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Arguing for no reason with your friend 😂 w/ @devinkhari #comedy #food #lol #vines #nofilter #wshh #wow #rushhour (Tag your friend)
This journey that i set on since the beginning of 2017 has taught me one crucial thing, on top of many other things and that is things are not always the way they seem. Long story short, a lot of people have said many negative things about me, discrediting my work when i never did anything to them. I worked hard for this, to travel, to learn my craft, editing, filming, styles, techniques and acting. I quit my job as a teacher and started traveling. This isn’t a joke to me, its the real deal, and if you can’t accept that or realize then i’m sorry, but you will...soon. It takes complete dedication and drive. Im just on my own path to chase my own dreams, i don’t want to hurt anyone and i never hurt anyone, yet some of my closest people and people in the community have turned their backs on me, and all for what? For me traveling and filming and pursuing acting? I still love everyone, no hard feelings, but i don’t owe an apology to anyone, i will just do my thang and be focused. I am numb in the fact of how bad i want my dream to come true and god willing it will. I may not be the best muslim, but in reality can anyone looking in the mirror and be like, “i’m perfect” ? No, thats why putting someone else down is wrong, when you may be committing a greater sin, and that is also the reason i don’t go around preaching it because i am humble enough to accept that, but remember our religion and the other major religions teach us to avoid suspicion, and envy towards another. Let a man be. Do your part, yes but then let it be. Be a good human being and chase your goals as well. I can say a lot more but i was advised by a couple people not to 😂 and they know who they are 😘 but that being said, i love everyone, i am a peaceful guy and have no bad thoughts about anyone. Its all good ❤️. Also one of my fav pics by @bonafideparadigms best NYC photographer, ill see you soon homie 🙏🏽
Girls be looking way older than they are these days 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 w/ @iamjessenia @princezee #comedy #girl #lol #vines #nofilter #young #wow #throwback
When you try to focus, but partying is life 😂 w/ @tuurnt_ (download app to check where parties are) #comedy #guy #lol #vines #nofilter #basketball #wow #ballislife
Age is nothing but a number in a relationship 😂 w/ @princezee @ayy_sha #comedy #girl #lol #vines #nofilter #old #wow #throwback (Tag your bae 👴🏽🧓🏽)
Old picture, greater mindset! This was from the first time i went to LA when i was hungry to learn the game. I am even hungrier this year. I made a goal from the first time i shot a skit with my little sister that i will keep improving every single day! 2018 has been big for me so far Alhumdullilah. Did my first ever comedy stand up show live to 80 people and shot my first short film in LA! I won’t stop and i intend to keep getting better. Even if i fail, ill fail forward. I realized throughout this journey that its becoming bigger than just me. Its crazy that i can just reply to someones DM and make their day, thats soo crazy and humbling, every time i just want to cry, i want to do more but in time, trust me. I must be an influence, a game changer, someone that gives back and inspires, an icon. So much coming i promise, in every which way!! Be ready! Love yall!!! ❤️ Can’t do it without you guys and thats 1-hunnind!!
@champagnepapi never cried so much watching a music video. Lost for words. SOOOO INSPIRED RIGHT NOW! I want to be great, i want to give back, i want to influence and inspire. This is the life i want. #godsplan
Trying to act hard be like 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ w/ @g.waynetv @virgil.harris @awwitskeweezy @briannechavis @quintonhorne_ @yofavoritecousin
You think because you don’t understand my vision or you don’t agree with my path i will stop? 😂 Come on now, you have to be smarter than that! Weee outcheaaa living life and creating content! *New skit tonight 8pm est, you don’t want to miss it!*
Girlfriends that are too friendly 😂😏 @xo_gumbyy @timwilly_ (tag a friendly person)
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