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Sometimes I think she is carrying our whole family on her back. Stephanie has been working until midnight. Night after night. For over a month. Her hard work and dedication to our dreams inspires me. So what has she been working on? For the last six weeks she has been working tirelessly on editing and designing THE CAMPGROUND GOURMET cookbook by the wonderful and fabulous @katescuriouskitchen from Texas—another lady who inspires me. Another tough #twinmom . These two women have been working tirelessly on this cookbook for months—and they launched presale of the book on Amazon two days ago. So how is this cookbook doing? It is currently #1 in three different categories on Amazon!!! Categories including Grilling and Outdoor Cooking! 🍳 🥘🔥❤️🙌 I’m a bit of a book nerd myself and I got to tell you—this book is no joke. It is sitting ahead of cookbooks by some very famous and incredible authors. And we are still just in preorder. Stephanie and Kate have inspired me beyond belief. They have reminded me that if you want your dreams to come true, sometimes you have to stay up until midnight—for weeks or months on end. And just never freaking quit until you make your own little dent in the universe. Want to purchase The Campground Gourmet for a special discounted price while it’s still in preorder? Follow the link in our profile. We are doubling the price soon. Want to make delicious food in the great outdoors? Just turn the pages of Kate’s gorgeous book and get to work. And don’t forget about those dreams people! #strongwomen #momsofinstagram #castironskillet #campcooking #dutchoven #goodeats #lifeoutside #campfire #lifeoutside #itsinmynature #teamcabelas #campinghacks #familygoals #outdoorfamily #dadlife #adventuremoms #momsbelike #twinmoms
What are your new rules for RVing in 2019? Here are a few of mine: 1-There will be many new RV owners heading out in 2019. Be nice to them. As my grandfather used to say—we were all rookies once. 2-The family in the used $500 pop up camper is having just as much fun as the family in the 500k diesel pusher. This is important to remember. 3-The best RV is the one you will use the most. If you are RV shopping ask yourself that question over and over. Which one will I use the most? 4-State Parks? Private Parks? Jellystone? KOA? Boondocking? There’s no right or wrong way to camp. Follow your bliss. 5-Campgrounds are becoming more diverse because America is becoming more diverse. This is awesome news. Embrace it. It will embrace you back. 6-Our National and State Parks are wild and wonderful places. Visit them. Protect them. Cherish them. #findyourpark over and over again. 7-Bring a friend or family member camping that has never been before. It might just change their lives. 8-Being a mom or a dad is difficult whether you are at home or at the campground. Stephanie used to always say she’d rather correct naughty behavior with a beautiful view. 9-Camping is very good for your marriage. Put those kids to bed and go have a date night around the campfire. 10-Take them camping as much as you can while they are young. But don’t stress out if you can’t camp as much as you want because of work, or church, or sports. Each trip is filled with dozens of adventures and hundreds of good memories. 11-Your kids may not fully appreciate it now. But that’s not because they are ungrateful. It’s because you are giving them more goodness and magic than they can process in the moment. 12-One day soon they will thank you and be thankful. 13-Camping is a powerful antidote to so many of the ills of the digital age. Don’t forgot to disconnect, and let the trees and the mountains and the wind and the water go to work on your souls. 🙌🙌🙌 What are your new rules for RVing in 2019?
The Campground Gourmet cookbook is available for pre sale and we couldn’t be more thrilled!!!! I’ve been hungry for months now working on this inspiring cookbook project with the lovely @katescuriouskitchen , and I’m sure if you flip through these pics you can see why! Seriously, which one are you going to make first???😋 Every time I sit down at the computer to do some editing, I end up ditching my meal plan and making something from The Campground Gourmet for dinner. 🥘 This book is such a labor of love from Kate, and we are so grateful to have her as a part of the RVFTA family. If you can’t have Kate cook for you, the next best thing is to have her cookbook 😂 The thing I love most about this book is that it isn’t full of foil packet dinners and Dutch oven stews like so many other camp cooking resources. These recipes are the ones Kate cooks for her family whether they are at home in Texas or at a campground in Kentucky. This book is about delicious food, made without fuss, and shared with the people you love. Link to pre order in profile. Who already placed their order ???🤚👋👊
Never let a couple of staples on the top of your head keep you away from the campground. That was the moral of the story for WES this weekend. About an hour before we were scheduled to leave for the Philadelphia South KOA the little guy got his head slammed in the tailgate of our car. It was an accident—but of course we have told those boys not to play around car doors FIVE THOUSAND TIMES. Thankfully, our trip to the emergency room was a quick one. Wes screamed like a crazy man when they slapped those staples on the top of his head, but he was pretty tough afterwords. When the doctor cleared him for a weekend of camping (no roughhousing!) a sweet little smile broke out all over his face. But he did need a little extra love and attention this weekend. Thankfully we all had some extra ❤️ for him in reserve. The brother who slammed his peanut head in the door treated Wesley like the crown prince of the campground. He fetched him seltzer’s and snacks all weekend long. When he was naughty on a few occasions Mom slowed things down and talked to him quietly and thoughtfully. Wes enjoyed a little special treatment and didn’t let those staples slow him down one bit—not even on the jumping pillow. 😇😇We learn a lot about our kids when we travel with them, don’t we? Wes is sensitive, but tough. His older brothers can be surprisingly thoughtful when injuries happen. Mom is a deep thinker when it comes to discipline. And we all love camping just as much as we ever have. 🙌🙌Especially when we find a little gem about 1.5 hours from home and 20 minutes from downtown Philly. Our whole crew loves camping in urban spots and visiting cities. This weekend we did @independencenps and then destroyed some cheesesteaks on South Street (With Wiz!). The boys love history, and they love each other. Even more so when one of them has a couple of shiny staples on top of his head. You always got to keep a little extra love in your heart for each other, right? #koacamping #outdoorfamily #itsinmynature #familygoals #dadlife #rvlife #camplife #rvlifestyle #campinghacks #campinglife #cabinlife #familyfun #familytravel #family #lifeoutside #fallcamping #letsjayco #rvfta #homeiswhereyouparkit
Oh my lord! Should I get back in line for another cheesesteak? #dadlife #philly #familygoals #familyfun #familygoals #phillycheesesteak #cheesesteak #rvlife #camplife #familytravel
Lauren lives all the way across the country and we’ve never met in real life...but Jeremy and I definitely want to be best friends and go van camping in amazing places with her and the rest of @afamwithavan 😜 But seriously, Lauren’s quest for the perfect family RV truly inspired us. When she realized the RV industry was really only making Class B vans for solo travelers and couples, she didn’t give up. She decided to build her own. Lauren told us the whole story of their van conversion on this week’s podcast. We get all the details (including $$$$ talk). We also hear the story of two parents with young kids who decided they wanted to have amazing adventures in the midst of a busy, busy life. And that’s our favorite kind of story. #vanlife #vanlifediaries #van #camping #gorving #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanconversion #rvlife #rvliving #rvfta #rving #momlife #exploremore #getoutside #gorving #familyadventure #familytravel #familygoals #outdoorcooking #campfire #rvfta #vanlifers #vanlifeexplorers #lifeoutside #outdoorfamily
CONTEST CLOSED. WINNER CHOSEN! HUGE GIVEAWAY! We have teamed up with our friends @lodgecastiron to give away a COOK-IT-ALL (valued at $130!) their brand new multifunctional camp cooking product that can be used as a Dutch Oven, Grill, Griddle, Pizza Oven, and Skillet/Wok. All of these uses are packed into two cast iron pieces that are easy to use and easy to clean. This thing is just absolute ZEN to use at the campground. Swipe to see us using it to make a delicious meal of Sausage and Peppers. For a chance to win, simply do the following: 1. Like this post! 2. Tag a camping buddy! 3. Follow @lodgecastiron 4. Follow @rvfamilytravelatlas We will pick a winner next Sunday night. To learn more about the Cook-It-All and see it in action and discover some great recipes head on over to RVFTA.com and read the post or listen to the special podcast. #savortheoutdoors #lodgecastiron #sponsoredpost #campcooking #overthefirecooking #castironcooking #dutchoven #dutchovencooking #campfood #lifeoutside #campfirecooking #campfire #rvlife #camplife #alfresco #campvibes #giveaway #rvfta #rvliving #rvlifestyle #tentcamping #homeiswhereyouparkit #grilltime #grilling #cooking #goodeats #realfood #outdoorcooking
Jeremy and I have a long and storied history with beautiful Assateague State Park. We have been camping here many times with friends and family over the decades, but this was the first time we brought our own boys. When Max said, “this is my kind of campground” my heart almost melted 💙💚💙 Sometimes you wonder if a place will live up to the memories. If anything, Assateague was even better this time, probably because I was there showing it to my own kids for the first time. I couldn’t believe we had stayed away for so long. You can hear all the wonderful details about this perfect beach campground on the Campground of the Week podcast. It was lovely sharing a piece of our family history with listeners. Link in profile... #rvlife #rvliving #gorving #letsjayco #rvfta #familygoals #kidstuff #dadlife #familytravel #assateague #assateagueisland #homeiswhereyouparkit #getoutside #lifeoutside #freshair #atlanticocean #campvibes #camping #camplife #campground #campfood #campfire #vanlife #maryland #beachfront #itsinmynature #cabelas #tinyhouse
What momentous event demands a celebration with Bavarian pretzels and a beer flight???? The ink is dry on our 2nd book contract and we have a manuscript deadline on the calendar!!!!🤩🤭🤗😅💃🕺 We are sooooo excited to write THE BEST CAMPING BOOK EVER, inspired by our own experiences and the thousands of stories we’ve heard from all of you over the last few years. And we are just as excited to work with our friends at @sourcebooks , who have already been a dream come true. They just get us. They get the whole camping thing. They understand how having big adventures with little kids can transform families, and their vision for this book makes us all giddy and celebratory, German style. Wish us luck and promise you’ll preorder 😂😂😂 See you at the campground, Stephanie + Jeremy
Badlands National Park blew our minds this past summer. It easily cracked my top five favorite National Park’s list. I would also include Olympic, Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains and Redwoods. What are your favorite National Parks? #rvlife #rvliving #rvfta #nationalparks #findyourpark #lifeoutside #homeiswhereyouparkit #familygoals #dadlife #camplife #campground #tinyhouse #airstream #liveriveted #campvibes #outdoorfamily #tinyhouse #airstreamdreams #vintagerv #badlands #southdakota #campinghacks #campingfood #tinyliving @airstream_inc
This weekend was what camping is really all about. We were only 20 miles away from home but entered into a whole other universe. Our boys spent hours playing in the woods with friends. Campfires were started early in the morning and drew us around all day long. We caught up with old camping buddies and made some new ones. And we ate. Delicious food with great company. Jeremy and I tried out the brand new Cook-It-All from @lodgecastiron and turned out a pretty yummy Sausage and Peppers dish for Saturday’s pot luck dinner. The kids were off riding bikes, and we had our own private happy hour...chopping, grilling, and sautéing our hearts out. It might not look like the typical date night, but we go our own way. To see the whole meal we prepared on the Cook-it-all, check out our stories 🔥🔥🔥 this piece of cooking gear is destined to become a staple for future date nights 😉 #savortheoutdoors #lodgecastiron #sponsoredpost #firecooking #camping #campfirecooking #campfire #camplife #rvlife #rvliving #rvcooking #overthefirecooking #getoutside #lifeoutside #campvibes #itsinmynature #letsjayco #gorving #familytravel #familyadventure #castiron #castironcooking #colemanlantern #cabelas #homeiswhereyouparkit #rvfta #campground #skillet #dutchoven #womenoutdoors
It’s time for ROLL CALL everybody! Who is going CAMPING THIS WEEKEND? We are! We are! We are! Full timers better check in too! Tell us about your crazy adventures! You winterizers also better say hello and share your grief and sorrow! And dear Lordy I hope you are cooking something good this weekend! What are you cooking and where are you going? RV Nation needs to unite right here and now! #rvlife #rvliving #letsjayco #fordtrucks #f250 #camplife #campvibes #camping ⛺️ #campground #lifeoutside #itsinmynature #getoutsideandplay #familyfun #outdoorfamily #naturevibes #campfire #dadlife #familygoals #roadtrip #roadtripusa
It’s time for ROLL CALL everybody!! Who is going CAMPING this weekend?? Where are you going and what are you doing there? Cooking, hiking, kayaking—-relaxing? You full timers better check in too! Where are you now or where are you headed next? We hope that all of you get to spend time with your loved ones in the great outdoors! #rvlife #rvliving #toyhauler #letsjayco #gorving #homeiswhereyouparkit #campground #campvibes #lifeoutside #assateauge #getoutside #familyfun #familytravel #dadlife #outsideisfree #familygoals
It’s sooooooo hard to pick the right RV isn’t it? And perfect isn’t even an option if you ask me. I think most of us have pretty complicated relationships with our RVs, am I right? When we bought the Toy Hauler this is pretty much exactly what we had in mind. Windows open, rear door down, and cool ocean breezes blowing as the light pours in. Our Octane was pretty much the perfect RV for us this past weekend at Assateague Island in Maryland. We had ample space for gear and comfort. But it isn’t always the perfect RV. Sometimes it’s width and length limit our site options—at least a little. And sometimes, like when the wind was howling and the rain was pouring on our way to Nova Scotia, we get pretty crappy MPG. Complicated, right? As for me I’m going to keep dreaming about getting a motorhome one day, but still enjoy every second in Buck the Toy Hauler. How about you? What do you ❤️ about your rig? And what could you do without? Or have you found the ever illusive perfect RV? #rvlife #letsjayco #rvfta #camplife #familylife #familygoals #rvlifestyle #dadlife #toyhauler #lifeoutside #rvliving
Life is never perfect. But sometimes it comes close. We squeezed in a three day weekend right on the bittersweet border of summer and fall. Warm days at the beach filled with swimming and surfing. Cool nights around the campfire listening to the waves crashing and pounding right over the dunes. We even slept with the back door of the Toy Hauler Down. I thought the boys would wake up cold in the middle of the night—but Stephanie was right. They bundled up in their blankets and they were just fine. We woke up each morning before the sunrise and made coffee and headed out to the dunes to greet the day. We also watched wild horses walking by our site and saw a few bald eagles 🦅 🦅 dancing through the sky. Did the boys wrestle and throw a little sand at each other? Of course they did. Was there full bowls of cereal dropped on the RV floor? Yes, there was. Were there tense moments between mom and dad? Yes, on just about every trip. But there was also a happy family spending time together. Far away from the madness of the crowd. So far away from the madness of the crowd. #rvlife #rvfta #toyhauler #rvliving #camplife #campvibes #homeiswhereyouparkit #gorving #letsjayco #familygoals #dadlife #familytravel #familyfun #lifeoutside #sunset
We are living large camping on the beach at Assateague Island with no hook ups. Our solar system from @gopowersolar is allowing us to use every single feature of our RV except for the AC. And with temps in the 70’s we don’t need it. Not even close. Our 40 gallon fresh water tank is full, and while we are conserving a little, for a three night trip we are able to take some quick showers and rinse our feet off after coming off the beach. I’ve been dreaming of camping like this without hookups for years. Now we can do it in absolute comfort. #rvlife #solar #gopower #rvliving #homeiswhereyouparkit #dadlife #camplife #gorving #letsjayco
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