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Minneapolis. My cookbook, the #vanillabeanbakingbook is now available! Pan-banging since 2016. Also at @breadin5 + @minneapolisgirldetective

A memory from yesterday: pastries from @petiteprovencealberta . They were quite delicious. (We’re back from our trip to Oregon, but I’ve got pictures in my Instagram highlights if you are interested!)
Chocolate Almond Streusel Buns. Another recipe coming soon! Have a lovely Sunday, my instagram friends. ❤️
Creamy Blackberry Bars. I’m currently away from my kitchen (visiting family in Oregon; you can check out my Instagram stories if you like vacation-y pics), but I’ll have this recipe up when I get back. 💜
Last week @theboywhobakes highlighted my chocolate chip cookies on his new ‘Cookie Chronicles’ YouTube series. You can head to his page and find links to watch. This week he is featuring @taraobrady ‘s chocolate chip cookies- another favorite of mine. I’m a firm believer that there can’t be a ‘best’ cookie, because taste is subjective and we all want different things in our baked goods, but I think there can be many great recipes, and I’m happy to be included here. (Plus I got to meet Edd a few months ago and he’s lovely and hilarious.) #bangonapan
Chocolate Chip Snack Cake: Yellow cake with mini chocolate chips, topped with chocolate buttercream and plenty of sprinkles. Recipe link in my profile! (sprinkles from @sweetapolita !)
Maple Oatmeal Scones: my son picked these over birthday cake for his party. All the kids made frowny faces while we sang happy birthday (why isn’t there cake?!) but then they devoured them. One of my favorite recipes from @inagarten .
Breakfast experiment: Waffles, with Blackberry-Rhubarb sauce and pastry cream. Pretty, pretty good.
It’s Saturday night, and we’re pan-banging over here. My sweet niece was born last week (swipe to see just how sweet she is!) and I’m bringing a pile of cookies over to my sister tomorrow because after I had a baby everyone brought me soup and while I was so thankful for the meals, I really just wanted a stash of chocolate chip cookies. #bangonapan
It’s cake o’clock! At least, I wish it was. This is a Blackberry White Chocolate Cake from my cookbook. I feel like my 40’s has brought me a better appreciation for white cake, and sometimes I like it just as much as chocolate. Also! I got to go to a house show tonight (swipe for video!) and see @honeysuckleband perform, and absolutely loved them. I’m often on the fence about bluegrass - there are times when it leans towards country and I’m not so into it, and then there are times it bends into folk and I swoon. Tonight was a dreamy, swoon-y show. I highly recommend checking out their music (there is another video in my stories, too).
Brownie Cookies! Perfect for ice cream sandwiches. Or just by their lonesome (I have the recipe on @handmadecharlotte from years ago!).
I have Strawberries + Cream Brioche Buns on my site today! I used @breadin5 ‘s amazing no-knead brioche dough. Recipe link in my profile. Also! It’s the last day to enter my @mauvielusa giveaway! You can win a set of copper soufflé molds (the molds I used to make these buns). Hop over a few photos to the Cardamom Sugar Buns for instructions on how to enter.
Getting ready for tomorrow morning. 😍😍😍 #cinnamonrollsforever
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