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Roy Serafin 📍Chicago | 24 Sony A7iii Ambassador for @wayfare.collective #moodygrams #sonygang Design & Photo Portfolio👇👇👇

It's funny, 99% of the time I fly out of @flyohare when I fly and I've never seen this tunnel until yesterday. I had five hours to hang out in the airport and @alecjamesgarcia and I spent the entire time shooting. Here's to creativity provoked by boredom. (PS thanks @united for a great flight) . . . . . #chooseohare #chicagoland #travel #createexplore #wanderlust #explore #streets_vision #urbanandstreet #creativeoptic #streetactivity #moodygrams #artofchi #citykillerz #ourvisualvibes #chicagoepic #usaprimeshot #eyeinthechi #insta_chicago #killaframez #likechicago #chicagogram #citygrammers #urbanromantix #loaded_lenses #mychicagopix #chicagogrammers #chicago #onlinechicago #sonyalpha #sonya7iii
Do you ever feel like you just have so much going on that you don't know where to start on your list? Today I leave for Vegas for a week vacation that I turned into a work trip. Lol anyone else feeling that workaholic life??? This one is from my phone! @samsunggalaxy . . . . . #naturalindiana #mothernature #naturelovers #instanature #naturephotography #hiking #lifestyle #adventure #midwestsnaps #IndianaNature #HoosierGrammers #indiana_explored #myIndiana #midwest #igersindiana #visitindiana #myIndiana #only_in_indiana #midwestmoment #MidwestExplored #travel #createexplore #wanderlust #explore #streets_vision #urbanandstreet #creativeoptic #streetactivity #moodygrams
The city at night is magic right? What do you guys want to see?
Throw back to a really fun shoot for my talented friend @jonnyjamesmusic83 We all got up at 5 am to do some sunrise shots in the woods out in Knox, Indiana. I don't think any of us were satisfied with the amount of sleep we got.
So I used very very very wrong hashtags on this image first. Like They were for nighttime in Chicago. Anyway here is a super summer image from New Buffalo using my Sony A7iii and the kit lens the 28-70 3.5-5.6 OSS. I do not like the lens, but that doesn't mean I can't make it work.
Throwback yet again, I better get out to the city this weekend since I'm out of Chicago shots! Should I shoot sunset in the city or night shots?
Just a little bit of mermaid magic from @lillian_alyssum This was a really fun shoot with near perfect weather. I really don't think it could have gone better. Go follow Lillian if you want to see more awesome work from her!
Coming in HOT! This one is a throwback because I still have no way of reading stuff off the bad hard drive. Honestly, no one should ever buy anything from because they only make garbage. Umm.. I might still be a little angry about this.
Rainbow sunsets and bird silouhettes are not a bad combination. I took so many epic shots when @faresjs and I were out that I don’t how I’ll get them all out there. Do you prefer my landscapes, portraits or cityscapes? Let me know!
Mermaids are real or at least @lillian_alyssum will make you think so! Go follow her, give her some likes and comments… after you do that here.
Sailboats seem relaxing in theory, until you realize how much work, luck, and skill go in to having one. Jetskis for me please.
Little bit of drama from Saturday’s weather destroyed sunrise shoot. Maybe it wasn’t a perfect sunrise for @wayfare.collective but it did have some nice drama. Nice views of the @trumpchicago from the @sheratongrandchicago
Isn’t my friend @sana_dee like the best model? Go give her some likes, comments and follows. After you comment here that is. ;) Off to shoot sunrise right now! Can’t wait to see how well I work without sleep today. Haha
Whats your favorite beach? Tell me where and why in the comments so I can go check it out. Everyone seems to be talking about cotton candy, guess I’ll join in the fun. Ready for some settings? ISO 160 85mm f/13 1/640sec facing away from sunset on Lake Michigan.
Then theres always this classic moody shot…
Sunset Silhouettes and good times at the beach with @faresjs in Michigan City. Settings: ISO 400 190MM f/6.3 1/2000s
Went out to shoot fireworks on the fourth with my friends @pierretlambert and @inspiredbytwelve. Didn’t get the worlds greatest firework shots from here but I did capure this epic lightning bolt. I’ve been trying to capture something like this since my 2015 trip through Arizona with @nickschraderphotography Song of the Day: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
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