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Hola friends! These last couple months I've been doing a lot of self reflection and just trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life and where I want to be next year with my art and photography. I'm soo sorry I haven't been posting much, but I promise I'll be more consistent and present very very soon! I love all of you for being supportive during the time my camera failed on me. Seriously I about cried everytime someone donated 😂So many warm and fuzzy feelings! Thank you. Now I'm back with Dorian working again! 📸 So if any of you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask me! I may be a lil awkward but I'm nice and very easy to talk to. ♡ I hope you all have a super fantastic xmas and overcome whatever may be holding you back as an artist or anything for that matter. 😘
GASLAMP KILLER Airplane Mode The Hi-Hat . This photo doesn't give my dear friends at @strangerliquids any justice, but they truly make incredible music better. Thank you ♡
KIKAGAKU MOYO// Desert Daze ☆ for @soundbitemagazine
Dear artists, friends, acquaintances, etc., This may or may not be me reaching out and letting everyone know that I've created a GofundMe page dedicated to reviving my camera. And I may or may not have the link in my bio. Helping me may or may not ultimately help your future self. Desperate times call for desperate measures and if I don't ask for some help, I won't be shooting for a whiiiile. Just trying to get this show on the road and continue photographing you guys and your favorite artists as soon as possible. Thank you. ♡ xoxo sade ☆ {{ps. if you donate, you'll get 2 free photoshoots OR 2 free illustration prints (by @grooovyghost )}}
off mein axis . DEATH GRIPS @desertdaze_official × @soundbitemagazine
This whole weekend was a hardcore test of myself as a photographer. The night before day1 of the one festival I've been dying to shoot allll year, my shutter broke from overuse (didn't know that happen but fuck okay). I came into Friday thinking this is definitely my last festival and I'm going to quit photography and pick up another less stressful and inexpensive hobby like quilting or some shit idk. With that negative mentality in place, I was hopeful that seeing Tame Impala would get me or of this funk and remind me why I chose to be a music photographer in the first place. Well, there I was front and center of Tame but apparently the metaphorical clouds over my head had formed into a literal storm of heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. As you know, Tame Impala only played 3 songs and everyone had to evacuate the festival grounds. That night I got lost looking for my car for 20 minutes, my phone was dead, and I was in the dark totally drenched in the rain and self pity. I was exhausted on Saturday but the skies were clear and I met some of my favorite musicians. But Sunday was beautiful. It was so simple. While dancing, singing, and climaxing (they literally made everyone get on their knees and moan) along to King Khan [basically Little Richard if he was Indian] and the Shrines in the photo area, I was like "oh yeah duh this is why". :) So, thank you @desertdaze_official for the trip. ♡
🗻 Sugar Candy Mountain 🗻 from a secret pre-desert daze show in Riverside . . . . So many photos to edit after this weekend! Thank you so much to those being patient with me coz my life is absolute bananas right now! 🙏
Actual photos of witches summoning the thunder storm of Desert Daze 2018. 🌙 ☈ @warpaintwarpaintofficial @desertdaze_official for @soundbitemagazine ☆ ☆ ☆Special thanks to @darthcee for letting me rent her camera this weekend after mine broke literally the night before the festival!! She's seriously a damn angel!
People try to put us down by saying "She's doing the most" or "He's way too much." But like, why would we want to do the least? ☆ BLOOD ORANGE The Greek ☆ @devhynes @dominorecordco @goldenvoice × @soundbitemagazine
BLOOD ORANGE ☆ last night at The Greek for Soundbite Magazine × Goldenvoice . . . @devhynes @goldenvoice × @soundbitemagazine
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