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Living and Sharing the Human Experience as an Actor, Model, Writer, Painter, MUA, Entrepreneur 💌

I’ve taken a break from work three times in my life. My pregnancies and the last two years. I sleep three to four hours a day. Don’t take any holidays, and I can not live without my daily planner. Everyone who has had me as a boss knows this about me. I’m blessed to have had people who not only understood that but actually worked for me without breaks. I never asked them to stay back or work extra hours.They did so on their own, they did so without pay, and they did so without ever making me feel like they were doing me a favour. So thank you for that. As I restart everything in a new city, I am blessed with an amazing team yet again. We’re coming together one by one, but it’s a family I’m proud to be a part of and blessed to head. Thank you guys. Here’s to all my workaholics who are addicted to the grind. Who love living and working. Who hustle not because they want money, or glory but because they truly love the game. 😘❤️
I have distichiasis or double eyelashes. Which means I have an extra pair of eyelashes and that’s why mine are heavier. Not longer just heavier...
I love throwbacks...when we look back three years. ❤️🧡
The eyes say it all...❤️😘🧡
Looks and looks and looks #chameleonsara
The eyes...the eyes! 😘😍 Luscious Cosmetics Shot by Abdullah Haris @abdullahharisfilms #chameleonsara
This a throwback but when it’s bombastic you gotta repost! ❤️🙌🏼😆 #chameleonsara
The lips and the cheeks because y’all keep asking. What do you guys think about my art...should I do a graphic novel? 😝
I love transforming into other people...the makeup, the look, the feel, the character, the body language. What has always worked for me as an artist is the ability to morph into a million different beings. It helped me as a model and is now helping me as an actor. But we are only as good as the people we work with. @abdullahharisfilms what a day this was. 🙂🙏🏼 #chameleonsara
I think I need to play a London they called me a Chameleon Actor because I played so many age groups and nationalities authentically. The perks of being brown and...A good actor? 🙈😝 #chameleonsara
Is it just me or does everyone else do this too...and then post a random random on instagram...! 🙈😝🧡
My first first director and the one who reallly encouraged me to go for it. When I was literally triple minded about what to do! 🙂🙏🏼 @noamansami making him suffer as usual....😝
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