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I haven’t been active ik but I’ve been focusing on school. I’ll post another edit soon. I’m very sorry for the inactivity on this account. I’ll try to get better at posting❤️❤️
man eater @babyariel #babyariel #babydolls ac I forgot the user name cc @arielsmail sc crustytutorials
alcoholic @babyariel #babyariel #babydolls ac brb cc video star codes sc crustytutorials
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Happy spooky season
Im editing
vent/storyline storyline: when arii starts dating someone, she didn’t tell ariel right away. Arii posed a picture of her n her bf. Ariel saw this n texted arii right away. Arii is unresponsive n stops talking to Ariel. Arii and Ariel stop talking for a long amount of time. They’re bond eventually breaks. Arii and her boyfriend breakup and Arii tries talking to Ariel again. But Ariel is unresponsive now because in all of that time that they weren’t talking, Ariel eventually decided to cut off Arii because she didn’t wanna get hurt again yes I used Gray as her bf ac @xmoonlightvoid cc infinity.amv sc crustytutorials
apesh!t @babyariel #babydolls ac lemme check cc icvinu sc crustytutorials
I started this when I was sad but I’m ok now #vent
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the coloring wow @babyariel ac @josueeee.mp4 cc me sc crustytutorials tag her ? *quality has left the chat n is never entering again*
*words* ac saucylor cc me sc crustytutorials @babyariel #babydoll
the owner of my fooking heart💞💖💞💖💕💗💖💞 @babyariel #babydoll #omgpage ac wolfhard audios cc me sc crustytutorials it didn’t save with the voice over bye- tag her ?
two powerful/beautiful women #babyariel #loren #angeledits #babydolls ac xiridescentfilmss cc v.irtulizd I think sc crustytutorials
we don’t stan two faced beeches in this house ac infxrit cc levisariel (ty myle) sc crustytutorials dt @arielchambie n ariels gAnG
one last edit before I take my break <3 be back vv soon I promise I’ll be on @crybabyvfx If you wanna keep in touch ac kevinsliars
team ac yoncevfx cc none (inshot) #babydolls #babyariel #babyarieledits
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