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Official Instagram of the #GalaxyNote9 and #GalaxyS9 Tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured.

Escape the ordinary #withGalaxy . πŸ“·: @thesilvercherry
Step into another dimension #withGalaxy . πŸ“·: @schuheil
Reflective perspectives - capture them #withGalaxy . πŸ“·: @chinch_pics
Seek out symmetry #withGalaxy . πŸ“·: @jhyattphoto
Add a new dimension to your reflections #withGalaxy . πŸ“·: @ivan_gnidko
Look at your city from a different perspective. You might discover a whole new world. Capture the reflections in your city and tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured.
Sometimes you have to make waves to stand out. Wild City captured #withGalaxy . πŸ“·: @itchban
A little bit of green in a city that gleams is always a welcome sight. Wild City captured #withGalaxy . πŸ“·: @alamuq
Nature finds a way, and you will too. Wild City captured #withGalaxy . πŸ“·: @punyadini
The wild side in your city might be somewhere unexpected. Wild City captured #withGalaxy . πŸ“·: @erenjam
Tall timbers. Wild City captured #withGalaxy . πŸ“·: @johnnybegusto
Find the wild side to your city. Get inspired and capture nature within the concrete jungle of your city. Don’t forget to tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured. πŸ“·: @erenjam | @maxloew | @hanharley | @h_cato
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