I’m a real liability

Idk about you...but I hated being 21 and I’ll probably hate being 22 🎉🎉
HB to us @j.astill 🎈
Can you guess who just failed a subject for the first time - adding a whole year onto her degree, but is out celebrating anyway????🕺🏻🕺🏻🔥
Just a 4th year PE graduate + Jarod
Ur cute, I missed us #retrothursday
The most blissful and most beautiful place on Earth. I leave with a heavy heart & already counting down the days until we return 💕
A glimpse of me pretending that I’m not lactose intolerant for all of April ✌🏻(+ @jeremy_asimus 📷)
Hvar is the end of the holiday and the beginning of 23 days of 6am wake-ups to dig a trench looking for ancient dead people and their stuff. Yay ⛏☠️⚰️
Saved the best ‘til last and did the city wall walk today. I came here for GoT but they also have a lot of cats and pizza and that’s really all I can ask for 😇
So so in awe of this lil city
So excited to Indiana Jones the shit out of Croatia next week on my v first archaeological excavation!! But first, we conquer Kings Landing ⚔️
Miss u already Jas from TCs 🖤
We came just to see the doggos ❤️
HBD!! Love u & our accidental matching outfits 👯‍♀️ xx
Can’t pose but can enjoy ourselves trying ✨
Ready to ruin another year for myself xoxo
Every time he moves a limb I take 2000 photos ✨
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