Dominique Bolts

Gods Child🙏🏾 Personal Barber💈Owner Of RocMyStyle✂️💈✂️ Roc'd2Deaf Fashion Show Planner📝👻Rockodabarber Waco Tx

God is good God is great let us thank him for this food amen!
Inner Peace Is The New Success
I never thought I would make it this far #rocmystyle
We all the way there in 1 hour #skatewaco #skatenight
Happy Birthday JoJo 🎁 miss you already! Make sure your mama hang my gift up lol
Spent my 4th on the road driving back to Texas! I had to leave my Best Friend and his family in Georgia to start their new journey. 😩 God knows I’m going to miss them (especially my Godson) Leonard Wayne Burks Jr. I’m proud of you and admire your faith. Remain cool, calm, collective and the God fearing family man you are. Misty Burks thank you for supporting him and for never leaving me out (thanks for sharing him 😂) JoJo when you get old enough I’m coming to get you don’t worry.... I Love Y’all Burks Family and I wish the BEST
Best Steak Ever 🍴
So glad we finally made it!!! The longest truck ride I’ll probably take in life. Unless of course the Burks family change their mind then it’ll be back to Waco we go. #atlantageorgia
Today RocMyStyle turned 8 years old. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. ( don’t judge my bottle poppin skills. I’m better at it now)
Really don’t care about it being BayBay Birthday but I think I look swole in this pic so it gave me a reason to post it. I guess it’s Happy Birthday to @goldenboyfoxx 🙄
Happy Birthday Pops 🎉 Another year of it being on Father’s Day 🎁
Why even bother?
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