Thank you @art_spotlight and @elensham I had to repost. Heaven. X, SJ
Inducted unanimously into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Oh the memories. The confidence we had as he trotted out from the bull pen for those final pitches. Happy times at Yankee Stadium. I miss those days. Congratulations Mariano Rivera. You are long loved and we celebrate all the years you spent so gloriously on the mound as the great closer. X, SJ
Revisiting a beloved character. Briefly and with a twist. Because, thanks to @stellaartois , when you change up the usual you can do good. X, SJ #Ad #PourItForward
"Scene' and heard @divorceonhbo this still quite cold and early morning (though so many hours awake it feels afternoon.) Current location before our company move. It's a jam-packed day. Much work to get shot. So off we go. X, SJ PS and perhaps most importantly the artist of the fantastic paintings is Steve Miller
"Scene" and heard @divorceonhbo hair and makeup trailer What a wonderful start to the day. Fragrant, original and perfectly rihlght amount of wakeful helping. And yum. X
Justice. Equality. Peace. X,SJ
Sub zero temperatures cannot freeze the machine. From our "scene" and heard column on @divorceonhbo X, SJ
These old tissue paper roses looked particularly charming tonight. X,SJ
My old friend. She is making a brief reappearance. Partnering with a great brand and supporting a cause we all care about. More to come. X, SJ
Christmas holiday, Ireland, quiet time to read, that wee corner ( our "Happy Place") no alarm clocks and no schedules to keep seem a distant memory. X, SJ
Company move. Last set of the day. Backdrop winner. @divorceonhbo taking us into the weekend. X,SJ
From our "Scene" and heard column on set @divorceonhbo Can be found on the South East corner of 152nd and Broadway. X, SJ
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