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female artist // redlands // s.california capturing the musical auras attracted to the good, the bad, and the wicked

// FIDLAR // Fox Theater Pomona, Ca For @soundbitemagazine x @goldenvoice I'm currently working on a piece for Soundbite explaining why FIDLAR is important for this generation and future generations. 🤓 Stay posted! . . . . #fidlar #soundbitemagazine #goldenvoice #pomona #foxpomona #foxtheater #badhabits #whygeneration #40ozonrepeat #cocaine #livemusicphotography #musicphotography #tsol #concertphotography #bandphotography #losangelesphotography #concert #nowaves #cheapbeer #music #punk #bestmusicshots
Aye! Don't miss the party! KIKI DIAGO and many other incredible artists like DAYDREAM TIME MACHINE, THE Nº44, and DREAM PHASES perform at SOCAL PSYCHE OUT festival tonight and tomorrow in Pioneertown!! 🌵@kikidiago @socalpsycheout ✨ . . . . . #bwphoto #bwphotography #portrait #portraitphotography #greenroom #Pioneertown #socalpsycheout #ojo #bwphotos #musicphotography #concertphotography #flywayatfox #foxtheaterpomona #pomonamusic #Pomona #laphotography #laphotographer
☻ ☻ HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL☻ ☻ Here's a cute little photo of Merrill from @tuneyards at @elreytheatre 🌞 Btw my TUNE-YARDS & SUDAN ARCHIVES article just got posted on @soundbitemagazine 's site! 🤓 🌻Since shooting that show, I'm still addicted to watching @sudanarchives "Come Meh Way" music video. I don't think I'll ever get over it and y'all need to get on that too! (thank me later) ✨ &&& Fun fact: while waiting for Tune-Yards, I had a peachy conversation with another musically talented female, @madamegandhi. She's totally worth checking out! 🖤
♀️Happy women's day!♀️ So super stoked I get to meet inspiring and extraordinary women on a regular basis. 🌹 Also, do you ever just meet a girl and immediately get a super huge friend crush on them? This girl right here is definitely my friend crush. ♥️ 🍔 Pic of @deathvalleygirls from BURGER-A-GOGO at Alex's Bar for @soundbitemagazine
// FIDLAR // Fox Theater Pomona, Ca for @soundbitemagazine x @goldenvoice . . They didn't play Bad Habits but it was THE GNARLIEST show either way 🖤
This will be my face at Alex's Bar when @thecoathangers come on NIGHT 1 of the Burger-a-gogo tour! 💥 I first heard and fell in love with them at the 2014 Burger-a-gogo, so this is going to be a super personally special thing for me to be able to shoot this year. Also just reflecting on the state of the world right now makes the timing for this so damn perfect. We could all use an excellent lineup of strong female artists screaming in our faces for two nights. ♀️🎸🍒💣💄 Let me know if you're going or we can just bump into each other awkwardly if that's more your style.🖤 {ps. my burger-a-gogo article is up on @soundbitemagazine !!} @alexsbarlbc @burgerrecords4life
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