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My dumb ass initially thought it was a photo...but see me take it away from there...slick no? 😂
Lift those weights! Especially if you’re restarting your regimen or are a beginner. Unless your muscles are strong enough to carry you through a workout you won’t be able to perform that work out. Build enough muscle strength, then slowly add hiit or cardio. With time you will be able to maintain strength while lifting less weights and focusing more on cardio. But weights are a necessity not a luxury that can be avoided. Healthy munching, happy exercising and kind living. Shot by Rehan Qureshi
Masjid dhade, mandir dhade, dhade jo kucch dainda , par kisi da dil na dhanwein, Rab dilan vich rehnda.. #throwback because we roll like that.
When you come from a business background you understand at a very young age that all your arguments with your parents will be about work. From expanding into new industries, to following through with existing ventures that don’t seem lucrative. You will only ever have disagreements about work. Congratulations Baba, on building an empire and showing me how to do it. Thank you for being an inspiration. I was going to put a photo of us, but this was a beautiful sum of your hustle and hard work. May our tenth year go stronger than any other. 🙏🏼
May our work ethic and hustle be our only introduction. May our grind speak for itself. Bring on those blessings...👑
Makeup: @hina_arif_salon Shot by: @razajeff
I usually don’t chill but whenever I do I make sure I’m awkward so....😬
Desi music is soooo 🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵
Princess? No. A Queen. Makeup by: @hina_arif_salon Shot by: @razajeff
Yoga before bed is the greatest gift you can give your body. It’s great for recovery if you’re athletic and train. It’s a great stress relief for those who don’t have enough time to workout. Either way you win. 🙂
Squeezing in those workouts...🙂
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