Tanoai Reed

Father, Husband, Stuntman, Friend, Warrior of Love #MakeDaHappy Click on the link below to donate blood in Hawaii #donatebloodchallenge

Caught him looking over us today😉🙏🏽💓😇🌅
Challenged my healing knee on beautiful sunset hike up Stone Mountain with my partner in crime @auntysuenami 💓🌅⛰🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏾‍♂️ Feeling pretty dang good! 🤙🏽🤗
I am so proud and happy that my buddy @crsh4csh and @sevenbucksprod have collaborated to make this amazing documentary! This will give you all an inside look at the life of a Hollywood stuntman, and @crsh4csh ’s journey to successfully complete a stunt that the legendary Evil Knievel attempted back in 1974. #Repost @therock with @get_repost ・・・ This one’s special.. STUNTMAN. World premiere at #LAFilmFestival SEPT 23rd. I hold this project close to my bones because of the love and respect I have for our loyal and committed Hollywood stunt community. The men and women who sacrifice it all without complaint or hesitance and always with great pride. My friend, Eddie Braun @crsh4csh is a veteran Hollywood stuntman who poured everything he had (literally) into making this fascinating film where he attempts to be first man to ever successfully clear Snake River Canyon, in honor of his hero, the one and only, Evel Knievel. Thank you #LAFilmFestival and director @kurtmatilla. As thank you brother, Eddie for the trust to produce your film and most importantly, THANK YOU for an extraordinary Hollywood career. Here we go! #STUNTMAN #SevenBucksProds #LAFilmFest SEPT 23rd.
My pick up line to @auntysuenami was “Excuse me Miss, but are you from Tennessee?.....Because you’re the only “10” I see 😘” Aauuuuuuuugh🤣 Another great weekend with our new @uvafootball family and @bigredsam92 in #honkytonkcentral 🤠 Mahalo to @vandyfootball for letting us use your stadium! 🤙🏽
This young Country Music singer in Nashville, Tennessee challenged me to “shotgun a beer” with him, and since I’m not one to shy away from good challenge, I happily obliged. 🍻 Mind you, the last time I did this was in college 25yrs ago. #IStillGotIt 😜 #ButHankTheTankSpilledHalfOfHisBeerOnTheGround
🙏🏽Before this day ends, let’s say a prayer for those who were lost....And let’s say a prayer for us all to be able to unite again regardless of our political views, color, religion, sexual preference or tax bracket. We’re supposed to be the “United” States of America, so let’s start acting like it. #neverforget #onelove ☝🏽💓
🔥Got my #BigRed 👑 from @islandsilvercrowns just in time for tonights BIG GAME vs St. Louis HS! Im REDdy and I know our boyz are REDdy too! 🚨🏈 Play hard, play smart and have a GOOOOD TIME! #islandsilvercrowns Check out these fine custom creation lids at @islandsilvercrowns ! 🔥👑🤙🏽
Like @therock said many times before, the best part of what we do is meeting and becoming friends with some of the most beautiful and strongest souls in the world! Thank you for this beautiful post @leyla.kose.589100 ! Love you too! 🤗💓 #Repost @leyla.kose.589100 with @get_repost ・・・ #loveyoutoo ❤️#thankyouformakingmehappy #thankyoubeingmyfriend
Another great road trip in GRATT2D for @uvafootball ’s first game, first win (42-13) and our first tailgate party as UVA parents! I made 20lbs of fillet mignon and 10lbs of poke that was pleasantly devoured by our new UVA family(most who never had raw fish before). They said we set the new bar for UVA tailgate food!🤗 While we were outside BBqing and enjoying the pregame festivities, sitting quietly inside the house were 3 students STUDYING and taking care of business on a 3 day weekend Saturday afternoon! That’s the UVA style 📚#respect ! It motivated me so much that I had to get my pregame pump on at the student gym before we entered the stadium😁📙⚔️📘💪🏽
We are so excited for @uvafootball ’s first game of the season this Saturday, that we set up all of our tailgate gear last weekend and had a dress rehearsal😂🔶⚔️🔷 #GoHooos !
In response to all the closed minded people commenting on my previous post who are upset that DJ is playing Kamehameha, I’ll just leave this here.... #SameBloodline
The time is now and the story must be told! Especially after reading all of the comments on @therock ’s post where pretty much everyone associates “Kamehameha” with the DragonBallsy cartoon. #ubettahrecognize 🤙🏽 #Imua ! 🙏🏽For the families in Lahaina who lost their homes to the fire. Our hearts are with you❤️ Stand strong and rebuild! #onipa ’a #lahainastrong 💥OK...Now let’s see how many closed minded people will say “The Rock isn’t Hawaiian, he shouldn’t play Kamehameha”. 🤣 For all you guys , please see my next post after this one 🤙🏽 #SameBloodline 💪🏽
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