Sabrina Carpenter

new single almost love out now.

you can now request #AlmostLove on ur local radio stations☁️💘make sure if you hear it you tag me in your vids so i can freak out witcha
thank u for the incredibly kind words on #almostlove and welcoming dis song w open arms and booty pops. I love y’all. sooo much. link in bio.
this is my face whenever i have 2 leave Europe
#AlmostLove merch @
Betty White
“have my children!!” @kashpowell #almostlove
raise ur hand if you’ve listened to almost love
and it was all yellow
comment below which one u are !! 🤠
got stood up at at the ball had one too many shirley temples and made my way to the nearest karaoke bar in Korea town and that is how the almost love lyric video was born. link in bio
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