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A BIG THANKYOU TO ALL THE FANS 🙏❤️ Firstly, I know how passionately you all have been sending me messages, wishes & blessings for the upcoming #Aangan which was due to premier on the 13 December but unfortunately it has been postponed till the 20th December. From the entire team of Aangan, this goes out to all the fans for their constant love and support shown for the teasers, Aangan is so special and close to our hearts with each and every member of the project putting their best foot forward. Lastly, one of the most important part of this project is the amazing team behind it, my fellow actors. I would like to wish the very best of luck to each and everyone @khanahsanofficial @ahadrazamir @sonyahussyn @uzmabeg @mawerellous @iamrabiabutt @omairana @zaibrehman57 @mohammedehteshamuddin @hiramaniofficial @iambabarzaheer @humtvpakistanofficial Stay tuned! ❤️ #aangan
#aangan ❤️
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