Julia Safilia 🌹

suh•fee•lee•ah.jay [✝️ [💃🏾🎬]

Be Good on this Good Friday 🙏🏾 #swipebih
night time.
THIS IS MY FIRST EVER DANCE VIDEO ON INSTA, So be nice 😂. It’s getting closer to Christmas so I thought I might aswell upload a dance video for yall! Not the best of quality but who cares, I’m just having fun 🙌🏾 Hope you guys like it thoooo 💋 🎼• Olamide-Wo 🎥• Glady (my little sister) @chopdaily
why have 1 of me when you can have a whole 8 of me?
put on your prada sunglasses and your cheap ass lipgloss and you are ready to slay bih lol