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When the sun comes out in Portland for 5 minutes.
Sparkly lights on my favorite Italian coast line.
Being a freelance photographer can be stressful in an over saturated field. I find the best way to navigate through the business side is with tools provided by companies like @godaddy. I hope that other people on the same journey can learn that you don’t have to figure out everything on your own! @godaddy has the tools to help you carry out your visions, dreams and passions. #ad #godaddytribe #maketheworldyouwant
Cotton candy skies over the Oregon coast. Been missing life on the road lately. Looks like it’s time for a road trip. Where should I go?
One of my favorite things is picnicking with friends while waiting for the lakes and mountains to melt. In collaboration with @cervezapatagonia #cervezapatagonia #sponsored
Drive by views in the highlands.
Yesterday I went back through some of my photos from Scotland to edit some photos I might have missed. This one caught my eye. My girl @nicolemacinnes checking out the insane view.
Feeling very grateful for the places I’ve seen and excited for the places I’ve yet to see.
Reminiscing on this absolutely perfect wedding with these beautiful people. Now booking 2020 weddings! 💛 #djsaysido
Today is #earthday • Here are some ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, your plastic waste and have a positive impact on the earth. 1. Cut out meat and dairy from your diet. This is the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint. Animal agriculture is the most significant contributing factor to global warming. 2. Say no to single use plastic. (plastic bags, straws, cups, lids etc.) Bring your own reusable items. Instead of buying a water bottle, refill a reusable water bottle. 3. Do research before traveling/hiking/ camping. Learn the rules and read the signs. If there is a “stay on trail” sign or a “no droning” sign. Follow them. They are there for a reason. Possibly to protect a species of plants or animals that could be negatively impacted. LEAVE NO TRACE. 4. EDUCATE. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell a stranger. SCREAM IT FROM A ROOF TOP. We as a human race have completely taken over and our precious Mother Earth is suffering because of it. It is up to us now to change that. I believe we can make a difference if we just try.
Strawberry kisses from the sweetest pup. Getting excited for warmer days with cold beers. In collaboration with the best @cervezapatagonia #cervezapatagonia #sponsored
I’ve been watching “Our Planet” on Netflix the last couple days. And I’m in shock. Although I was aware of the severe incline in global warming in the past decade, it’s just so much more heartbreaking to see how much it’s affecting nature and these innocent animals trying to survive. This is what keeps me up at night. I am but one small girl, but there are ways I can make a difference. And there are ways you can too. Who’s with me?
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