t lie I’m lit about finishing 2018 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Today while I was cutting TJ hair he asked me if I always wanted to be a barber. I jokingly said naw I wanted to be a rapper 😂 him still being serious said well why are you not a rapper 🤔. Me still joking said because everybody said I wasn’t good. He said Rocko it doesn’t matter what people say about you, you have to follow your dreams. 😳😳😳😳 I was shook. So young but yet so smart....Keep it up TJ. • • • • #teamsickest #sickestbarbers #xotics #barbersinctv #nationalbarberassociation #instahair #menshair #mensfashion #zaramen #waco #rocmystyle #barber #rocmystylebarbershop #menshairstyles #baylor #andis #thebarberpost #localsloveus #wacobarber #texasbarber #baylorbasketball #baylortrack #baylorfootball #barbershopconnect @active_barbers_ @sickestbarber @guyshair @sharpfade @andis @barbersconnect @barbersinctv @barbershopconnect @thebarberpost @andisclipper @national_barbers_association @national_fade_league @barber.clips
It’s very important that you support your friends and family. I recognize that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it had not been for God and the support of my friends and family...
Your opinion of me is none of my business... #rocmystyle • 📷: @hvppycvmper
There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs #rocmystyle
Life taking me on a detour but I’ll still reach my destination 🚧
She thinks I’m dope 😎flaws and all
Looking forward to working with @ladodogale in the near future 💰#LEVELUP
Have you ever went somewhere and felt genuine love and support? That’s how I feel every single time I walk on Baylor Campus... I rep hard for the city of Waco but if it wasn’t for Baylor University I would’ve left long ago....
Tomorrow I will be attending Natural Hair vs. Corporate America on Baylor Campus hosted by @bu_roots & @baylornaacp Hope to see you there!
An interesting thing about success is that it’s like a breath of air; although your last breath of air is important, it’s not as nearly as important as the next .. ~ Grant Cardone #rocmystyle
I never ever trip just #Peace #Happiness & #Love
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