Rory K

Rapper - Performer - Curator Of Vibes 🌔💿#FreestylesInCrazyPlaces Every Friday ✈️ “Rory K” SoundCloud 👇

Rare Interview w/ @theaidenferonshow live now 💡#RoryK
🎥”Scars” The Elephant Graveyard ☠️ #RoryK #FreestylesInCrazyPlaces Ep. 5 🦁👑
🎥 “Ngosha Remix” #RoryK Verse 🔥 Big up @b.dotsixx we global bro! 🌍🇹🇿 #Tanzania
🚨 #NewMusic 🚨”Ngosha Remix” w/ my BROTHER @b.dotsixx all the way from Tanzania 🇹🇿 out NOW!! Artwork: @fieryvisuals ✈️
🎥”Slide” Seville, Spain 🇪🇸🌴 #RoryK #FreestylesInCrazyPlaces Ep. 4 (S/O @calvinharris )
🎥”Acapella” Boston 🕯#RoryK #FreestylesInCrazyPlaces Ep. 3 (Drop a 🔥if u luv it)
🎥”Esketit Freestyle” Miami 🌴#RoryK #FreestylesInCrazyPlaces Ep. 2 (S/O @lilpump )
🎥” Costa Rica” Toledo, Spain 🇪🇸 #RoryK #FreestylesInCrazyPlaces Ep. 1 🔥🍿✈️
🎥”Taste” (July 4th Freestyle) Some early fireworks for ya💥 s/o @kinggoldchains #RoryK
5 yrs ago in Toronto I said to myself “Screw it. I’m going back to the hotel & filming myself Freestlye” and I never looked back. I’ve always looked forward to Friday, for several obvious reasons, but launching #FreestyleFridays truly allowed me to express myself & showcase my talent and artistic side. It was liberating and nerve racking at the same time, but ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My end goal is to make this a platform where other creatives feel comfortable to do the same, and we can share our visions and grow together. Hope you’re down for the ride ✌️ #RoryK
🎥” She love me she love me not, u know how it go” 🥀#RoryK
Early 🕊 Special for the W 💡💡@brewerystudio 🎧🎤💿 #RoryK
🎥 Brought “Miami” to Boston last yr, expect more of the same today #RoryK #Festival 🌴
Young Starr Like Ringooooo 🤩🤩🤩 #RoryK #AlbumMode 🌔
If u don’t like me I’d like to cordially invite u to suck deez fuckin’ nuts 📩 😂 #RoryK
I don’t usually drink before performing, but when I do I’m double fisting margz 🍹 #RoryK
~The Path Of Resistance~ My personal mantra & words for you. Tuesday’s #RoryK 🌔
Your shopping destination ~ My permanent location 🌔 #RoryK
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