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Before eating MacDonald #traintoeat #fatdie #cry
Happy birthday to me. I would like to thank everyone who wished me. And also would like to thank 💕 for planning this birthday dinner. I really love the present and the surprises you have given me. 😘
Mondate 💕
Until I met you #throwback
Something’s lost, but something’s gained.
Manage to catch the beautiful fireworks up close. Definitely a well spent National Day.
Saturdate 😘
Happy 1st month old Fabien, 来叫gorgor. 😍
Exploring newly opened AnyFitness Oasis with Cousin. He is my gym companion for the past 3 months and this is our first gym photo . #gym #keepfit
A day trip to Macau 😍
2 months well spent with them. Thank you for the guidance and patience. And congratulations to the promotees
Congratulations to @gwyt and Jaren. 我真的老了,已经当舅舅了😮. 😍😍😍
The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. Photo credit to @cforcheese.
Stay simple yet happy
The last time I came here to gym was 9 years ago. #fitness #gym
Congrats bro🎉🎊Good luck to you as you move towards the next chapter of your NS life. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Ah Gong’s birthday celebration 😍😍😍 (孙子 full strength)
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