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Life’s good!🍃 Shukar Allahamdulillah 🌸
I’m a firm believer that happiness makes the people prettier, it’s a noticeable glow. And if you’re with someone that doesn’t make you happy and take you for granted just walk, walk away. You need effort every fucking one of us need effort. If they can’t make effort for you don’t just give them opportunity to be in your life , it will make you feel bad, bad about yourself if you’re surrounded by the people who don’t care about how you feel , doesn’t understand that state of mind you’re in , those who don’t know the sensitivity of the situation can never be a good friend/partner. Just distance yourself from them they’ll make you feel about yourself, you’ll start thinking that you actually deserve this . Trust me you deserve better you deserve the best. But not these kinda people around you. You need someone who’ll be careful about your feelings as they’re with their-s, no one actually deserve the careless one. Nothing could be more stressful than to be with the person who keep telling you that how much they love you and doesn’t give a penny of effort to show it. It’s okay to be alone than to be with the people like this .
Let’s go be phsycos together ! 💐
Hello to the 2019!!! 🌼 No long posts but i so want to Thank Everyone who stood by my side and specially to those who left , because they taught me the most important thing that how to stand for your own self without having anyone by your side. As i felt 2018 was not my year . But 2019 is sure for me ✨ And there’s lot more waiting for me So 2019 here i come more Stronger , Confident and Happy than Ever😇 May you people get everything you’re fighting for and let’s just step out of our comfort-zone And explore new boundaries and let’s do what makes your own self happy ❤️💕 Just Old Random selfie 💐💫
Initiave is doing the right thing without being told . And let’s get example from @engrocorporation Initiated back in 2012, I Am the Change (IATC) is a project by Engro Foundation that encourages every citizen of Pakistan to make a difference. The initiative aims to collaborate with the corporate and the philanthropic sectors of the country and help individuals and institutions that are pioneering initiatives to improve lives across different spheres. Every year, IATC holds a competition on a national level where applicants come forward to present the initiatives they have taken to make a change in Pakistan. More to follow on how you can participate and be the change #IAmTheChange #ChangeAgents #SocialDevelopment #SocialEnterprise #MissionHaiPakistan #EngroFoundation
Get you a friend who gives you a makeover like this !!😂 Shoutout to my better-half’s makeup skills. ♥️ How much do you like this Make-up 🤭? Makeover by @shazinasayied ❣️
DECEMBER IS HERE PEEPALS, And as i found oiling is such a treat for your hair before you shampoo them . Well, Vatika has an amazing OILING CHALLENGE going on! I'm definitely taking a part and you guys should do this fun and such Benifical challenge. 😂Follow these easy steps below and send your entries to Vatikas Facebook Page to win amazing prizes. Instructions: 1- Grab Vatika Hair oil and pour it in your hand. 2- Apply it on your hair BUT wait for it!! You just have 30 SECONDS... 3- Open the Sound Cloud App and find the Vatika Jingle (@vatikapk ) 4- Play the music in the background while making the video and send it directly on Vatika's Facebook page. Here you go!!! #OilFirstThenShampoo #NaturalWins #HairCare #Vatika #VatikaHairRemedy #NoMoreDamage #NatureToTheRescue #oilingchallenge
Stressed, Depressed but well Dressed💣
Don’t call it a Dream. Call it a Plan. 🖤 I’m just uploading this because i love how my hair look in this😍
Art of ignoring!🧚‍♀️ Sometimes you need to ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving in order to save yourself from , getting depressed feeling uncomfortable in your own skin - because your life is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and living your life to the fullest, rather than comparing your capabilities with any one else!! ♥️♥️
Ready for a night of glitz and glam? Lux Style Awards is back and it’s going to be even bigger! Mark your calendars for the 7th of July 2019 and don’t forget to watch this space for updates! Visit @luxstylepk for further details! #LSA2019 #SaveTheDate #TalkingPoint @talkingpointpk
Low is the New No ! A Big No to Conditioner , and to damaged hair . Actually I’m loving the fact that This @lorealhair Newly introduced ELVIVE Low Shampoo is such a revolution that you don’t need to condition your hair after shampoo because, it works as both!! This No Foam and No damage is sulphate free formula which actually works for me . Because it has just decreased my hair regime. All i have to do is : Pump➖Massage➖Leave on➖Rinse✔️ And it leaves your hair conditioned And manageable and this smells really Amazing❣️ I’m in love with this formula already!! Even after my scalp is really oily but I don’t find this making my hair that much oily but you have to take generous amount of shampoo to make sure your hair is washed properly♥️ #nosulfaterevolution #startlowshampoo
I love my Black heads and imperfect skin said no one ever!! When everyone here and now get distressed by their complexion rather than having healthy skin, which is way more necessary than having a fine hue. So this is how i typically like my skin to be clear and healthy rather than bothering about my complexion . And yes Blackheads is way too serious question for me ! And tada @garnierpakistan just solved my problem, this new face wash is literally my goto solution for blackheads this literally leave my skin glowing . As I realised their mask works best for me . Just because i have an oily skin and this mattefies your skin and leave your skin glowing. ♥️ Directions for Use/ How to use it: 1. Wash: Apply daily to a wet face. Rinse thoroughly. 2. Scrub: Every day, gently massage to exfoliate skin. Rinse thoroughly. 3. Mask: Up to 3 times per week apply to dry, clean face. Leave on for up to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid eye and lip area. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately. For best results, also use Pure Charcoal black Tissue Mask for purified & hydrated skin.
The Rejuvenation of Empress Market. Empress market, The only classical market we had and huge trade scale. Idk where these street sellers will go till the time mayor sahab earmark their territory. What are your thoughts on this?
The reason why i can never have abs 🤦🏻‍♀️😭 Whenever i see such appetizing foodstuff, i never hold myself back . So i went to this amazing place called Sarhad Charsi Tikka, while they’re famous for their most flavoured Charsi Tikka that was amazing, but i liked their all of the other dishes as well, their Nans were delicious as I’ve never has these nans before and yes loved their Karahi , they have ideal balance of spices and what a peaceful environment and skill full staff. What else you can expect !! Thankyou so much @hello_tothe_necessities_blog for having me ♥️
Forget Love I’d rather fall in Chocolate 👅 🍫 This time I’ve got an out of the ordinary restaurant for you guys, where everything you’ll eat is even made with Love and Chocolate or maybe dipped in it 😍 oh and with sprinkles on it off-course . Out of everything mine favourite was waffle with nutella , with the perfect amount of sweetness as i don’t have that much huge sweet tooth ♥️ and Now is my next favourite go to stop for waffle tadaa !! Thankyou @curlysdayout and @arish.bhatti for having me 💗
•Everyone has their own struggles. And when i say this believe me i mean it ! It happens when you plan on wearing some specific outfit for the event and at the time of the event you stand in front of the closet and realise the fact that the outfit is stained because you’re just a lazy human being and don’t even have a look at your clothes after you wear them 🤦🏻‍♀️ this is actually your sedlyf !! And then you endup wearing what you see infront of your eyes 🙄🙄 struggle is reall !! After all this fuss your uber driver keeps doing this shit every time 🤔 “ Hello !! Hanjee maaduum kaahan jana hai ?? Me: Uncle phase 6. Uncle again: acha jee madam abhi bhag k ayaa ! Mee : Acha uncle ajaiyen fatafat . *Me looks at the app * Unfortunately your driver had to cancel the ride . I mean wtf? This happened with me 3 time straight. 🙄🙄🙄😐😐😐 Okay after all of this finally meetup was greatt ♥️ i really had a great time with everyone their 😍 and @curlysdayout Thankyou soo much for having me 💜💜💜 Review coming soon💗
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