les carrottes sont cuites.

Good evening residents of Indianapolis, IN & all surrounding areas. We come to you with this: the Virginia Avenue Music Festival will be taking place this year May 8-12th and it’s FOR FREE. Little old us found ourselves in the lineup (May 11 & 12) along with some other neat musicians & we would love to have you join us! Head over to @virginiaavenuemusicfest for the low down.
See ya 2018 👋🏻 What an unbelievable year!! Friends, your love and support completely blew us away - how could we ever thank you all ❤️❤️ New music is in the works and we’re still having buckets of fun over here. So let’s see what 2019 is all about, shall we? ✌🏻📸 @m.varano
hey here’s a picture you can show to Santa when he asks you what you want for Christmas you’re welcome 🎅 🎄
We were so honored to play music at last Thursday’s fundraiser gala for @safepassageky. This is going to be the first home for sexually exploited children in Kentucky! It breaks our hearts that this need even exists in the first place, but we are so proud of @carahopestarns for her hard efforts to bring safety and hope to the scary reality over 250 kids face in our state every year. Go check out @safepassageky to learn more about how you can help! Ps: if you bought a t-shirt from us in the last year, this is what 20% of your dollars went to so yay you!
Hello all. We recorded three songs in a live session with the @underwatersunshinefest and you can now listen to those via the link in our bio.
This time last week we were driving to @theboweryelectric for our first show in NYC...and we’re still gonna need a bit to process how incredible it all was. Our duo + two found some new sounds that we’ll definitely be leaning into from now on. So proud of our dear friends @elizr24 and @sethcellomurphy for their insane talents and how they blended in with us so seamlessly. Thanks to all the folks @underwatersunshinefest and @countingcrows for making us feel for real at home. Also. Autumn in New York is magic. Go getcha some 🍂🧡 🐿 . 📸 THANK YOU @alastairarthur
Jenn & her high metabolism are about to blow away. Clearly haven’t eaten enough NY pizza & bagels yet.
Last night, Lexington. Next week, NYC🗽. We’re bringing @elizr24 & @sethcellomurphy with us so all you city folks best be bringing your butts to the @underwatersunshinefest at @theboweryelectric. Admission is FREE. Okay? So just come on.
NEW YORK CITY 📣 We’re playing a FREE show next weekend (10/12) with @underwatersunshinefest at the Bowery Electric. Come hang out with us!
Three things: 1. Today is the second birthday of RYVOLI & we ate some celebratory cannoli to accompany our gratefulness. 2. We got dressed up real nice last weekend and checked out each others armpits because SAM DONE GOT MURRIED TO @scorpionaut. 3. “Ulysses” hit 100,000 plays on Spotify thanks to all y’all. Needless to say, we’re happy to be alive. ❤️ 📷: @frame.visuals
Danville, we’re doing all the stretches and training to get ready to play in your town Thursday, September 13th at 7PM! @kymusicpreview is hosting your first Listening Room series at West T Hill Community Theatre and we are v happy to be a part of this. Lexington friends, this is our last local show booked for this year. Love to see all y’all there too ✌🏻
Our song “Wine” got tucked in as the fourth track of the EP and we haven’t said too much about it...but it’s one of our favorites. We shot this in our home last Fall with the talented @srvaughhan and are happy to share it with you today! Link to the full video in our bio.
Just here to say hey, what’s up 👋🏻. Things have been crazy town for us lately, but we still love you. Hope u still luv us 2. 😘🤞🏼
Well y’all, that was a pretty spectacular weekend. Muchas gracias to @chrisjacobie , @melendyjacobie , & @mitchdwebb for flying out from Texas to celebrate the release of our first project. We literally couldn’t have done it without you guys. Merci beaucoup to @znmartin25 , @elizr24 & the instagramless Seth for living in Lexington and letting us steal their talent Friday night. Grazi to @mckenzielockhart & @willsolomonmusic for serenading us all with your beautiful voices. And thank you thank you thank you to the 200 people that came out to @theburlky to hear our songs & party with us! All the love and gratitude, Jenn & Sam
We are about to party with all the people that made our EP exist & you’re invited. THIS Friday at @theburlky , our friends @mckenzielockhart & @willsolomonmusic are going to sing some of their songs before we sing our songs and trust us...it will be magnificent. Doors at 8PM. Music at 9PM. Grab your tickets online or at the venue!
We did it! We released our entire EP, “Theories” today & it feels SO damn good to have finally put it all out there. If you’d like to listen to it, you can. Go ahead. We won’t stop you. Promise. There’s a link in our bio, just in case. // 📷: @oh.cecilia
Our first EP “Theories” drops in ONE week! And our release show at @theburlky sounds off THREE weeks from today!!! Our producer and dear friend @chrisjacobie will be joining us for that party. It would mean so much if you came out July 27th to celebrate with us! Appreciatecha.
Just dreaming about a life where people don’t spit gum on the sidewalk & wondering how we’re going to get Jenn’s shoe to not stick to all her guitar pedals tonight. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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