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Fine lines FILTERED AWAY! Our Filter Effect Loose Powder is Available in three shades. #samerkhouzamicosmetics #samerkhouzami #maisonsamerkhouzami #FilterEffect #LoosePowder
Check out SAMER KHOUZAMI’s YouTube Channel and stay tuned for Monday Tutorials #samerkhouzamicosmetics #samerkhouzami #maisonsamerkhouzami #MondayTutorials #MakeupTutorials
Fine lines FILTERED AWAY! Our Filter Effect Loose Powder is Available in three shades. #samerkhouzamicosmetics #samerkhouzami #maisonsamerkhouzami #FilterEffect #LoosePowder
The LONG LASTING formula with an impeccable matte finish. #DivineMatt #samerkhouzami #samerkhouzamicosmetics
So tell us, what’s your new year’s resolution? #samerkhouzami #samerkhouzamicosmetics #maisonsamerkhouzami
Brighten up your DARK CIRCLES and smoothen your FINE LINES with The Concealer. #Theconcealer #samerkhouzami #samerkhouzamicosmetics #maisonsamerkhouzami
#Repost @littlebitofshimmer with @make_repost ・・・ @samerkhouzami ‘s makeup products always caught my eye. The packaging of the products its quite luxurious, its made out of glass with gold lids. This review will be about all these three products together, I’ll be reviewing the loose powder on its own later on. Lets start with my favorite product from this collection: The Concealer. The shade I have is the lightest in the range and its quite on the pinky side (in terms of undertones). It has 10 ml of product in the pot and the formula has been impressing me. If you’ve been following me for a while you’d know that comfortable and lightweight products are very important to me. This concealer is CREAMY and its lightweight on the skin! I like how it has a natural finish and its not too stiff to get out of the pot. In terms of coverage, I’d say its close to medium coverage, which is what I prefer. Price: 36$ for 10 ml Next up is the Instant Light Spray Makeup Base. First of all this is really pretty to look at, it has different holographic shades mixed up that swirl around the bottle. The primer is really hydrating and it leaves your skin glowing. I’ve enjoyed wearing this under most of my foundations and I loved how my skin absorbed it fast. ❗️This is scented so if you are allergic to fragrance I advise you to avoid it. Price: $32 for 30 ml Lastly we have The Divine Matt Foundation. This is my least favorite and I really tried hard with this foundation. A single pump of product is enough to get you medium coverage, two pumps and you have full coverage. It blended easily into my skin only when I used the Samer Khouzami’s primer, which bothered me since I can’t seem to get it work with any of my usual primers. I even tried using it on with just my moisturizer and a facial oil, it still didn’t work, it stuck to my dry patches (I usually never have this problem with any foundation before). Since I am using the primer and foundation together I’ve noticed it works way much better but it doesn’t stay matte for a long period of time (using my usual powders). The foundation was one of the most exciting products for me to try and I felt underwhelmed when I got to try it P
#Repost @monikapolasekphotography with @make_repost ・・・ Co vy a plesová sezóna?🥳💄💃🏼🕺🏻Dneska mě čeká první zákaznička a jsem zvědavá co společně vymyslíme.🤫Štětce jsou do nového roku čerstvě vyprané, stíny vydesinfikované, a nálada na jedničku😊Takže pokud i vy někam vyrážíte luxusně se bavte✌️❤️ . . . #brushes #book #tutorial #ball #glamour #work #flatlay #lovemywork #blush #coffee #coffeetime #eyebrows #photo #photoshoot #czech #photooftheday #igers #makeup #model #amazing #instamood #style #photographer #havirov #ootd #mootd #monikapolasek #monikapolasekphotography
2018 for me was a year of learning, planing and growing on so many levels, it was a year of taking risks and opening up the doors for new opportunities, it was a year of facing fears and failures with an open heart and believing that it’s all part of the process...This platform or any other social media platform show the best version of us and the public glories, but reality hides the struggles we face, the responsibilities, the persistence to achieve whatever it is what we seek and the hard work it takes to to get it...BELIEVE THAT YEARS ARE NUTRAL but we choose if it’s a good, or a bad year for us, so always choose to see the good and believe that you are a version of gods creation with the potential and ability to create the life of your dreams just by being true and believing in yourself...And as they say every end marks a new beginning, so keep your spirits and determination unshaken, and enter the 2019 with courage, faith and great effort to achieve everything you desire. I wish you a very happy new year #samerkhouzami #samerkhouzamicosmetics #maison .samer.khouzami
We wish you all FESTIVE moments this eve. #samerkhouzami #samerkhouzamicosmetics #maisonsamerkhouzami #SKChristmas
May you be surrounded with ALL THE LOVE. Merry Christmas from Samer Khouzami Cosmetics. #samerkhouzami #samerkhouzamicosmetics #maisonsamerkhouzami #SKChristmas
We wish you all FESTIVE moments this eve. #samerkhouzami #samerkhouzamicosmetics #maisonsamerkhouzami #SKChristmas
#Repost @simply.recherche with @make_repost ・・・ Thank you for this amazing PR Kit @samerkhouzami @samerkhouzamicosmetics Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I wish you many more years of success 💋#samerkhouzami #samerkhouzamicosmetics #makeup #oneyearanniversary #beauty
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