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The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It's about what you're made of, not the circumstances. Bring consistent with your habits makes you into a strong human no matter what. #iam1stphorm #microfactor by @1stphorm 💪💪💪 #geoutside
It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward 💪 #iam1stphorm post workout by @1stphorm 🎥 video by: @kevinostaj ( 💯 Best Caption Wins 💯 )
Let’s get to work! The best way to do it is to be about it and not talk about it. Great week so far powered by #microfactor of @1stphorm photo by: @kevinostaj
Is it your goal? Is it your priority? What is it that you’re really trying to live by? If you’re frustrated about the situation you’re stuck in, than first ask yourself if you have put in 💯 towards what you really want then ask for the reward! #postworkout #phormula1 @1stphorm photo: @kevinostaj
Finding peace within yourself is the biggest success you will achieve, being able to understand where you came from and how far you have gotten is the beauty of (your) life, creat your story to inspire others and not to impress or trick them. 🖤🏴🦅
Quick run in the LA heat with a hoodie on before my chest workout! duespaid by @1stphorm hoodie available on @1stphorm Bio.
Left or right?
Happy birthday to my brother from another mother.
Teamed up with @menshealthmag to show you guys my very own full body routine that I will be using for my upcoming acting projects this fall 💪🎥 #athletic #aesthetic (Tag 3 friends) #menshealth
If you’re doing it for others approval you’re doing it wrong, whatever “it” may be! 💪💪💪 strong workout followed by @1stphorm BCAA 🍋
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