Sultan Ariff ❤️

When i started doing skits with my iPhone a year and half ago i had a plan to keep progressing with this art and learning the necessary skills to take things to the next level! Until its time for the big screen which i pray one day happens, i will keep producing high quality films and skits. So far this will be my biggest project yet! Superman short film on its way. Its going to be movie-theater quality iA. My brother, Sultan who passed away was a HUGE movie enthusiast and i know he would be proud that i am attempting this. To me, he was and will always be my superhero! I will do my best to do this character justice though! Who is someone you view as your real life superhero?
Roast me 😂 (best roast gets a shoutout) “listening to customer complaints at AT&T”
When you have no change at the gas station 😂💵 w/ @wuzgood @jojoe @theevelyng concept by @bwattstv directed by @chillvibes lighting by @ikancorp (My scene from short film “No Change”, full vid on IKAN facebook)
WANT A CHANCE TO FILM (COMEDY SKITS) FOR ONE WHOLE DAY & NIGHT IN NEW YORK CITY WITH ME AND MY CREW!? We are running a competition and If you are chosen (United States only), your flight, food and stay for 1 night in New York will be covered. You will film & be with us that whole day, as well as stay that night with us! You will be flying out the next morning. We are all excited to run this competition for the first time and to finally have the means (thanks to @lordtimepieces & also everyone below) to allow a lucky fan to come film with us! All you have to do is follow the competition guidelines! This is a legit competition and we cannot wait to pick a winner! Everything will be documented! MAKE SURE YOU ARE FREE BETWEEN MAY 28th - JUNE 2nd (we will pick one of those days for you to come)! The winner will be picked and announced in about a week and a half! Also i’m extremely extremely excited because its also going to be my birthday weekend :) May 31st 😏 HERE’S HOW TO WIN: MUST FOLLOW EVERYONE BELOW, TAG 3 FRIENDS ON THIS POST, & DM ANYONE ONE OF US A REASON WHY YOU DESERVE TO WIN!! @lordtimepieces @uthmman @princezee @iamjessenia @rico_hundo @desireevanessaa @cindyballantine @_saffabear_ @clop3z @natfriedmantv @d_prados @marisolrromo @bonafideparadigms @q.thedisciple @maria.derenzin
When bae is crazy but you love her 😂😘 w/ @_saffabear_ (tag your bae)
When i say its a thin line, i mean it ✨
When bae is super competitive ⛹🏻‍♀️😂 w/ @joanasoeiroo (Tag Bae)
Vegans these days be like 🥦😂 w/ @ali__tsunami @trillydeano #aquietplace #comedy #vines #funny #wshh #vegan #food (full vid link in bio)
I just broke up with your auntie 😔 haha jk 😂 but, lately i have been so frustrated, and i have been trying to focus on my brother that passed away for strength to stay focused. He’s literally my inspiration. When times are tough for you guys, what do you tend to focus on? #staystrong
Brown excellence 👳🏾‍♀️😂
When someone speaks too fast 😂 w/ @dcyoungfly @princezee #comedy #talking #atl #vines #lol
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