A PLACE FOR US. Available June 12th. Pre-order details below.

This too. Central Park NYC X, SJ
Central Park. Right now. X
When my love for acting was born. My first job. Playing the Little Match Girl in the devastating Hans Christian Anderson story "The Little Match Girl for NBC, 1974 Shot in Cincinnati, Ohio Those were 5 very happy days. X,SJ #tbt
The conversation we've started about Fatima Farheen Mirza's A PLACE FOR US has been thrilling. I thank you all for being a part of it. This post is for all of our devoted readers in the UK. Your wait will soon be over! A PLACE FOR US arrives on June 14th and is available for pre-order now on Amazon UK. With a gorgeous special edition cover to boot. 2 beautiful covers. ​1 gorgeous story.​ I guarantee you will be different when you close this book. Keep the questions coming and I'll do my very best to answer each and every one. X, Sj
The closest I ever got to a tattoo. If I recall correctly Judy C, my makeup artist on "SATC" was the creative hand. So long ago, it's a Polaroid picture. My guess is I was missing my boy baby for long days on set. Let's call this #wistfulwednesday X, SJ
One of my favorite things about Instagram is talking with so many of you about books, sharing titles and supporting writers, booksellers and our libraries. I've been a devoted reader since I was a little girl so I'm particularly thrilled to introduce a stunning debut novel, A PLACE FOR US, by a new and powerful American voice, Fatima Farheen Mirza. Our first for #SJPforHogarth . US readers can pre-order now to redeem a special bonus gift. The link with information is in my bio. To all those dedicated international readers, stay tuned. We'll have more information for you very soon. This book is a gift for its fortunate readers and I'm so excited to imagine it in readers hands or on their stacks. Any questions, ask away!!! X, SJ​
NYC As seen on Christopher St. Literally on the street. That's it. X,SJ
From my stoop to your front door Something special for US readers. Our special pre-order bonus gift is available now for A PLACE FOR US. Pre-order the book from any retailer, fill out the form with your order confirmation and receive our limited edition #SJPforHogarth tote bag, a bookplate signed by author Fatima Farheen Mirza and more.​ Link to pre-order instructions is in bio! I love this book so much. I'm so enormously proud of its author Ms. Mirza and I want very much to press this extraordinary and unforgettable debut novel into readers hands so, get ready! I’m going to be talking about this book a lot. Stay tuned for more. X, Sj
Dear @mcvitiesofficial you don't really need a special occasion to offer these scrumptious biscuits but the Royal Wedding was a real nice gateway. Thank you. I'm trying discipline but not feeling optimistic. X, SJ
21 years. Body language. X, SJ
May 19th. Yep, it's a good day to get married. Happy 21st anniversary baby. XXX, your wife
Happy. X, SJ
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