Syra Shahroz

Reunited with the love of my life. You make my heart smile πŸ’–
Darling, be daring. - - Photography : @jamilalvi
Hey handsome πŸ™ƒ #sairozfilm
When my director asks for one more shot after saying PACK UP! Which he does, everyday. Photography: @jamilalvi #sairozfilm
Coming πŸ”œ
Happy anniversary to us. Aren’t you my world πŸ’– @shahrozsabzwari
Throwback to that Malta Swag 🀚🏼 #malta #destinationwedding #swag
If you’re feeling blue- try painting yourself a different colour πŸ’– - Hannah Cheatem @thepilatezlab You are my happy place πŸ’•
You are not alone ❀️ #worldmentalhealthday #10thoctober
A tale of art, culture, heritage and falling in love with our nation all over again β™₯️ @crossstitch_official @stopstyleofficial @hashimali90 @zainabmallik @iamazeemabbasi @moeedsayyam #crossstitchpk #modernnomad
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