Tanoai Reed

“If your boat sinks...Swim!!” Click on the link below for my story🤙🏽

Another awesome honor for @bigredsam92 from tonights Kahuku High School athletic awards banquet🙏🏽🙌🏽. #hardworkpayingoff
@bigredsam92 riding into his last week of high school like....🤗 🎉🙌🏽
Happy Mothers Day! 💐🤗💓🌼🌸 -Chef Tanoai 😉
🎂🎉Happy Birthday to my Uso George Veikoso, AKA “Fiji”, AKA @f1j1 AKA “Da voice of Polynesia” 😎 Wishing you many many more years of happiness, love and laughter! Thanks for blessing us all with your beautiful gift of music! Alofa Atu! 🤟🏽🤗💓
🤙🏽🌞🌴Typical Hawaiian Sunday with braddah @typicalhawaiiansthomson and KarmaGirl🐶🤗
Train hard, eat hard!! @bigredsam92 gotta pack on some good weight before he checks into @uvafootball camp in Aug. so he’s eating 5 of these delicious “clean meals” from @fit4youhi , plus one cheat meal and a few proteins shakes every day. If you want to lose or gain weight, or just want convenient healthy meals check out @fit4youhi and you can get great healthy meals for less money than most plate lunches! Stay healthy my friends! 🥗🥙🥩🍳🍠🥦 #ItsOkinawanSweetPotato 👾
🤗How’s this for Throwback Thursday! Flew to Kauai today for work and had to come to Dukes Kalapaki Beach just for this photo. This is the table that I first laid eyes upon the beautiful @auntysuenami 21 yrs ago!! Little did we know that we’d be sharing an amazing life together and have such a good and loving Son (We’ll I did😜Swipe the screen to see the photo we took about a minute after we met at that table) Last time I was here was 2005 when we renewed our wedding vows. #Grateful #ChickenSkin #LuckySheLikedMeOrIWouldHaveABlackEyeInThatPhoto
Coming in hot with no brakes!💨 3 straight days of shooting this “Tumble Tumble” scene and I had to get pushed in a wheel chair up to my hotel room when I wrapped on Friday 🤤 TBT “The Rundown” circa 2003. @brandxstunts
Happy Happy Birthday to my Uce Deuce !!! 🎂 🤗 Thank you for being the REALEST in all that you do! 🤟🏽
This is how we get the coconuts out of our tree 😜 👐🏽💥🌴🥥🏈
Ive seen a lot of people posting their first headshots recently, so I dug up this gem for your entertainment 😜#24yrsago #creepyguymoustache #fakanolaugh ! 🤣#Hector
RIP OG GODFATHER (Ted Devoux)🙏🏽 Thank you for paving the way for Polynesian artists into mainstream music and for bringing us all that Ganxstah Funk! #ManuiaLouMalaga 🙏🏽#LegendsNeverDie ! 😎🤟🏽#BooYaa2Ya4Life
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