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Home-grown and hand-illustrated stationery, prints and patterns, inspired by nature. 🌿 Knoxville, TN + around the world // Find us here!👇🏼☀️

Who else has a birthday in April!? 🙋🏼 My birthday is on Tuesday so I think this week we’re gonna have a little sale! Gotta celebrate me turning 28!
Throwback to one of my earliest patterns.
Excited to share that we are now offering gift sets in the shop! Sets are $16 and include one notebook and one greeting card. // This is our Mothers Day Pink Ice Protea set. We also have make your own sets. Available now!
I think the element of play is the most valuable part of art making. Also the most easy to lose... but isn’t that how valuables work? 😅 As I’m busy trying to build a business and work professionally it’s easy to forget, so yesterday I took an hour to play with the creative process a bit. No goals, no objectives. It’s good to remind ourselves why we do what we do. ☀️
A good friend is something worth celebrating 💛
Today on the blog: a gift guide for Mother’s Day! 💛 We’ve gathered a collection of unique, handcrafted gifts that we love (all found on Etsy!) to help you make sure the moms and mom figures in your life feel loved and appreciated ☀️ // Featuring the work of some incredible designers and artisans, swipe to have a sneak peek. // Link to the full post is in our profile.
Thinking about adding a printables + downloadables section to the blog... What do we think? Do free printable coloring pages sound interesting?🖍
Hallo guys 👋🏼 This is me (Jessie) making an awkward fake smile showing off one of my cards. I’m sharing this pic because I can’t stop laughing at it 😂 Swipe to see the REAL me 😆 Fun fact about me: my favorite thing to do is to laugh. I laugh at everything, it’s just how I deal. #lolol Who’s with me?
Our Grapeleaf Hellebore pattern... swipe to see it in all its forms: wallpaper, a friendship greeting card, and gift wrap! All available in our shop. 14/100 #rootandbranchpatterns
WE HAVE A WINNER, PEOPLE! 🏆 Congrats to @annabelwhenley !!! 💛☀️ // Just finished adding all the entries into the winner generator app (as fair as possible, y’all) ... and @annabelwhenley was crowned the winner. Hurray! 👑 // THANK YOU to everyone who participated! One other bit of news: our new collection is LIVE on the site now ✨ Go check it out and stick around for our next giveaway
Thanks to everyone who’s entered our stationery giveaway! 12 hours left to enter! See the 2nd most recent post in our feed for details ☀️
GIVEAWAY CLOSED, congrats to @annabelwhenley 🏆👑 // GIVEAWAY! ☀️ In honor of our new Spring product collection (which we’re launching next week!) we’re giving away a gift set of brand new products, including a notebook and 4 greeting cards of your choice! That’s $32 worth of lovely stationery, and it could be all yours! ✨ • To enter, you must be following us, like this post, and tag a (real) friend who you think would love our products. Tag more friends for more entries! One tag per comment, please. • Giveaway ends this Sunday 4/8 at 7PM EST. Winner must provide a US address for shipping— Sorry, no international shipping on this one. Good luck! ✨
Mother’s Day is in a little over a month! Next week we’ll be launching our Spring collection... including these two lovely Moms cards. Oh and we’ll also be running a GIVEAWAY with a chance for you to win a nice stack of stationery goods... for you or your mama 😍 We’ll keep ya posted 💌
Sky Blue Clematis 🌤13/100 #rootandbranchpatterns
Getting back into scrapbooking and I wrote a blog about it! It’s 10 tips to make a beautiful scrapbook like a pro ✂️📒 I’ve gathered things I’ve learned from keeping a scrapbook for the past ~20 years and then becoming a graphic designer (I think the two might be related). It’s also filled with several inspiration images from my two most recent scrapbooks and ideas to help you get your scrapbooks done without spending tons of time or money. Link is in the profile! Let me know what you think!
Looking for a bold, springy wall makeover? This is our Cora Louise Peony wallpaper, available in customizable rolls up to 12 feet.✂️📐 Find it on our website or in our Etsy shop (both links in profile)
New life all around 🌸 Happy Easter weekend everyone.
Bridal showers? We have a card for that 🌸💕 Coming very soon to our shop, along with 9 other new card designs.
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