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😻🦎😻 @saraemilybehair 📍NY

Oscy really knew how to work his angles.
My queen.
I listened to Bright Eyes tonight, can you tell? #itsalways2003inmyheart #foreveremo
This is the longest I’ve spent in a place that is not my home. This is the longest I’ve ever been without my cats. I will be so grateful to feel stable in my home & have them back with me. 🖤😻😻
Otis is a very good boy. #goodboy #cats #meow
Bubs wants you to know that I just signed a year lease for my very own place in bed stuy and he is no longer a homeless lizard. #beardeddragon #motherofdragon #fire0sara2
Oscy used to greet me every time I came home. But the greeting would never stay the same, they changed weekly. Like he was always coming up with new ways to show his affection. This week was a good week. Tomorrow it’s gonna be 1 whole year without him. I’ll miss him forever.
Love this big guy so much. #dantheman
2018, wow. You tested me at every corner and yet somehow I managed to persevere. I’m starting 2019 with a whole new attitude & appreciation for the people & things I’ve managed to hold onto. But, I mean, I’m still gonna be the brat you love to hate/hate to love. Some things never change. Top nine mostly featuring photos by @am_amick because I mean obviously. 😘
Today I realized that everything is going to be okay.
My little fizzy boi is hanging in Iowa while I find him the perfect home. I’m gonna miss him so much but part of pet ownership is sometimes realizing we can’t provide the best environment for our animals. I’m so thankful I have the best people to take care of my babies while I rise like the Phoenix that I am. Also yes that was a fire joke, which are 100% on the table now. You’re welcome.
People don’t feel bad for you when tragedy strikes. They put themselves in your shoes & feel sorry for the imagined version of themselves. I’m angry & sad & making all the wrong moves but I know in the end I’ll be okay.
I lost my apartment because of a mattress fire. Everything & everyone is okay. I’m feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry, resentful, and exhausted. I’m sick of talking about it but I can’t stop.
I’m getting married here. #kewgardens #royalbotanicgardens #london
London is cute but I’m ready to squeeze all my babies.
Tomorrow I leave London and I’m not exactly happy about it but I will say it is cool going back to a place like Brooklyn. Pushing myself so fucking far outside of my comfort zone is exactly what I needed right now. It was equal parts challenging/rewarding and I’m always gonna be super grateful for this week alone in this dreary & dreamy city. #ilovelondon #london #oxfordstreet #solotravel
Yo, you ever FaceTime a dragon? #beardie #dragon #motherofdragon
Babies first skull, done by the brilliant @baileyillustration. 🙏🏻🖤#420blazeit #weedforever
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