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It’s the weekend 🤘🏽 yeeeewwwwww!!! #weekendvibes
Noah’s first bush walk 🌳 ... AND a great way for Mummy to work off those Easter Eggs 😅🤰🏼#easterbreak #nationalparkssydney #sweatsession @jamesadamw
Happy Easter 🐰 #easterbunny
When you’re running super late for a family lunch, but you’re not wearing active wear, and Noah looks so so cute .... then there is always time for a photo 📸 🙈 Happy Easter friends 💕🐰 #longweekend #happyeaster #7monthsold
Someone asked me the other day, “how did you get back to your pre-baby body so quickly”. My answer is to this has always been “breastfeeding”. But if I’m truly honest with myself, it really is a mixture of daily choices that I make. I eat well 80-90% of the time, I train 4-5 times a week, I only drink on special occasions (but before you judge me, let me tell you, i eat way to much chocolate, I UBER EATS to much, Im terrible at eating my vegetables and I don’t get enough sleep 😕, these are my things that I need to work on). So, to all the gorgeous mamas friends who are trying to get back to their pre-baby bodies, I’d love to share one thing with you, because let’s be honest, being pregnant does a big fat ZERO for your body confidence. Actually 2 things id like to share. Firstly you’re doing an incredible job, because being a new mum is the hardest thing we will ever do 💕👏🏽 Secondly choose one thing, to work on at a time. So, what is your worse habit (insert habit)? That thing that doesn’t make you feel great about yourself after you’ve had it. Now either eliminate it, cut back on it, or replace it with a healthier version. Continue working on this until you feel like you’ve got it under control (👏🏽👏🏽) .... Then you can choose something else you’d like to work on, and simply follow the same steps. It seems easy peasy and I promise it really can be. Just start small, choosing one thing at a time, nail it and move on 💫 If you have any questions, or you’d like my help with anything, DM me anytime. Much love 💕 #bodyconfidence #newmum #healthylifestyle #fitlife #happy #healthy
Team comping on a Saturday ... 2 Snatches and a couple of Jerks ✊🏽✊🏽 @crossfitingleburn #crossfitcomp #TCSquad #gymlife
Family 💚🦛🦁🐘🦓🦚🦍🐒 #tarongazoo #cousins #weekendvibing #sydney_insta
6 months with you 💞 .. my perfect baby boy !! #6monthsold #somuchlove
I’ve LOVED this year’s CrossFit Open ... by far one of my favs. Post baby, no expectations, just sheer fun with my TC crew 💪🏽🕺🏽 @total_conditioning #crossfitopen2019 #muscleup #crossfitdrummoyne #lululemon @samanthaeverest @lululemonausnz
5 ways to FIGHT your fat! . . Do you have fat around your stomach?? Whilst studying nutrition I explored a terminology called HUNGRY FAT. Essentially Hungry Fat is visceral fat around your belly. This type of fat actually becomes a magnet for more fat 😧 .... causing you to eat more. You then become a storage machine for even more fat around your midline. Awwwwww! Here are some of the things that I know for sure can help reduce the fat around your stomach ... and your body 😍 🌱 For 21 days eliminate processed sugar from your diet 😢 chocolate, lollies, soft drink, cakes, ice cream, biscuits ... AND be aware even the “healthy” stuff contains huge amounts of hidden sugars. 🌱 Reduce processed foods How often are you eating processed foods? Keep your meals, especially Monday to Friday’s as close to nature as possible. 🌱Eliminate all dairy from your diet. Yup ALL dairy. There is tonnes of research indicating that dairy isn’t good for human consumption. It causes inflammation in the body, makes you fat, causes congestion, mucus .... and the list goes on and on. But don’t freak out, I tell all my clients, just go 21 days without it then see how you feel. You can decide then if you want to reintroduce it back into your diet (I bet you don’t 🙈). 🌱Cut back on the drinkies. Alcohol is one of the BIGGEST contributors for fat around the stomach. Don’t worry, I’m not saying be a saint, I would suggest Monday - Friday being alcohol free days. 🌱 Exercise - lose weight, feel good, look good .... a sweat session is always the answer. If you would like to know more or some cheeky tricks on anything I’ve written about, please DM me. I’m happy to help x #weightloss #healthcoach #instahealthy @lululemonausnz 📷@marceauphotography
Work doesn’t feel like work with you girls by my side 💗 . . . . . TCcoaches #howluckyami #gymsquad #totalconditioning #crossfitdrummoyne
We are what we eat ... There is a strong connection between mood and food 🥬💃🏼Does the food you eat make you feel healthy, clear headed, energised, alert, happy ...or does it put you to sleep, cause heaviness, bloating and cramps? . . . You could spend hundreds of dollars on food allergy testing, or a simple way is to measure what is good for YOU, is to simply see how you feel two hours after eating. If you have any type of discomfort, it would seem you have an intolerance to that particular food. . . Knowing what foods you can and cannot eat, will have you feeling less bloated, slimmer, clearer skin, feeling great 😍 and happier!! Want to know more ... DM me anytime x #healthcoach #healthy #healthylifestyle
Biggie and Tommy’s Wedding 💞👰🏼 .... and one fun dress up box! @jamesadamw #ourgirlgotmarried #horsingaround
Our girls wedding #biggiegothitched
Ain’t this the truth 🤣🙈 #gymproblems #fitnessgirl #truth
Date with the boys ... and a view!!💞⚓️ @jamesadamw • • • #momentsofmine #everydaymoments #kindredmemories #cafesydney
Sweaty Friday’s with my girls .... 💋 #CrossFitDrummoyne #TotalConditioning #GirlSquad
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