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700th post.
Remember, Glitter is not Smooth.
Gee Sawaal karain? Hazir hain hum.
@danalidahraj Zindgi main yeh something missing hamesha rahay ga. It will never go. You'll never be at peace fully. Nothing will ever be enough. There be part of you which will always remain in unwanted pain. There be someone in some random phase of your life you'll miss and you will fail to let go off that feeling. You know where are we wrong? We don't know this pain is beautiful. It keeps us going. Keeps us motivated. Keeps us sane and intact. We are just very unacceptable towards it. We need to tell ourselves that whatever we have today in our present it's beautiful , the pain, the emptiness, the misery, the disease, the loss. Jo hai sub khoobsurat aur ajj hum jo hain sirf isi ki waja say. It's our identity.
@nidanawazbaloch @hadiqa_moin Staying away from negative people is so easy. Invest in 3 things for now. 1) A pair of nice headphones 2) A Nice Phone for netflix 3) Biggest internet package. You are good to go. If you Don't want to gossip, socialize, catch negative vibe, judge someone, hear about someone elses views, don't want to bother anyone etc this is the best help. Watch a nice documentary on Netflix. Learn. Stay at peace. This is what i do. Keeps me sane. Aur jahan yeh nahi hosakta, then trust me sometimes just ignoring them won't even help. You'll have to go through the pain.
Kis baray main likhun?
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