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Getting photographed is my job Hum Style Awards'17 Emerging Talent Winner Lux Style Awards'18 Rising Star Winner Patience-Focus #saheefajabbarkhattak

I was talking to my husband yesterday, i told him that all our life we plan things/future, we run after money and stability & when that time comes to enjoy what we planned all those past years, our priorities are not the same. We are either too old to travel the world or we want our kids to enjoy or we want to spend on our kids education/weddings. My parents sacrificed their lives for my happiness and ease but even then i wasn't happy because my parents couldn't afford my trips. So i was unhappy anyway. Today when i can afford my trip i want to save up for my future just like my parents did. Point is, we are in this continious circle of saving for the future and our generation to come that in present we are not enjoying our lives at the fullest. The reason we are frustrated and unhappy. Also, i strongly believe that our strict school curriculums have been ruining lives. If for 3 years we put a kid into pursuing his hobby/passion like music, acting, gaming, etc - he/she will be more relaxed yet productive. After a 9to5 job, he/she will have an extra hobby/interest to cool him down. There will be no need of drugs/alcohol then. One will be busy playing a guitar or playing tennis or whatever. Won't be stuck in social media, won't need to live an imaginary life. #Saheefajabbarkhattak
People ask me what inspires me! :) Good people inspire me, generous people inspire me, people with big heart inspire me, people who genuinely care inspire me, people who selflessly love others, people who donate, people who appreciate, people who stand by each other, people who support eachother, people who accept, people who help empower others, people with no insecurities, friends who are there for eachother through thick and thin, those happy understanding respectful couples, those kids who make their parents proud, those visionaries, those who stand for truth, people who make peace and so on. My inspiration doesn't come from a big celebrity or people who are in the news or people who are famous for their good deeds, my inspiration comes from normal day to day people. Real people. #saheefajabbarkhattak
A Pablo Capsule Retro silhouettes, contemporary fusions; a powerfully dynamic aura featuring Saheefa Jabbar Khattak Photography: @hamzabaande Styling: @lara.mudhwal.stylist_ Makeup & Hair: @sunil_mua Art Direction: @kazimhamayun Outfits: @munibnawaz . . . #Photography #InstaPhotography #fashionPhotography #Fashion #PicturePerfect #pakistaniphotography #saheefajabbarkhattak #hamzabaande #sunilnawab #kazimhamayun #munibnawaz #larathestylist
Bear with the blank posts. Lol
Formating bhee tu bohat zaroori hai Boss
Mulki halaat kuch aisay hain...
After questioning myself about my insecurities let's uplaod a picture where we had best photographers and Make up artists on board. Hypocrisy at it's best !! #saheefajabbarkhattak
Freckles , Blemishes, Fine lines, Open pores, Dark circles, Acne, Scars, Fatness. Why a woman worry so much for all these things? Where that self doubt came from? Why i don't like seeing my face in the mirror without a concealer. No matter how nicely dressed i am, no matter how well spoken and educated or successful i am there's Always a doubt! A Self doubt. Why do i feel the need to shave my arms and legs every second day and let's not forget about the painful hot wax process. I am more than this. YOU are more than this. #saheefajabbarkhattak
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