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A massive thank you to @serenitydecor for the bedroom deco ! Absolutely loved everything, from the cute wisteria hanging down to the complimentary chocolates and drink 🥂
Best friend + husband, Alhamdulilah ❤️
After a hectic month or so I’m finally getting back on my feet and back to reality. I’ve had so much fun planning my wedding and I can’t thank my friends and family enough for everything they have done for me. I’ve had my perfect fairytale wedding so here’s to the next chapter in my life 🥂
My vlog is now live on my YouTube channel ! My favourite part about vlogging is looking back at the memories made and reminiscing 🌿
Do you guys want to a makeup tutorial on this look ? Let me know and I’ll be happy to film one ! Also I got so many new videos planned all about the wedding, if you want to know anything specific leave it down below x
I have been editing the vlogs, if you don’t know already I vlogged the preparations for my mehndi/gayeholud/wedding, well I tried my best to ! The first vlog will be up on my YouTube channel tomorrow 🌿
My gayeholud outfit is from @traditional_boutiques 🇧🇩
I loved the way my henna turned out ! All thanks to @emaarts_ I’m so glad I got to meet her, she’s a beaut inside an out 🧡
My flower jewellery for my gayeholud is from @flower_powerbridal a huge thank you to the sis for coming through last minute 🙏🏼🧡
Thank you @magicalmemoirs for this scrumptious donut wall for my mehndi 🍩😋 it was definitely a hit with everyone 💚
Everyone has been asking about my outfit and I absolutely loved how it turned out ! The 2 piece I’m wearing is actually sarees from @sarayafromtheheart my amazing tailor made a peplum top out of the saree and for the bottom I just tucked the saree into a petticoat to make it look like a skirt. My dupatta is from @traditional_boutiques they have some really traditional sarees and dupattas from katan, silk, cotton etc. 💚
Thank you @chocolate.empire for an amazing service at my mehndi ! Everyone loved the pani puri cart and it really added that traditional feel 💚
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