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Do you agree or disagree?
What’s the number one reason you opt-in to something?
If you know me, you’ve probably heard me say that the conversion is in the connections… in fact, I firmly believe that conversions happen WHEN there is a connection. .  I figured this out quite organically from being in the trenches, from trial and error, from interacting, engaging and connecting with my ideal buyers EVERY. SINGLE. DAY . What I realized was that the time I spent creating an authentic connection with my clients and leads became the MOST important and valuable part of the client experience... . If you agree that the conversion is in the connection let me know in the comments below.. If you disagree or believe otherwise, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts below.
As consumers our attention span and the way we spend our time, energy and money is becoming more and more selective. . We want value...we want connection….we want results... and we want it in a way that feels real, genuine and honest. Now more than ever consumers are smarter and more aware of when they are being “sold” to and as a result marketing is shifting—- for the better As business owners, we owe it to ourselves, our clients and our communities to provide high-quality experiences for our people. That experience starts with their very first time they interact with you and your brand and extends after the sale and contract is up. . As a business owner, what high quality experiences you are providing for your clients?
Did you know that everything from your language to the colors you use in your freebies influences the click-through/conversion rate of your audience? . Seems obvious, I know but it goes without saying that being congruent and staying “on brand” plays a huge factor in your audience's mind. . . While it’s ok to play and have fun with your branding,  it’s so important that your freebie is congruent with the core of your business, offers and your overall message. . . The goal is to remove as many barriers for your audience to get to you and make it easy for them to want to engage and invest with you by being helping them to see how all the pieces of your business is connected.
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So here’s the thing about a freebie- it HAS to be purposeful & deliver some level of result Most people are afraid to give away too much for free because they don’t want to “over-deliver” (which in my opinion is never a bad thing) or they are afraid that they won’t have anything left to sell- 1) that’s a story you’re telling yourself 2) it simply isn’t true But how do you create a purposeful freebie that delivers results Safia? I’ll tell you how: Get really clear & really intentional about what you want that end result to be and work backward with the primary goal being to create a quality user experience that shows them the importance of building on what they learned from your freebie.
ALL FREEBIES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL In fact, that’s why I’m so adamant and persistent with my clients about creating PURPOSEFUL freebies that actually brings in results. I’m not saying your freebie has to be life-changing, but it should ALWAYS deliver value & provide a specific result or outcome for your people. Then & only then will it be effective at building relationships, establishing your authority & converting into sales. If your freebie hasn’t done as well as you would like, look at it through the lens of your audience. Does it solve a problem while at the same time expose a gap for an opportunity to work with you? If not, how can you tweak it so that your audience walks away feeling “damn I would have paid for that”
Freebie, lead-magnet, opt-in, whatever you want to call it- this is one of the most important marketing tools for your business, especially if you’re an online entrepreneur. Yet it still surprises me that so many business owners have not yet created one. If you’re running a business in 2018, there is absolutely no reason why you should not have a lead-magnet in place at all times ready to capture leads. Because that’s exactly what having your a lead magnet does-- it magnetizes leads TO You instead of you having to chase them down. If you don’t already have a lead-magnet in place in your business, what do you think is holding you back from creating one?
One of the best things I ever did for my business was creating my first freebie. It was a small little checklist, which has now evolved into one of my most downloaded products off of my website & has since brought in so many high quality leads into my pipeline that it continues to market itself even when I’m not. When I work w/ entrepreneurs who are looking to leverage the power of social media & the internet to generate leads & grow their business, this is single-handedly one of THE most important pieces of that pie. Having a solid & strategic freebie not only allows you to grow your list & generate leads but it’s the fastest way to build your credibility, establish yourself as a subject matter expert & gain trust with your audience.
One of the things I love to do with my clients is to help them move from idea to implementation. When I’m working with multi-passionate entrepreneurs, it can be tricky to know which ideas to monetize & which ones you can share for free while still delivering value. This is where having well-crafted freebies come into play. Because so many of your offers stem from one idea- your freebie acts as the root on which everything else branches off and grows. Which is why it serves as such a valuable part of your sales & marketing funnel which creates the “lead in” to your paid offers. Having a freebie isn’t an option, it’s a smart & strategic necessity of any business & despite it being free, will generate income for your time & time again.
Freebie, lead-magnet, opt-in, whatever you want to call it- is one of the most important marketing tools for your business, especially for an online entrepreneur. If you’re running a business in 2018, there is absolutely no reason why you should not have a lead-magnet in place at all times ready to capture leads, grow your list & create a pipeline of income opportunities for you. I've partnered with my friend/fellow biz coach, Barbz Luliano to bring you a FREE training to help you find the ease & confidence in creating your first or next high-converting freebie. This FREE training is called Why NOT having a freebie is actually costing you big bucks & it’s happening on May4th Click the link in my bio to sign up & get all the details
Raise your hands if you’ve ever opted into a freebie? 🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you’ve ever invested in some capacity with the person/biz you opted in with? 🙋‍♀️ Business owners have used freebies for as long as business has been around. It's one of the easiest ways for an audience to “experience” what you have to offer without feeling boxed in.  If you’ve ever landed on a freebie that provided massive value for you, you’ll know what I mean. Chances are you were able to get so much from that free thing, that it left you wondering how good the paid stuff must be from this particular person/brand, so much so that it does the “selling” for you! Do you have a freebie that converts well into your paid offer? Why do you think it does so well?
You’ve likely heard by now that you need to have a freebie to grow your list. Freebie, opt-in, gift, lead magnet, launch trigger- these are used interchangeably but the primary objective is to provide a solution to a problem your ideal client has. By creating your freebie, you build trust, humanize your brand, grow your list, & gain quality control over your leads. You see, while your audience is opting for your freebie- you’re also creating a system that brings in quality leads into your pipeline through the filter of your freebie. If you’re marketing your business effectively, your freebie will serve as a pre-qualifier to help attract and capture the RIGHT leads who are more likely to invest in you & what you have to offer.
It’s so important to pause and honor your accomplishments (big or little) before moving on to the next task. Something I recently started doing was creating TA-DAA lists to accompany all of my “To-Do” lists. I have found that it really helps me to stay energized and motivated by my tasks while feeling good and excited about what I’ve already completed which encourages me to keep going. Do you have your own TA-DAA list that you use to celebrate your wins? Or perhaps you do something else once you’ve accomplished your tasks, like a happy dance or bubble bath? I’d love to know what your celebratory rituals are once you’ve checked off your to-do list.
Make your passion your paycheck
Remember blowing out candles & making a wish when you were little? What is it that you were always told after making your wish? Don’t tell anyone or else it won’t come true, right? BUT Why be quiet about the things we wish for in life? OUR WISHES ARE OUR DREAMS & OUR DREAMS ARE OUR HOPES. I say, share wishes proudly. Shout them, repeat them over & over until your dreams become your reality. When we speak our dreams out loud, we give life to them. Surround yourself w/ people who support you, lift you up, & helps you towards your dreams. Wishing isn’t just for little kids & disney princesses. Wishing is REAL. Ask the Universe what you want, BELIEVE in its possible & be open to receiving. I promise you, all of your wishes will come true.
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