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Headed home to this 🐒
So glad I got to The Marvel Exhibit in my short time in Seattle
The Thing hates us cool dudes
My happy place
These friends have been some of the best students to direct and teach. I’m super thankful to have this opportunity and (hopefully) be a positive influence for them. I like to think I’m being the kind of person that I needed in my life at their age. Regardless if they pursue theater later in life, I whole heartedly believe training in it makes you a more aware and empathetic individual. #teachingartist #theaterkids #actorslife
Mariners may be losing but enjoying time with my Dad #gomariners #sodomojo
Sometimes you get randomly delayed for 6 hours in a beautiful city you’ve never been too so you explore and eat food Bourdain style. #thelayover #anthonybourdain #sanfrancisco #flightdelayed
@jessicaerinmartin offered to make me a cake for my birthday and I requested a Peanut Butter Smore cake! If you’ve never had smores with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, do yourself a favor - it’s a game changer. She made this beautiful cake for me! Chocolate peanut butter with marshmallow in between and crushed up graham crackers. The Doritos on top are a camp fire 🔥!
As I sit here reflecting on the past three months of work, it’s hard to imagine already saying farewell to these humans & this show. Being in LA, we can soon forget why we do any of this. Not for the fame or the money or the followers - but for the love of the work. When you truly love something it reflects itself in the work and it becomes infectious. @shenanigans3000 ‘s vision came from his heart. A simple, stripped down telling of this beautiful, magical tale of forgiveness. Every single person committed to that vision 110% and it showed. I love and respect all the artists involved: @charissajactor @christopher_morson @paigellah @designated.flesh @harriettedfelizo @jtpinkowski @jessicaerinmartin Caliban is a DREAM ROLE and I couldn’t be more proud of my work, but I also don’t think I could have done it without all the aforementioned people. We collectively created this world and we did it in a storage unit in Glendale, CA with paint tarps and ladders. This was honestly one of the most demanding roles of my career - physically and emotionally. Caliban made a horrible, terrible decision that was bred out of lack of understanding and has been written off as a monster. So much so that he has taken that role upon himself and accepted that’s who he is, but he’s so much more. I’ll miss this misguided little creature more than I can describe. He’s a part of me now. Thanks for reading my rant and for coming to the show! #actorslife #losangeles #shakespeare #theatre
I had a wonderful birthday with lots of great friends! #32 #birthday #friends
32. I’m coming for you. T-minus 4 days. #actorslife #losangeles #summerbirthday #cancerbaby #thisis32 🎂 #weareyoung #wearesexy
We’re ready to fuck shit up #robbingbanks #detectives #1940s
Two nights of full houses. The Tempest is back tonight at 8pm! Caliban is excited to see you! #shakespeare #actorslife #losangeles #theatre
It’s Opening Night of The Tempest by @liminalspaceplayers. @shenanigans3000 told me he wanted to stop waiting for permission and just DO THE DAMN THING. So he compiled a company and we literally rehearsed for months but only when we could - in the gaps between our jobs and our auditions. This project is very special to me and all involved. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, please come see the crazy work we’ve done. This is Caliban - he’ll be really sad if you don’t. #actorslife #actor #losangelesactor #shakespeare #thetempest #banana
I’m nearly 32. Lines have started to appear on my face recently and it’s gotten much harder to keep weight off. I haven’t been auditioning much and I’m frustrated about my career. But right now - in this moment - my heart is full and I’m loving myself. That may change tomorrow or even in 10 minutes and that’s ok, but right now I felt like sharing this smile with y’all. Smile cuz you can, not cuz you want to!
I met this guy because we both sucked at math and sat in the back of class making inappropriate jokes. That was nearly 15 years ago. Happy #nationalbestfriendday !
#throwbackthursday As I’m rehearsing for a chamber version of The Tempest with @liminalspaceplayers which opens June 22nd - I am reminded of one of my first chamber journeys with the Bard in Cymbeline with @seattleshakespeare. A great play with a great group of people that created friendships that will last forever. Miss you all . . . #actorslife #actor #shakespeare
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