Sara Emily

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Hey, did you know I love my parents a lot? #family #newyork #love
I prefer cats over people 100% of the time. #fuckpeople #catsforever
I love every single thing about you, don’t you ever change. #icecream #softswerve #newyork #love
Find someone that looks at you the way I look at pizza. 📷@am_amick
Suzy said she got new colors, so I told her I wanted all of them. @suzyq_nails
When you are a mess but you’re also a babe. #cleanyourroom #overalls #babe #messy #dreamy
My favorite little button. #tilly #devonrex #catlady #rbf
Who wants to go to Philly with me? #philadelphia #easternstatepenitentiary #ineedavacation
This photo makes me feel beautiful. @am_amick took it, of course.
The cutest psychopath.
This tattoo is so me & will always be one of my favorites. If you have any lettering needs, I highly recommend @jessiefora. Also, if you want beautiful photos taken, I highly recommend @am_amick. Also I recommend surrounding yourself with talented dream babes like them.
The past few days, nothing has felt right. I’m here but disconnected & honestly would almost always rather be somewhere else. I’ll blame mercury ‘cause it’s easy and so is feeling like you need to make excuses for your mental health. Because you know it’s not okay to just be sad. . . . You can put all the pieces in place and sometimes still not feel like you fit anywhere. But please tell me how easy it would be to improve my life with the things that work for you because everyone is exactly the fucking same. Oh and no I’m not insulted as a fat girl when your first suggestion is ALWAYS exercise. . . . Let a girl be moody. And quit acting like depression is fixable. It’s not. 📷 @am_amick
At the end of the day, I’m just a sad girl that misses her dead cat. #myoscy #myheart #sadgirlshit
The other day I was walking through Times Square and this man looked at me and said “that’s too much” and he and the woman he was with started laughing. . . . I have about a million stories of people looking at me and deciding to let me know their opinion, and I’m fucking done arguing about whether my personal choices are attention seeking or not. . . . I’ll always be “too much” for some people. But I look at this photo and fall head over heels in love with every inch of my body. And that feels way better than the 2 minutes I felt bad about that dickhead on the street. 📷@am_amick
Yesterday was my one year ny anniversary and I spent the morning eating pizza and getting seltzer poured on me in my underwear, while an absolute dream babe (@am_amick ) took my photo. . . . This was the best and worst year of my life. I came here in the lowest place I’ve ever been. And I’m starting year two in the best, most confident place I’ve ever been. I’m grateful for every fucking moment and everyone I’ve learned to love along the way. . . . Change is hard, babes. But change kept me alive. NY saved me and I’ll always love her the most. I’m not sorry about all the photos of me you’re gonna have to see. In fact, you are welcome.
I am me again. Thanks @suzyq_nails I love u so much. #nails #claws #stilettonails #glitter #palmtattoo
We have fun. 🖤 #family #mom #dantheman
Wow will you just look at this wholesome ass content? #dandoesnyc #iowatonyc #myheros #family
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