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Minneapolis. My cookbook, the #vanillabeanbakingbook is now available! Pan-banging since 2016. Also at @breadin5 + @minneapolisgirldetective

Cinnamon Rolls! A few weeks ago @thepancakeprincess had a cinnamon roll bake off which included the recipe from my cookbook, and I’m happy to report they did quite well (yay!). The recipe wasn’t up on my site but was in various other places across the interwebs, and since I had so many people asking about it and where to find it and had questions about the process, I decided to put it in my site so it was easier to find and I can help you troubleshoot there. The link is in my profile, but of course you can also find it in my cookbook 😇😇😇. #vanillabeanbakingbook
What I did today. (So many brownies, hip hip!)
Whole Wheat Banana Chocolate Muffins. Seemed appropriate for the first week of January. (Recipe from my cookbook.) #vanillabeanbakingbook
Danish(es) for the New Year. Hoping your 2019 is filled with hope and goodness. ‘For last year's words belong to last year's language | And next year's words await another voice.’ -T.S. Eliot
“The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers.” -James Baldwin *** Here are a few favorites from 2018. Also stumbled upon that sentence from Mr. Baldwin and spent a great deal of time meditating on it while baking and writing and washing dishes and feeding and reading to my children and everything else that goes along with work and life. I’ve found the last decade to be one of questions, and trying to be okay with the fact that there are often no answers. 2019 promises more of the same.
Chocolate + Peanut Butter = 😍
Neighborhood cookie delivery day! Ginger, sugar, chocolate sugar, brownie, shortbread, and cacao nib. Plus peppermint bark, peanut butter cups, seven layer bars, and those pretzel-rolo-pecan things that are the easiest and everyone loves the most. 😂 Merry Merry! 🎄(Tip: instead of pricy bakery boxes, buy cheap shirt boxes from Target. Not as deep, but fits cookies just fine. Just use a little tape to reinforce the sides.)
What are you making Christmas morning? I can’t decide between these cinnamon rolls and a cream cheese Danish braid. (I baked like 40+ dozen cookies this week so cinnamon rolls seems like a nice change of pace.) 🎄🎄 #vanillabeanbakingbook
Triple Chocolate Peppermint Bark - a favorite from the archives. I make this every year - it’s perfect for passing out to neighbors and nibbling on all Christmas Day. Recipe link in profile! And I have a link to my Christmas music playlist in my Instagram stories. 🎄
Soooooo many people have been #panbanging the last few weeks, I thought it was time for another cookie collage! Thank you again for all your cookie love, and I’m so glad you are enjoying my quirky, ripple-y method. #bangonapan forever. #vanillabeanbakingbook (Recipe link in profile!)
Star bread! I made this for @breadin5 last year, and you’ve probably seen @zoebakes raspberry star bread all over Instagram. There are directions for the bread (it’s easier then it looks!) on the @breadin5 website, and check out their Instagram page - they have a giveaway going on with @emilehenryusa and @jkadamsco (click on the picture with the Apple-cranberry coffee cake). ❤️
I had a lot of people asking about the Morning Buns from yesterday’s post - I do have the recipe on my site (I put the link in my profile) - I just rolled them in sugar instead of icing them. I also baked them in these Charlotte molds from @mauvielusa - they worked well (similar to the soufflé molds I usually use, but with handles for an easy flip!). And, I loved all your book/reading suggestions! Thank you again. ❤️
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