Josephine Rosè Amatama Biyaga

Josi| Bln cityyy| Dancer| FocuzCrew| LoveYours

Island vibes inna hot Germany ☀️🏖
#freestyle 🎥 @franziloresa 💕
Vibin to @kaytranada - you’re the one ✨ #freestyle
Keep ya head up Things are gonna get easier
📷: rudi rohde
🔥New video🔥 @focuzcrew Dancers: @franziloresa @hamdiya and moi Choreo by @princem.i.k 💛
Something is missing 📷 by Rudi Rohde
So what’s money without happiness or hard times without the people you love #loveyours
Vibezzz 🖤🔥 @focuzcrew
Had a incredible time with wonderful people ❤️🇯🇲
P A R A D I S E 🏝💘
❣️ 📸 by Rudi Rohde
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