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Mad Head Game Ken Paves Salon LA

The coolest hair ever😎 @joshbeech Cut by @saintasylum @kenpavessalon
Ending this week happy☀️ 📷 @filippocalvagno
Dirty blonde for this bombshell💣🔥 @madspaige Color by @saintasylum @kenpavessalon @lorealhair
Honored to be able to share this special evening with these two love birds. I hope to be fortunate enough to find the kind of love you two share❤️💙💍 @theyoberts #theyoberts #wedding
This #internationalwomensday we celebrate all of the strong, independent, and fearless female role models that have impacted our lives. We also recognize future generations of females and males that will be responsible for continuing the fight for gender equality. We are all HUMAN! I am honored to be able to work with strong women that remind us to love, hope, dream, and take a stand for what our hearts tell us is right❤️ Mrs. @evalongoria Gorgeous Cut/Styling @kenpaves Color by @saintasylum @kenpavessalon #pressforprogress #thankher #thankhim #thankthem @lorealhair @lorealmakeup #lorealparis
Repost @kenpaves 💙 Reunited and it feels so good!! One of a kind. @paurubio Blonde by @saintasylum
I had the honor of taking the ever beautiful @evalongoria a little lighter✨ Color by @saintasylum @kenpavessalon using @lorealpro Cut/Styling @kenpaves Makeup @beautybyelan Clothing @evalongoriacollection
@nikakljun in magazine Avenija Slovenia🖤 Color by @saintasylum #kenpavessalon
🦄My unicorn is his full glory🦄 @mynameismicky ready for tour💕 Color/Cut @saintasylum #kenpavessalon
New do for my David Cut/Grooming @saintasylum #kenpavessalon
Had a blast working with the fam @kenpavessalon for @skinade launch event 🧜🏽‍♂️
Thanking this man today for reminding me to shine as bright as I fucking can. @kenpaves
2018 and beyond grateful to be a part of this team... someone let @kenpaves in..🤪
Fancy a shag? Cut/Grooming @saintasylum Model @nathanielhensel #kenpavessalon
double denim 😎
🖤 @nicogreetham Cut/Grooming @saintasylum Photo @owen_devalk
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