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Breakfast Ain’t That Important! Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. Food isn’t even about meals to begin with. Food serves one purpose and that is to fuel our body. It is not a way to feel emotionally numb, it is not a means to suppress our other needs nor is it our happy drug. Food is meant to heal and nourish not cause sickness and pain. The reason we have schedules is very simple. They suit our 9 to 5 lifestyle, and ensures that we are productive members of corporate culture. But more and more of us are leaving those 9-to-5s. And it’s time to reject the havoc caused by the last three generations and go back to our roots. It is time to relearn how to eat! In other words, start intuitive eating! 1-Eat when you are hungry: Are you hungry? YES, EAT! If you’re hungry, have a glass of water, then go and eat. Do not out it off until you’re ready to kill someone. Just go eat! 2-Make Healthy choice: Ask yourself these questions before you eat anything: Does it have preservatives? No. Is it fresh and full of active enzymes, nutrients and vitamins? Yes. Is it in a packet? No. Thus, is it good for my body? Yes. Eat it. 3-Stop When you’re full: Forget what your mother has drilled in your head about cleaning your plate. It’s the worst lesson in the world. When you’re full, cover your plate and set it aside for later. If you’re at a restaurant ask them to pack it. 4-Learn to appreciate your meal: Thank God for providing you with this sustenance, thank the cook for preparing the meal for you especially if you happen to be the cook yourself, thank your friends and family for being there to share the meal with you, thank the food itself for being a source of nourishment. Be grateful to all that went into bringing this meal to your table and ultimately into your stomach. Food connects us to our physical environment and those around us. Let us understand and respect it for what it is. But we can only do so if we are able to love, respect and understand our bodies and its needs first.
I am deeply touched by all the articles that you write about me. I am glad that what I share touches people and my experiences have served a purpose to not just help me grow but also benefit those around me. Thank you. But let me also assure you that my artistic creations be it writing, acting, painting or modelling have nothing to do with my ex-partner, future partner, father or brother. I know it is sometimes difficult to understand because we’re so used to holding someone else responsible for a woman’s fall or rise. But I hope we have evolved to a point where we understand better and give credit or blame to the one responsible. I can guarantee that my failures and successes are all a result of my own shortcomings or hardwork and no one can either be held responsible for it or given credit for it. Not my ex-husband, not my parents, not my children. No one. I am responsible for the life I build, be it beneficial to me or others or harmful for us. So hang me for my sins or give me accolades for my good deeds. No one else can or will carry that burden on my behalf. ❤️🙏🏼❤️ **The article is referring to my previous post. **
Depression, the ailment that strikes many! We have two selves. A real self and a self that we would like to be. Our second self is a reflection of what our parents, and society expect us to be. The second self is also not who we truly are. Depression is a result of rejecting our real selves and prioritising this artificial self that others have created for us. This is when we overeat to not offend our hosts. It’s when we pretend we are not hurt by recurrent mean comments made by friend and continue a relationship with her. Basically when we deny our own needs, wants and desires to behave in a way that pleases others. The best way to get out of depression is to start looking within. Find out who you are and what you like. Discover what upsets and angers you and truly get in touch with yourself. This will make you value and respect your needs and wants. Once you are in sync with yourself, it will be easier to understand others and form healthier relationships. Resentment and bitterness will be sidelined as you are able to be more honest and sincere. As you get comfortable with who you are, you’ll be more willing to accept others as they are. Enabling them to be themselves every time they are with you.
How to Stop Overeating, Quit that Terrible Job and Find Happiness! From my book Hustle We are all born with an internal guidance system. We know exactly what is good for us and what is bad for us. This is why a baby stops eating when he is full, and cries when he needs a diaper change. This newborn is completely aligned with his needs. Not only is he aware of what he wants, he makes sure his mothers know what is required. As we grow older, we are faced with outer interference. If a child is full and she does not want to eat anymore her mother will force her to finish everything off her plate. She may cry and protest because she is not hungry. And what will the mother do? Punish her for crying and protesting. Two things happen here. 1-The child will overeat and she will ignore her cues for hunger. This will override her internal guidance system. Which will ultimately lead to eating disorders and struggling how to manage food in the future. 2-She will learn not to express her needs and desires. She feels that she will be punished for saying what she wants. As she grows not only does she stop expressing those needs to others, but she even denies it to herself. Everytime she feels full, she ignores it and tells herself she is not full and continues to eat until her plate is clean. This applies to everything in life. To dinner parties, clothes, family functions, jobs, projects, and so on. More we ignore our internal signals and do as others want us to do, more miserable we get. Until we end up extremely depressed and don’t even know what we are depressed about. We’ve ignored our internal guidance system to such a point that we can no longer read it. So, how can we reconnect with ourselves and get out of depression? It will take time but it can be done. 1-Start listening to yourself and internal cues. Stop eating when you feel full. 2-Start saying no to things that make you sick to your stomach. Stop meeting friends who make you feel terrible. It is good to value what others want but at times you have to place yourself and your needs above others. Especially in environments where people care more about themselves than you.
I didn’t just give birth to you two, your birth created a new me! ❤️🙏🏼❤️
What is Love? Parents: I clothed you, fed you, got you a car and you’re so ungrateful. Why can’t you do what I am asking you to do? Wife: I take care of the kids, manage the house and you can’t even take us shopping? Husband: I work all day and when I come home starving you can’t have the dinner ready for me? This is not love. This is a business transaction. It is doing something with the intention of receiving something in return. This is a dangerous and toxic arrangement. Parents who use this card will make their child do a number of things the child does not want to do because they raised him. This includes leaving jobs and partners, or taking up a job or a partner they want their child to take. And it never ends for, “You can never repay them for raising you.” Being a mother, I will say this. I, as a mother, am raising my children or have done what i have done out of my own happiness. My children do not owe me a thing because they did not ask to be born. I gave birth to them. If I work so hard to be able to support them it is my own choice to do so. They are not and will never be indebted to me. Spouses who use this to get what they want are driving their partners away. Relationships are not about control and power. Having been a wife, I will say. I, as a wife, can not force my husband to come home at a certain time or demand he help me around the house just because I cook for him. If I want him to do something, I should ask him without guilting or shaming him. Compromises are not guilt ridden. Healthy relationships be it husband/wife or parent/child are not business transactions or based upon unsaid expectations. They are not driven by shame or manipulation. Healthy relationships are based upon mutual understanding, unconditional love and a desire to do things for the other person without the expectation of return.
I literally made this and then I decided on the next project! Just one conversation and I was blown away. What a blessing it is to be able to encounter so many talented and amazing people. Can’t thank God enough for his kindness! Guess what the roleeee isss! 🙈
7 years ago I woke up and decided not to consume anything with a central nervous system aka animals. This decision cleansed my body. It healed my bad skin, my IBS and managed many other issues. It also helped me grow spiritually. I felt my meditations were clearer and during prayer I was more connected to my inner self and the Higher Power. What I put in my body is extremely important to me. As I have seen food’s immense power and influence on me and those around me. I’ve been beyond paranoid about what I eat. But there are days when we don’t to cook something or have salad. What to do then? The answer: GREEN SMOOTHIE! It is the easiest thing to make. Blend a few different kinds of ripe fruits with greens like spinach and kale and have it as breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack! Sometimes I do all in one day! This protein packed, nutritious super-meal will not just heal your body but help align and expand you at a spiritual level.
How to have a healthy relationship! Most of our marriages are codependent. Which means one person is in charge and the other is submissive. Everyone thinks this is normal. Well, this is not. In our society, we never really grow up and we never really see an INTER-dependent relationship where both partners are equal. For us a parent/child relationship turns into husband and wife relationship where a husband is the father and wife is the child. So how to have a healthy relationship? Independence. Nope not the jahilana meaning of independence which for desis means running around naked. 😂 Independence actually means being self-sufficient and knowing who you are before you get married. Goras had it right when they sent their kids into the world at 18 to learn the tough lessons of life. This leads to inter-dependent relationships. You want to be with your partner, instead of needing to be with her or him. Women don’t have to get married so someone can afford their kharcha and men don’t have to get married taake un ko koi khana garam ker ke de. Yes, independent larke khud khana garam ker sakte hein. They’re not unicorns, they actually exist. 😱 Interdependent relationships are truly healthy relationships. Full of willing compromise and a genuine love and affection for each other. Their is no dominating party and no submissive party. So why am I single? Because I’m learning to be independent. And when will I get married? When I find a partner who can do justice to me and I can do justice to him. 🙂 **Here I am working on myself, for myself and with myself. Be the best you before you can be the bestest partner! Oh yeah I’m messy AF!
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Only one road to inner peace and zendom. He, she or them truly isn’t your business or problem. Quicker you learn it, the better. ✌🏼
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