Sarah Saleem Lalani

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Jumpsuit love 💫
When we try to seek love and strength from those who are not meant to be the source of supplying either thing while looking away from the ones who are our real strength, we look away from everything in the world. This is called strength - holding each other tightly while others may choose to come and go as they please. For if we have each other, ain't nobody matters much.
Embracing life as it is feels beautiful (in that comes my acne and pores, grey hair, my being defeated, 29 and single, and everything that makes me imperfect and alive.)
Kya kya huwa hungam-e-junoon yeh nahin maloom. Kuch hosh aya tu gareeban nahin dekha. A year ago.
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My dream walk @theconnoisseurspk
Words can't describe how elated and grateful I feel when so many girls (esp from my fashion school) come and tell me how much they admire my work @theconnoisseurspk and that it inspires them to do things they wish to do. I feel like hugging each one of them and telling them never to look back at or give up to anything or anyone that's not in line with their ambitions. Keep looking ahead, unapologetic, but also kind and humble, and you'll do wonders. Thank you for encouraging me, liking me and inspiring me everyday! - my unusual long caption, sorry!
Fake flowers, real me. @theconnoisseurspk
Zaalima Coca Cola pilade. 🍷 @theconnoisseurspk
My #tbt (this was your frock @suneetamithani that I got as a prize for giving up on the window seat fight with Rabia 🤣)
@theconnoisseurspk White washed at photoshop's best. (Where are my sweet pores and acne???) 📷 by @chauhanified
What keeps me motivated, always on my toes, and always going. @theconnoisseurspk
Forever ready to pose and smile @theconnoisseurspk
At @esfirjewels 's new collection preview.
Blessing. #khalalovesmishal
This is my prize for going through all that I didn't deserve to in life. This is my prize for not receiving the love for love. This is my prize for every night I questioned my existence and every day I didn't desire to live. This is my prize for everything and I love it. My door to happiness. #khalalovesmishal
Tryin to do what lovers do 🎶 💐 Thank you @picturesque_by_hassandar 📷💗
The way I look at my friends cracking lame jokes. 📷 by @picturesque_by_hassandar
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