happy vibes 🌞 | sc: sabbydeleon | West Tx 🌵

the feeling deep down is good 🥰 | haven’t posted on here in a bit so here’s another selfie LMAO 😂
I’m 19 and I’m On Fire #BirthdayBoy #19 @lordemusic
dark jeans and your nikes, look at you
They Say People Never Change, But That’s Bullshit. They do.
when you smile does it let you wish me well?
but i know that i’ll be happier. and i know you will too. 💙
We've marched, we've walked out, and we've rallied. Now, we have to vote. Make sure you're ready to show up at the polls for candidates who support stronger gun laws: Text FUTURE to 644-33 and get registered to vote TODAY. #StudentsDemandAction
there will always be the kind who criticize, but i know, yes, i know we’ll be alright ❤️
you and i are suicidal stolen art 🌞
had a blast this weekend with some great friends and some hella good vibes. #thisisfloatfest #2018 @floatfest
don’t make me expose you bitch i’m too busy #likeforatbh
yo, i just wanna be ya rider 🤞🏻
You Are My Moonlight 🌚🌝
you couldn’t handle me even if i came with instructions #tbh
ik im a handful, but that’s why you have two hands 😜
Cause we skipped class and ik my lazy eye looks supa bad😂but i love my baddie ❤️ @adrisabelll #BadInfluence
Something Bright And Beautiful Can Still Grow In The Darkest Of Places ❤️🌻 #Sunflower #Moon
Have I found you? Flightless Bird, Jealous, Weeping, or Lost You? #FlightlessBird #AmericanMouth #IronandWine #Like #Paragraph ? #OnesIWant
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