Rosabelle SΓ©lavy

Burlesque Circus Theater Wearable Soft Sculptures Based in Paris, France

Photo by @gilles.rammant Costume by @lilyverda
Photo by @gilles.rammant Costume by @lilyverda
Le Caniche Photo @gilles.rammant Costume @lilyverda
Photo by Gilles Rammant @gilles.rammant Costume by @lilyverda
A flashback to last Halloween #twinning with @louise_deville ! Photo by @didier.boninpictures
Don't you love her madly as she's walking out the door? Photo by Bernhard Miettinen at @aburlesquefinland
Last year @louise_deville and I performing our poetic lyra duo inspired by the artist Alphonse Mucha !
Photo Bernhard Miettinen At The pARTy by the River By @aburlesquefinland
You know what... it takes real balls to get up and do this job! 🐩🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 Photo by Bernhard Miettinen Performed at The pARTy by the River by @aburlesquefinland Costume by @lilyverda πŸ’–
#toypoodle #🐩 #poodlesofinstagram Photo by Bernhard Miettinen At pARTy by the River @aburlesquefinland
Photo Bernhard Miettinen LAST SATURDAY PARTYYYY BY THE RIVER @aburlesquefinland
Photo Bernhard Miettinen LAST SATURDAY PARTYYYY BY THE RIVER @aburlesquefinland
What a party in Turku Finland this weekend for @aburlesquefinland with @dixie_aburlesque and Creepy and the whole gang ! Seriously thank you so much for this experience I'll never forget. I need to go in and tag everyone properly later when I recover! I'm so grateful for this experience. First photo of the poodle in action by Bernhardt Miettinen then swipe to see some other highlights.
What a Party! ❀❀ Thank you @aburlesquefinland Photo Bernhard Miettinen
Going through some photos by @the_ramonsss πŸ€£πŸ’πŸŽͺ
Wearing my #deauvilletattoofestival ofestival tshirt to the pool !
Here we are in Deauville Tatoo Festival with L'hommeTatouΓ© and @louise_deville and @lolaloo_des_bois and #PascalTourain !
Another polaroid taken with a vintage camera last spring by @vn_diane Photo Β© Diane Vo Ngoc
Another magical plaroid taken by @vn_diane with vintage camera while I was posing in the air πŸ™ƒ Photo Β© Diane Vo Ngoc
I love this special polaroid of me in the silks taken with a vintage camera last spring Photo © Diane Vo Ngoc Thank you @vn_diane 😚😚😚
Looking forward to the Deauville Tatoo Festival ! @deauvilletattoofestival I'll be there along with @louise_deville And @lolaloo_des_bois the 18 and 19 of August ! #deauvilletatoofestival
C'est fini... but here's a souvenir of our wild cast on the last night of SUPERNATURE at Theatre Rouge Gorge! #avignonoff !
We have reached the end of the Avignon OFF Festival where we performed our hearts out for one month in this magical theater Rouge Gorge with @lecabaretburlesque for the Supernature show with @valentinadelpearls @soa_muse @sucre_dorge_burlesque and @kiki_beguin_ and our stage kitten Sally Shortcake and the magnificent lighting and technical effects by @thomasmereau Thank you @georgettesprod for this wonderful artsy last video memory taken in the magic mirror of ghosts.
One more night in AVIGNON 🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩
Flashback to this #bloodmoon photograph by @atfphotographynyc This was one of my last performances in New York pn aerial silks before permanently leaving the US of A. What an adventure!
There are only two more nights at Theatre Rouge Gorge in Avignon at 21h55 ! Let's go bitches!!!!!!!
4 more nights for SUPERNATURE AU theatre Rouge Gorge a 21h55 #avignonoff2018
5 more nights at Theatre Rouge Gorge at 21h55 !
Ladies and gentlemen ! #glittertits
Today is our day off with @kiki_beguin_ and @sucre_dorge_burlesque ! Time to rest then only 5 more nights to see SUPERNATURE at THEATRE ROUGE GORGE!
Ladies and gentlemen @soa_muse !!!!
Resting bitch face..... #nofilter πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
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