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Loss isn’t always a loss, many times it’s creating space for greater things in your life— the trick is staying open, trusting and being patient because God never gives you a challenge that you cannot overcome.
Leaving on business trips is always bittersweet for me. Sweet because I get time away to focus on growing my business with other amazing, crazy talented business owners, but bitter because it’s never easy to leave my babies. Entrepreneurship comes with all sorts of challenges and sacrifices but when you’re in it for the long run, and for the right reasons it all pays off! • Tell me which parts of entrepreneurship is bittersweet for you?
Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages....this is definitely an advantage 🙂
So excited to share my #mymotherhustle article on how having fun in my business led to bigger results! Thank you for having me @emilycretella and @motherhustle Check out the article on my secret to success by doing less and having more fun at #motherhustle #morefun #businesswoman #mompreneur #makebusinessfun #onlinecoach #writing #blogger #momboss #ladyboss
If you’re just pitching your packages based on the length of time you work w your clients, it removes the layer of VALUE your service brings at each price point & makes deciding to work with you based solely on how much they pay for X amount of your time, rather than the results you provide. Selling your services should never be based ONLY on how long your clients will have access to you.. Instead it should be be based on value you bring & the transformation you provide. Instead of just pitching 3, 6 & 9 month packages, talk about the results they will get at each level and SHOW your potential clients the RESULTS they will get from working with you
Here’s the thing about your niche that many people don’t tell you, it doesn’t only have to make you money but more importantly it has to align with your values. Sounds obvious I know, but too many people chase the probability of making money when selecting their niche, and while that’s a very important factor, it certainly shouldn’t be the deciding one. It’s so important that your niche be aligned with your values because that’s what’s going to allow you to serve that market and serve it well. Like all things in your business, if it doesn’t align with your values and your long term vision for your life, it will not be sustainable. You may be able to make money from that niche, but it also has to light you up and feel RIGHT.
Ever heard the saying, if you’re speaking to everyone you’re speaking to no-one? That is exactly the case when you don’t have a clear focus on WHO you are serving and HOW you are serving them. Starting out I helped as many people as I could. I deliberately chose NOT to niche myself for a year bc I wanted to see what lit me up.  While this was an incredible learning experience I do know my business didn’t REALLY take off until I started serving my target market in a focused way aligned with my strengths, values, vision & long term goals. Helping my clients nail their niche is exciting & i’m not talking about generic ideal client exercises, I’m talking REALLY getting to understand WHO you serve & HOW you want to serve them.
So you’re stuck between 2 or more different ideas/niches for your business? Or perhaps you’re feeling the need for a pivot- only problem is you can't seem to decide which would be the BEST, most profitable direction to take- because after all, you want to make the RIGHT decision that will help you build a sustainable business, make an impact & give you the kind of clients & income you desire…right?  Here’s 4 things to consider if you’re torn btwn 2 or more niches: 👉🏼 Which group is most motivated to change or take action towards improving their current situation? 👉🏼Which group has the most awareness of the problem? 👉🏼Which group can most easily afford your services? 👉🏼Which group can you reach the fastest & most cost effectively?
Nailing down a niche- this is a big challenge many entrepreneurs face starting their businesses. Wouldn’t it be easier to cast a wide net and attracted as many people as I can? Can’t I just help anyone?  Sound familiar? This “BIG” way of thinking keeps most entrepreneurs SMALL. When clients first come to me, they fear that limiting themselves to just 1 group will be too restrictive & they suffer from FOMO. As a result their marketing is diluted, their energy dispersed & their audience disconnected. REAL value lies in serving a concentrated group versus EVERYONE. You serve your market more powerfully & they will seek you out for your services. Niche down, tap into your zone of genius & serve people on a deep, personalized level!
Happy 3rd birthday to my little princess Ziya. She came into my life so unexpectedly at a time when so much was in transition in my life + biz. • God and the Universe ALWAYS knows what we need before we do. Since her birth SO much has changed in my business and in my life and I’ve been blessed to do it all while loving and mommying her every day. I’ve had so many client calls with her on my lap in fact so many of my clients know and love her too! • Mompreneur life isn’t always glamours or easy, but it is SO SO rewarding. Time flies when you are growing babies and business.
Creating Connecting + Relationship Building- This is often one of the most overlooked aspect of marketing because many people don’t recognize it as a “tangible strategy.” Yet building relationships & creating connections is single-handedly responsible for many, if not all, of your marketing results and outcomes. Everything in marketing is based on the connection & relationship you build with your audience.  You’ll gain the loyalty and trust of your audience, which will convert into sales & raving fans that will outshine & outlast any fancy funnel or glossy website year after year because at the core of your business is your ability to make sales and at the core of your sales is the ability to CONNECT with your audience.
You know those 6 & 7 figure business owners that you admire and secretly envy at the same time?  What do you think they are doing in their business that is resulting in their success, that you are not currently doing in your business or wished you knew how to do?  Do you believe they have the magic pill if so what do you think it is?
If content is king, visibility is queen! Your content is nothing w/o visibility but somewhere along the lines we’ve been told that we need to be “everywhere” marketing our businesses BUT I disagree w/ that unrealistic marketing standard, because it’s not the case. Many entrepreneurs burn out trying to market everywhere & instead REALLY “show up” nowhere. Btw Insta, FB, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google, blogging, live videos, podcasting, speaking gigs, radio/TV advertising, print publications & face to face networking, It’s enough to drive anyone bonkers. Stop trying to be “everywhere”  Focus your time & energy on 2-3 platforms/strategies that are aligned with your biz offerings & audience.
I’m gonna get real with you here- I HATE IDEAL CLIENT AVATAR EXERCISES. Ok, hate is a strong word, but I find them irrlevant in helping you REALLY understand who you want to serve. I don’t care if your dream clients read Huffington Post, I don’t care what blogs they subscribe to or where they like to shop. None of those surface level questions gets to the CORE of what your ideal client is struggling with & how you can help them overcome their challenges. Here's what you REALLY need to be asking yourself: What do they want to achieve? How will I help them achieve that? How will achieving this benefit or change their situation or circumstance? This is the first step in understanding your target market & their needs.
Wanna know what the biggest influencers ALL have in common (besides being big influencers ;) They ALL serve a very niche market and have become the recognized as go-to-experts in that niche. Wanna know what most entrepreneurs who struggle to make it have in common? They aren’t clear on WHAT they do, HOW they want to do it and WHO they want to do it for. Having clarity around your niche is the FIRST step to starting and growing a successful business. All the other stuff follows and builds on this foundational piece of your business. Before you invest in websites, branding, copy, software and all that jazz, spend some time investing in getting clear around your niche FIRST and watch the other pieces fall into place.
Can I get a hell yeah for this! With clarity comes confidence, with confidence comes action!
Remember when you started your business how exciting it felt? Your energy was focused on all the RIGHT things…focused on you making an impact, pursuing a passion, creating a life you dreamed of, helping people & tapping into your greatness & power.  Today, if you’re finding yourself second-guessing, feeling overwhelmed & burnt out & unsure of what to do next to move your business forward, tap back into that energy of when you first started your business. Refocus your energy & your actions on the POSSIBILITIES, on you making an impact, pursuing your passion, creating your dream life & tapping into your greatness & power. Once you’ve shifted that energy, you’ll FEEL how much easier things get & how much more enjoyable they become.
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