Ronnie Woo

I'm a chef & hairspray enthusiast. I love mayonnaise, traveling & romantic walks to the fridge. Puppies are my favorite.

So I found this palm tree and stood in front of it.
Laughter can’t possibly be the best therapy because I’m still crazy but I love it I love it I love it. 🤣🤪😂
I promise breakfast will not suck if you make my Roasted Pear Sheet Pan Dutch Baby. (Get the recipe on the TDC Blog!)
Getting turnt up today. 🕺🏻
It’s like I never even ate that burger.
I can explain.
Say hello to my Teeny Tiny Brazilian Cheese Bread Burgers, each topped with a Charred Shishito Pepper. 👍🏽
Rubber duckies are for amateurs. #gyozas
I feel like a little school boy again with my lunch pail and donuts.
Every morning I remind myself that I am what I eat therefore I’m fucking delicious.
Everyday is a struggle between “I want to look good naked” & FOOD.
It actually costs a lot of money to look this trashy.
Catch me on Home & Family tomorrow at 10am on the @hallmarkchannel ! I’m making Roasted Pumpkin Mac n’ Cheese!!
In case you missed this gorgeous babe on the @foodnetwork today, the recipe link is in my bio. You’re welcome. 🙌🏼
Just a loving reminder to catch me tomorrow morning, 9/22, on #TheKitchen , airing at 11am on the @foodnetwork // I’m making my seriously delicious Apple Tarte Tartin that is so easy peezy that even your dog could make it. 🍎😉🐕
The beautiful and amazing Angkor Wat... I gotta say, that feeling of amazement when you first see an iconic landmark in person never ever gets old, no matter how many you are fortunate enough to see.
The secret to a perfect photo is to smile like you tooted.
All of this is in my belly now (minus the plates) and I’m not sorry.
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