Benjamin McFadden

Actor at SAG/AFTRA πŸŽ₯ Black Apple Talent 🍎 🎭 Educator. Filmmaker. Theatre Practitioner.

The misty Isle of Skye
Fairy Glen 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
The Fairy Glens were pretty magical
We had a blast on our family vacation to Disneyland! Though @jessicaerinmartin cried during this ride and I laughed...
I got to meet baby Bodhi Eastman and I think he’s going to be the greatest quarterback who ever lived. #babiesofinstagram @beastmantrek @andilaneeast
Happy Birthday, Mother!! Love you!! Whole bunches!
Newly represented by @blackappletalent and super stoked about it! #actorslife A great shot from my session with @itspaulgregory
14 years of friendship!
Some Cornish Cornballs & friends came out to celebrate the new baby on his way from @beastmantrek and @andilaneeast ! What’s crazy is we realized we’ve all known each other since we were 18!
Bring. It. On. World.
Headed home to this πŸ’
So glad I got to The Marvel Exhibit in my short time in Seattle
The Thing hates us cool dudes
My happy place
These friends have been some of the best students to direct and teach. I’m super thankful to have this opportunity and (hopefully) be a positive influence for them. I like to think I’m being the kind of person that I needed in my life at their age. Regardless if they pursue theater later in life, I whole heartedly believe training in it makes you a more aware and empathetic individual. #teachingartist #theaterkids #actorslife
Mariners may be losing but enjoying time with my Dad #gomariners #sodomojo
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