Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

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Is duniya main shayad achay log kum hain ya shayad jo definition hamain pata hai achay logon ki woh galat hai..
#Maina #khawajasaab k #Canadawalaycousin aur aik Adopted bhai and ofc #Zoja bhee 😁 #lafamilia #saheefajabbarkhattak
Meri Pyari chotay balun wali Moti #Maina 🌸
Meri Sub say pyari #Maina aur main #saheefajabbarkhattak
💞 #khawajasaab aur unki zoja
Meri Maa aur unka Nikama Beta #khawajasaab #saheefajabbarkhattak
#khawajasaab aur unki zoja #saheefajabbarkhattak Wearing my favourite @thepinktreecompany
Khoobsurat zindgi jeenay ka sirf aik tareeka hai, figured late but figured, You are a size of an atom in this whole universe, so you can't be the fattest, ugliest, your problems can't be the worst, you can't be the most unhappy or poor and IF by any chance you are, Trust me, DOESN'T matter because we all shall die one day! :) So easy rahain zindgi main.
For own self everybody wants to do great things But have you ever tried doing good for others? In my experience EVERY TIME I did good to somebody else Allah did the best to me. It's a circle. What you'll put into that circle it will revert back to You! Be wise what you put in.
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