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BEST OF 2018! Swipe to see some of our favorite gear, games and books from last year. What were your favorite items in these three categories in 2018? Here are ours in order of the photos: 1. The @cabelas 60 qt Polar Cap Cooler is a beast and we take it everywhere! 2. Trekking the National Parks is a gorgeous board game and we LOVE it! 3. The @looftlighter makes sparking up a charcoal grill or a campfire super safe and easy. 4. The Cook-It-All by @lodgecastiron is a brilliant piece of gear for cooking over an open fire at the campground. 5. The @blackstoneproducts 22 inch griddle comes on every camping trip and is part of the family at this point. 6. Our solar system by @gopowersolar was a complete game changer for us. Now we can really truly camp anywhere. 7. The Intensity HD binoculars by @cabelas have earned a permanent place in my pickup truck. They were clutch in South Dakota for Bison watching. 8. The Polar Cap Tumbler keeps our coffee hot all morning long and it it has a nifty bottle opener on the bottom for cold drinks. 9. Theo loves his @victorinoxswissarmy knives and he used them safely all year long. 10. @lookbigbook was a super fun read and it may just end up saving our lives some day! ❤️❤️❤️ So I ask again! What was your favorite gear, games, and books from 2018!!
Out of the thousands of photos I snapped in 2018 this one is my favorite. Why? For a simple reason. It shows my sons working as a team and helping our family set up camp for the weekend. When we show up to the campground our boys know that the fun doesn’t start until everything is set up right. In 2018 it didn’t always go perfectly, and there were little squabbles and fights along the way, but generally speaking, they got the job done at the campground this year. I’m proud of them for that. Now we just need to work on having that same good attitude of helpfulness at home. That’s a lot trickier right? When there is not a playground or a pool or an ocean waiting for them after they clean up. Just a pile of dishes, homework, and bedtime. But helping out at home is every bit as important as helping set up camp in some gorgeous location. Now I just gotta work on convincing them of that simple fact. I also need to work on myself in that department. I need to set a better example of helpfulness in everything I do. I’m giving myself a B+ for 2018. But a deeply meaningful B+. No grade inflation involved. My B+ means that I’ve done solid work, but I’ve still got a ways to go. As a washer of dishes, and as a father in general. 🙏🙏🙏When I was a freshman in college I had an English teacher whose brilliance and demanding standards terrified me. I worked so hard in his class because I was afraid of failing. At the end of the semester I had all A’s in my other classes—and a B+ in his class. My other grades were meaningless to me. But I was so proud of that B+ in his class because I knew IT WAS FOR REAL. That brilliant professor was acknowledging that I had busted my hump, but letting me know that I still had work to do. So that’s where I am as a father right now. I’m back in freshmen English again. I’m proud of the B+, but itching for my next semester. Hey 2019, I’m coming for ya.....#dadlife #rvfta
10 Random Tips for Enjoying a Camping Trip at Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness: 1. Do not, under any circumstances, open your 👀 under water at the pool. YOUCH! 2. Best food at the Fort is the fried 🐓at the Hoop-Dee-Doo-Musical Revue. 3. Worst food at the Fort is the Mickey 🥨 at Chip ‘N Dale’s 🔥 Sing-A-Long. 4. The 900 loop rocks if you want to be close to the pool 5. Other loops rock too. Don’t worry too much about which loop ya get. 6. If you are thinking about buying a motorhome, then rent one first and come to the Fort. You don’t need a 🚙 to get around Disney and by the end of the trip you will know if you want that motorhome. 7. Make sure to take a walk (or a golf cart ride) around the various loops—it’s like the best RV Show in America, but it changes every day and runs all year long. 8. Fort Wilderness (and Disney in general) is EXPENSIVE but not OVERPRICED. It is a premium experience and is priced accordingly. 9. Figure out your budget ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about spending 💰 while you are there. My first day back at the Fort three years ago I got annoyed about a 4$ iced tea I bought. Then I realized if I thought about each individual purchase that way I would be annoyed the whole time I was in Disney. So I came correct and had the time of my life. 10. Don’t forget to schedule lots of time at Fort Wilderness itself—it’s a magical place and my favorite part of the entire Walt Disney World experience. This year we are doing 3 days in the parks and two full days just hanging at Fort Wilderness. There will be lots of “LOOPIN’” going on! Opinions about these tips will vary. Please discuss. #rvfta #fortwilderness #waltdisneyworld #disneydad #rvlife #campvibes #gorving #florida #orlando #homeiswhereyouparkit #campground #camplife #motorhome #letsjayco #dadlife #kidstuff #familyfun #familytravel #lifewithtwins #twindad #lifeoutside
Dear Lord I am lucky to be loved by these awesome humans and that sweet camping dog! Thank you to Stephanie, Max, Theo, Wes, and Maggie for never giving up on me in 2018! 🥰🙌🙏🤗We spent a gorgeous January 1 together on a #firstdayhike in our beautiful home state of New Jersey. Feeling blessed as we head into 2019...Happy New Year’s to all of you out there as well! We love and appreciate all of you more than you know! #teamoutdoors #cabelas #bassproshop #itsinmynature #lifeoutside #hikingfamily #familyhiking #hiking #naturefix #freshair #rvlife #camplife #campvibes
Happy New Year!!!! 2018 was full of amazing moments, and on this week’s podcast we talk about our top 12 travel highlights. The Custer State Park bison made both our lists, because my gosh is there anything cuter than this???!!! What was one of your top travel highlights this year??? We can’t wait to start making our list for 2019 😎 Link in bio to check out all 12 of our highlights 👌
Top 9 of 2018!! Can you guess which photo is my favorite and why? It’s a very meaningful photo to me... —Jeremy #rvlife #rvliving #camplife #campground #rvfta #gorving #letsjayco #dadlife #lifewithkids #twindad #lifeoutside #campvibes #campground #toyhauler #best9
Jeremy’s top five campgrounds of 2018, in order, with photos of each. 1. Fort Wilderness In Florida 2. Graves Island Provincial Park in Nova Scotia 3. Rafter J Bar Ranch in South Dakota 4. Assateague Island State Park in Maryland 5. Blue Bell Campground in Custer State Park, South Dakota. WHAT ARE YOUR TOP campgrounds for 2018?
Peace, love, and camping ❤️💚❤️ We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! May you find abundant peace and joy with the ones you love the most. Love, Stephanie + Jeremy Theo + Max + Wes+ Maggie 📸 @andeekf 😘
Who wants the secret ingredient for the best pancakes in the world? Watch to find out how to get it!!! #campfood #pancakes #pancakesunday #rvfta #secretingredient #lifeoutside #blackstonegriddle #blackstone #breakfastofchampions #rvlife #camplife #campvibes
I can’t get over how much we all LOVED Custer State Park! When I think about our epic South Dakota Trip this is the place I want to return to the most. I think of Custer as the “real world” version of Disney’s Fort Wilderness. Swipe to see photos and videos of our adventure. On this week’s podcast and blog post on RVFTA.com we share “10 Amazing Things to Do in Custer State Park.” Link in profile to both. Have you done any of these awesome adventures?
We got to share some of our favorite Christmas presents from @bassproshops and @cabelas this morning 🎄🎁🎄 Link to the full segment in profile 🎅🎅🎅
Wes “wrote” the script for this video and directed. He insisted on the moody and dramatic lighting. We had such a fun day hanging together @cabelas in Delaware. This Christmas Lantern was the purchase of the day—at least for Wes and Dad. Check out our stories for more rainy day Christmas shopping fun. #teamoutdoors #dadlife @bassproshops #rvfta #christmasornaments #rvftaornament #camplife #campvibes #campground #lantern #vintagelantern
I really hope my sons become RV owners some day. So we can take epic multigenerational trips to our favorite National Parks. When that fateful day comes when they want to ask their wise old dad for advice about buying their first rigs—this is what I’ll tell them. 1. Don’t overspend. Pay cash if you can. If not, a loan is okay. But it should look like your cable bill, not your mortgage. 2. Bigger might seem better when your walking through it at the RV dealership, but always consider how it will tow, and where it might NOT fit. 3. Buy the RV you will use the most—the RV that is gonna whisper your name every time you walk by it in the driveway. 4. Don’t get obsessed by bells and whistles and big screen TVs. You don’t need any of those things to have fun—and the bells and whistles are always the first things to break. 5. Throw away that d@#n RVQ and go buy a real grill on day one. 6. Go camping as often as possible, but don’t sweat those weekends when you can’t get away because of work or sports or whatever. Because those busy weekends will just make those #rvlife weekends even sweeter. 7. Don’t forget to invite me on every single trip. I won’t get in the way—but will help with lighting campfires and cooking meals. I will play checkers with your kids just like I played checkers with you. 😇❤️🙌PHOTO BY @andeekf pop up camper remodel by @stephaniepuzzles with an assist by @sarahreichenbecher and sound advice from the @thepopupprincess all the way🤗#letsjayco #rvfta #fathersandsons #dadlife #campinghacks #twindad #rvlifestyle #popupcamper #popupcamperremodel #gorving #camplife #camping #campinglife #campvibes #campground #familyfun #familytravel #familytravelblog #remodel #jayco @stormykromerofficial @gorving @jaycorv
The fourth annual #rvftaornament contest has gone VIRAL! Click on the hashtag to view over 300 adorable ornament photos from around the nation!! To enter the contest snap a cute pic of your favorite RV/camping themed ornament and use #rvftaornament !!! This year’s winning ornament will be chosen by an elite team of RV ornament specialists whose names will remain anonymous for security reasons. The prize this year is bigger than ever! The winner will receive an @campcasual mug, blanket, and set of nesting bowls (all with a retro RV theme) valued at over $100 bucks! This entry by @billsferrazza is an early favorite of our anonymous judging panel! Check out those classic curves! Good job Bill! To the rest of you—-ya gotta get in it to win it!!! #rvfta #rvlife #rvliving #homeiswhereyouparkit #vintagerv #campinghacks #traveltrailer #retroaesthetic #campinghacks #campvibes #contestgiveaway
WINTER CAMPING ROCKS! What a fun weekend camping with friends @cherryhillpark right outside of DC. We went on a private tour of the Capitol and walked right out on the house floor, we also LOVED the @uspostalservice museum which is truly an underrated gem, and had a sneaky good time at the International @spymuseum . We also grabbed lunch at the @shakeshack and I made my annual DC pilgrimage to @peetscoffee for a few bags of their super delicious Holiday Blend. But more importantly than that we got to GO CAMPING in December! Cherry Hill is Open for business with heated full hook up sites and cabins galore. After jamming all day in the city we relaxed in their hot tub and played UNO and watched the MLS Cup in their cozy common room. And Golf carts were on special winter discount! 25 bucks a day! It was also awesome to see our good friends @hander2005 and @jonathan.r.anderson and their handsome and sweet pup David. His fur color actually matches their Winnebago’s exterior color scheme! Wes asked to do a jumping photo for them—but I didn’t know he was also going to bust out a flying W in honor of their @winnebagorvs Brave! Seriously kids—check out that flying W! #rvlife #rvlifestyle #wintercamping #homeiswhereyouparkit #campvibes #winnebago #gorving #winnebagobrave #washingtondc #campinghacks #rvpark #classamotorhome #motorhome #motorhomelife #camplife #dadlife #lifewithkids #familytravel #travelwriters #travelbloggers #lifewithboys #lifewithtwins #findyouraway #gorving #familyadventure #getoutside #cabelas #bassproshop
The RV May be winterized but we have big plans in store for Buck the Toy Hauler this winter. We are turning the “garage” into a writing studio to help us finish our second book. Which may turn out to be the greatest book about camping ever written. We need a retreat for writing that is really close to home. The RV fits the bill perfectly. Stephanie has purchased some more homey furniture and there is talk of an Ikea trip in the near future. Who wants to see pics of the writing studio when we finish up? Onward to chapter 4!! #rvlife #authors #travelwriters #letsjayco #rvfta #campvibes
This is the moment you have all been waiting for! THE FOURTH ANNUAL #rvftaornament contest is underway!! This is the biggest and longest running RV ornament contest in the country! And the grand prize package is bigger than it has ever been! We have teamed up with our friends @campcasual for an awesome holiday three pack! The winner will receive a Camp Casual Mug, a Camp Casual blanket, and a set of Camp Casual nesting bowls! These are gorgeous and high quality retro-themed gifts that will fill your life with HOLIDAY CHEER! So how do you win this prize pack valued at well over $100 bucks??? 1. You must hashtag your holiday RV or CAMPING themed ornament photos (on your own accounts) with #rvftaornament ! 2. You also must like ALL of this year’s ornament photos that we put up on the RVFTA account—starting with this one! Then our crack team of RV ornament photographers will pick their favorite photo on Christmas Eve and that person will win the @campcasual Schwag!! We will share some of our favorite photos here along the way! But fair warning! You must be strong and you must be brave! The contest is competitive and not for the faint of heart! Only a handful of photos will be featured here—and there will be only one winner!!! Godspeed ornament photographers! Go find your holiday muse and snap some gorgeous #rvftaornament photos for all the world to see! If you need inspiration, check out the over 300 photos that are currently parked in the #rvftaornament gallery! So much holiday cheer!
Sooooooo. Looks like we are headed back to the MOST MAGICAL PLACE on earth for winter break!! Gonna get a rental RV and a golf cart dropped on our site before we arrive and picked up after we leave. We have truly made so many incredible memories @waltdisneyworld and I’m pumped to get back again! Raise your hand ✋if you are a FORT FANATIC!! And feel free to give me the thumbs down 👎 if Disney is not your THANG. There will be no hurt feelings. Curious to see what everyone thinks! #rvlife #waltdisneyworld #disney #disneyworld #campvibes #fortwilderness #rvlifestyle #dadlife #familyfun #campinghacks #rvlifestyle #kidstuff #familygoals #disneydad #rvfta #lifewithkids #findyouraway #gorving #letsjayco #explorewiththor #rvliving #homeiswhereyouparkit #florida #campground #florida #magickingdom #mickeymouse #mickey #mickey90
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