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I write + create. I weave magic, ritual + ceremony. I’m a catalyst for change. I help women to navigate the terrain of their lady landscape. Period.

:: SHE READING :: Unedited, no BS, insight + wisdom for the week ahead. The moon is new + beginning to wax + you may be experiencing a post eclipse hangover + it may feel like you’re being recalibrated + your course re-set, which is why our #sassysheoraclecards this week is: ACCEPT SHE SAYS: “Are you tired? Are you tired of consciously + unconsciously trying to ‘do’ life? For sure, you've read the memes: 'be yourself because everyone else is taken' and other such 'meant to make you feel better, but actually make you feel worse' sentiments because right now, nothing makes sense + you haven’t got a bloody clue how, in this current fast-paced world, you can fully accept the totality + wholeness of who you are? (Without deleting instagram +/or living on a deserted island?) Start with the breath. Always. Deepen it. Slow down. Get intentional within the breath. Your business, ladylove, is to create. Love. Words. Art. Life. Ideas. Revolutions. Laughter. Calm. Chaos. Emotions. You are a creatrix. Above all things. Are you comparing yourself to others who 'look' like they've got their shit together? Is the noise of people telling you what you can + can’t say + how you ‘should’ respond, stopping you from creating ANYTHING? Feel your response and then remember + accept YOU ARE CREATRIX. Your pelvic bowl is a cauldron of creation. That person who's life 'looks' better than yours? Most people on social media are curating an image of themselves + their business they want you to believe in, damn it, they probably want to believe in it too, but honestly? It's not your concern. If they're triggering you + you feel paralysed from creating and doing great shit in the world, delete them. Even if you love them. (Especially if you love them.) Here's the deal: don't try to change your true nature or take a path that's already being walked. Instead, accept who YOU are. Come into your body + come down into your pelvic bowl. Discover, reconnect with + deepen into who YOU are + then create + share from THAT place. A place of rooted knowing + acceptance.” How's that landed with you today? SASSY SHE oracle cards are available from my website, link in bio @sassylisalister
#sharemycycle DAY 15. G-friend is ovulating. How do I know? Because it’s like a slip + slide down there. (Seriously, there’s no app or device than can compare to you knowing the consistency of your cervical fluid. Fact. When it’s clear, when it’s sticky and a lot like egg white in consistency, know that if you’re not trying to get preggo, you’re going to bleed in 14 days.) For those who’ve been asking how to deal with being someone who bleeds at the full moon + ovulates at the new moon, honestly? I’ve been doing it since 2015 + I STILL don’t have it figured out. It’s why I’ve got geeky about my entire SHE ‘scape, what’s going on internally + externally (seasonally, astrologically, lunar) so I can try to navigate it all. I’ve definitely recognised that during the eclipse portal I’ve found it harder to stay with the rhythms of my own body + the pull of the astro/moon craziness has been STRONG. (Read: I’ve been bat shit crazy.) So this week, the last few days in particular I’ve had to up the self-care as the dark of the moon felt stronger than my own body’s pre-ovulation phase - living + experiencing the polarities has been...’interesting’ (UNDERSTATEMENT) so I’ve had to limit social media time otherwise I would stab people in eyes with forks, I got creative, I reached out to people + drank chocolate. Ma cacao is ALWAYS my go-to medicine for opening the heart + letting the light in. What’s your current SHE ‘scape? What’s your feels today, love? #menstrualcycle #loveyourladylandscape #shepower #shescape #cacao #periods #ovulation #coderedthebook #newmoon
THIS. ‘Live in the mess. Throw yourself out into the convulsions of the world.’ #didion posted by @__nitch shared by @louiseandrolia
:: SHE READING :: 7 planets retrograde, waning moon, lionsgate + third eclipse in a surprise that this week we’ve pulled SHE Power. Let it be a reminder of ALL the ways in which you can stand your sacred ground in these ‘interesting’ times. I’m working with Ma Cacao (yep, sacred chocolate for breakfast) as my teacher in heart expansion as I navigate my ‘stuff’. (Also remember that this eclipse portal is a re-set + a process, be in it. Stay with it. Don’t try to ‘fix’ anything.) SHE SAYS:: SHE POWER is a non-apologetic reclamation of ALL your parts. The dark, the light, the magic, the mundane, the messy, the imperfect, the gloriously gorgeous, the parts you’ve been shamed for - ALL OF YOUR PARTS. SHE POWER is when you know how to be the witness, how to let things go + how to trust + follow your own counsel. SHE POWER is being connected, pussy to the earth. SHE POWER is hearing the whispers of those who have gone before you + yet to come + feeling the ancient/future secrets + wisdom in your bones. SHE POWER is causing outdated power structures + old paradigms to shake in your wake. SHE POWER is supporting other women + making them feel safe to share, speak, be heard + be seen. It’s calling other women IN, not calling them out. SHE POWER is knowing that in any given moment you can be a hot mess, a woman of grace + beauty, angry + grief-struck, loved + pleasure-sated, tired and soft or raw + vulnerable. It’s also knowing that in some moments, you can be all of these at once. A SHE POWER-ed Woman is WHOLE. And it’s out wholeness, our intuition, our magic + our power - the power that lies between our thighs - that will truly change the world. In a world where women have, for thousands of years, felt bloody powerless, it’s time to wake, re-member our dis-membered parts + call back our power. Our SHE POWER. Women, thanks for showing up, for making waves, for making babies, for starting businesses, for holding it together, for daring to fall apart, for creating, for healing, for dancing, for crying, for living, for dying, for bleeding, for surviving, for thriving. SASSY SHE oracle cards are available to buy, link is in my bio @sassylisalister
Today the wheel of the year turns + for those of us in the northern hemisphere today is Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-na-ssaaah) a chance for us to reap what we’ve sown + to celebrate it. So often we’re in ‘doing’ mode that we don’t take time to breathe, to witness + acknowledge + to celebrate the blooms of the seeds that we planted back in February at Imbolc... Stop looking around at what everyone else is harvesting, stop comparing your blooms to theirs, stop fretting that your blooms aren’t big enough or pretty enough + instead, take a breath and really bloody celebrate YOUR harvest, mama. Let today be a reminder that there IS enough room for us all to grow. Celebrating fertility + fecundity, our ability to grow + bring into being art, life, dreams, creations, entire realities - we’re bloody badasses, aren’t we?!! 📸@frizzkidart #lammas #lughnasadh #harvest #divinefeminine #shepower #wakethewitches #witchesofinstagram #loveyourladylandscape #fertility #creativity
How are the feels post-lunar eclipse, women? I shared on my insta-stories last night how my bleed had come early during the eclipse window + I got a LOT of inbox messages saying 'WTF? I'm not due to bleed for another 10 days + I'm bleeding!' or 'why am I spotting when I'm day 8? Is it the eclipse?' and lots of variations of 'lisa, help a woman out here, what's going on?!' So yeah, for those of you who give the whole moon + menstrual cycle link the side-eye (er...if you do, this really is NOT the place for you!) we're 70% water and you've seen how the moon effects the tides, right? Add to that this is the longest lunar eclipse this century, and is one of three eclipses in a row so, y’know...powerful. An eclipse + this lunar eclipse in particular is like a giant re-set button at EVERY level so for many of us, it could have caused premature bleeding, temporary spotting, painful cramps, achey ovulation ovaries or, like me, your cycle to move and re-arrange herself. My advice? Be gentle + compassionate with yourself - wherever you're at in your cycle, the full moon and this particular eclipse in Aquarius illuminated the shadows to be witnessed, so we can get straight to truth, the same way it does in the days before we bleed - so anything you may have tried to ignore, numb + push down, may have showed up as pain and discomfort in your womb space to bring it to your attention, it may have been delayed so you fully process the feels, if you've not been tending to your needs or pushing too hard it may have brought on your bleed to slow you down and bring you back IN to your body. She's clever like that. Basically, for some of us, the eclipse season so far has been a real deal shit-show - so be kind, gentle, show yourself the big love and acknowledge the lessons + teachings of your body, your womb, your ovaries + your flow. (And if you’ve had your womb removed, don’t be surprised if you still experience some aches + pains too, that energetic blueprint is STRONG!) How is it for you? #mooncycle #eclipse2018 #lunarcycle #eclipsecycle #menstrualcycle #menstrualawareness #shepower #wakethewitches #loveyourladylandscape
This full moon/eclipse/alltheretrogrades has/is kicking me in the ovaries. Literally + figuratively. There’s a lot of pain + a lot of feels. And staying with them all can be...overwhelming. (Total. Fucking. Understatement.) So while I do all I can to stay with them + not abandon myself by eating ALL. THE. CHOCOLATE, (because I KNOW that if this shit can be truly witnessed + felt, I can alchemise it. I can turn that darkness into fierce light), but jeez, this shit ain’t easy. This shit is initiatory, and while we’re made for it, it’s how we grow + expand into beacons + leaders + fierce mother lovers, it only really works if we’re doing all we can to hold ourselves in the most loving kindness too. This is such a practice for so many of us, especially those of us who were led to believe that tending to ourselves and our own needs is selfish + indulgent, but seriously, more than ever over these next couple of days - a time for powerful witnessing, healing + transformation - please do what you need to do to show yourself the BIGGEST kindness. However that looks for you. Because it’s necessary. SO. FUCKING. NECESSARY. Kindness for me right now is lying in cold baths, allowing myself to ugly cry, sometimes lying in a cold bath WHILE ugly crying, listening to @florence on repeat, showing up for my kundalini practice (even though I don’t want to), walking in Avalon with no purpose except to listen, + today it’s looked like being on FaceTime with one of my favourites - @lealeabest you ARE the best - pulling cards, crying, laughing + writing new narratives together. How do you plan on showing yourself THE BIG LOVE during this interesting celestial dance we’re currently navigating? 📸 the super-talented @ashlukadraws #sheislitss #fullmoon #eclipse #walethewitches #selfcare #bodylove #moon #allthefuckingretrogrades
:: MARY MAGDALENE :: Today is Mary Magdalene's feast day. I’m meditating with robins + making rose petal essences in the garden this morning infused with her, in honour of her. MM has been called many things - whore, promiscuous, prostitute, scarlet woman. To me, as well as being the medicine keeper of the mysteries I share + teach + work to make relevant for now, she is my guide back to all that is Wholy. Whole + holy. She consists of ALL the different parts - light + dark (and the mystery in between) - brought together without order, because there is NO order to being a woman who is 'used' (by life, by the divine, by it all) it's chaotic, it's messy, it's real - + she's totally whole. THAT is wholy. If you're called, light a candle to her today. Be still in the presence of what whole + holy mean to you in respect to you + YOUR holy grail. (Your pelvic bowl and ALL the potent power + magic she holds IS the holy grail. Own your throne, Queen.) Drink red wine + eat dark chocolate. (From the interactions I've had with MM, these are TOTALLY ways to honour her. Be your truest expression - dance, paint, write in devotion to the Magdalene in you. The one who has been misunderstood, maligned + not witnessed, seen or heard as the compassionate + big hearted creatrix + woman of power that you are. 📸of Magdalene: Therese Neilson I’ll be sharing a direct transmission from Mary Magdalene in my SHE mail this evening, so sign up to SHE mail over at to receive MM + I In your inbox later today! #marymagdalene #magdalene #blackmadonna #divinefeminine #shepower #sheislitss #truth
:: SOWING THE SEEDS OF LOVE:: The moon is first quarter waxing, and it’s here that those seeds you planted at the new moon, start to take root + establish themselves. They still need protecting and tending to but they’re gaining strength + learning what is needed in order to stay fortified so they can fully bloom, ripen + become their fullest expression. I’m coming into a much more deeper understanding + relationship with nature and her cycles as the Viking and I grow more of our own food + herbs (the land is so rich + fertile here in Avalon - obvz - and our garden is my most favourite place on earth right now). This eclipse and retrograde season is working me - I sense it’s working you too - so having my hands in the earth + tending to, + nurturing growth is teaching me EVERYTHING about how I need to tend to, and nurture my own growth and expansion. Right now, it’s cutting out all the bloody noise so I can create + write, which means being on here less, being barefoot in nature + getting down in the dirt - physically, emotionally + spiritually. Also super-grateful for Venus, who is standing strong amongst all the retrograde craziness + showing us that through it all, love + beauty are our anchor points so let it in, let in ALLLLL the beauty + joy, don’t let the media or other people’s moods, perspectives or opinions fool you into thinking this world is inherently bad, there’s so much fucking beauty + so many good people, with big hearts + so much medicine held in nature + her elements - plant YOUR seeds of love, + let them grow strong roots by weeding out the blame + shame + issues around self love that have previously grown there + feeding, watering + nurturing them with compassion, heart, light, joy - the gloriously good stuff - let their growth fortify you as finally your truest + fullest expression is realised. BIG LOVE x If you haven’t already, sign up for my SHE mail over at - link in bio @sassylisalister - as tomorrow is Mary Magdalene’s feast day + I’ll be sharing a transmission with you, from her, that I won’t be sharing anywhere else... Have a love + Beauty filled weekend x #wakethewitches #shepower #eclipse
Come to RA MA Festival in Mallorca - August 17-19 (I’ve just booked my flight from the UK - easy jet have some GREAT deals right now!) . RA MA Festival is a new summer social experience where Yoga, Wellness, Deep Healing Therapies, Sound Chamber Sessions, Conscious Food, Soul Nourishing Workshops, Thought provoking Panel Talks and Clubbing Vibes come together in a weekend long Celebration of Aquarian Consciousness . Come join me - I’ll be doing a workshop + speaking on a panel - along with some of my most favourite humans: Shaman Durek[@shamandurek ]— 3rd generation Shamanic Healer Remington Donovan[@themysticalarts ]— Gifted Numerologist, Tarot Card reader and Astrologer Alex Young[ ]— Sound Alchemist . And of course, creatrix + powerhouse Guru Jagat[@gurujagat ] . Go to @ramayogamallorca to book your ticket + use code ‘festivalfriends’ for a cheeky discount😉 . #ramafestival #ramamallorca #aquarianparty #mallorca #yogamallorca #shepower
I KNEW when we entered this eclipse portal + I began to circle with over a hundred women across the globe navigating what it means for us all to be women who show up, that ‘stuff’ would rise to the surface to be alchemised. I KNOW that when I step forward for this work, I get initiated, it’s how it works for this witch, and I’m SLOWLY learning (painfully + the hard way, never been one for the easy option) NOT to resist or try to side step it, but instead to surrender to it. FULLY. Not going to lie, this week has NOT been pretty. A lot of unrecognised grief has shown up, yet more realisation of all the places I’ve stopped letting joy + pleasure enter into this body + overwhelm, ALL THE OVERWHELM. This is not uncommon in an eclipse portal - this began on Friday 13th + we have 2 more to come - we’re getting squeezed and pulled in order to grow, we’re finding new edges as we try REALLY hard to witness and then, without resistance (often times failing) to integrate what’s real + true for us. So today, with the moon in libra, I looked to find some balance in this ever-evolving, life-long relationship with me. I put on @florence + put my hands in the dirt. (I always play Florence when I’m planting new herbs, I like them to grow the very best magical roots) and I opened a parcel from my gorgeous friend/sister/ladylove @clarejasminebeloved - she creates medicine in the form of art and then puts it onto silk and cotton so we can all wear it + feel glorious AF. I was able to remember - and women, this is ALL remembrance, that some days you root in, you plant new seeds while wearing a silk medicine dress, you face the sun + declare that you are High as Hope. How are you, loves? How’s your big juicy heart navigating YOUR current SHE ‘scape?! #eclipse #eclipseseason #moon #moonmagic #sheislitss #goddess #shepower #loveyourladylandscape #libra #wakethewitches
Spirit + Destiny magazine have an eight page spread on the #sassysheoraclecards in their August edition. I’ve shared all new messages from SHE in there too. If you’ve been waiting to place your order, good news, the oracle cards are now back in stock, a big box of magic arrived here in Avalon this morning - hurrah! The workbook/guidebook to journey deeper with these cards + the mythos of woman + power is nearly complete, I’m finishing it in this eclipse/Sirius portal - it’s currently being drip-dried in magic + wonder + possibility + will be with you in September... Link to buy your set of cards + become your own oracle is in the bio: @sassylisalister #sassysheoraclecards #sassysheoracle #shepower #divination #oracle #magic #tarot #oraclecards #tarotreadings #divinefeminine #goddess
:: SHE ‘SCAPE :: It’s a new moon in cancer - expect lots of mama ‘stuff’ to come up, expect to feel a LOT + allow yourself to recognise what REALLLLLLLLY needs to die. (The moon and sun are opposite Pluto, planet of death - let what’s no longer yours die so you can fully shine.) It’s also Venus day + it’s Friday 13th. For so long, women have have been silenced, made to feel guilty and our powers diminished. We've been given labels: virgin, whore, slut, frigid. Told we're not worthy + that our self-worth is dependent on a man's pleasure. We are currently experiencing the final death rattles of patriarchy, it' s getting messy - such is the case in the cycle of Kali - and women are claiming back their power. Because it's time. Because it's necessary. Today is Friday 13th. For years, people have been telling us it's unlucky, but BP (before patriarchy) Friday the 13th was the day of the Goddess. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine - your innate SHE Power -and to honour the cycles of creation and death and rebirth. It was considered a day to manifest, honour creativity and to celebrate beauty, wisdom and nourishment. The number 13 holds an extremely potent feminine energy and is considered to be the number of death and rebirth, creation, fertility and blood. This is because we have 13 moon cycles a year and the average female also experiences 13 periods per year. Women, let's claim it back. ALL OF IT. Starting today. Make today the day you do something that nourishes + honours the feminine in you. Our time of descent is over, we're claiming our SHE Power... now WATCH US RISE. #witches #friday13th #goddess #divinefeminine #shepower #nourishment #moon #mooncycles #menstrualcycle #wakethewitches #risesisterrise #sheislitss #newmoon #newmoonincancer
Shit, I love that woman. This is a quote from a talk that Audre Lorde shared in 1977, yet it feels like a very real response to these current times. These current times where we’re being called, in all the ways, to SHOW UP. For ourselves, for each other, for the world. To be seen, to be heard, to write, to speak, to create, to share our voice + the fullest expression of ourselves in a world where until recently, women have been persecuted, punished, burned, drowned + tortured for doing exactly that. In fact, for so many of us, that witch wound runs so deep that there’s a very real fear that it is STILL unsafe to share. Right now, as we come into this eclipse portal, you may feel like you’re being asked to show up in ways that feel WAAAAAY bigger than you. You may be having to deal with big stuff - trauma, career going REALLY well but no idea what it is you’re actually meant to be doing in the world, you may be having to ask yourself big questions - am I going to ever be a mother? Who am I if I’m not? You may be called to step on a stage and share your voice, or to speak up in a meeting about something you totally disagree... Whether you join me for SHE IS LIT SUMMER SCHOOL or not (if you do want in, registration closes today at 4pm BST - link is in my bio @sassylisalister ) know that WE NEED YOU. We need you in your truth. If that truth is taking part in friday’s women’s march? Cool. If that truth is writing a book? Cool. If that truth is getting out of bed + taking a shower for the first time in a week because shit’s been hard. Cool. We need you, to trust yourself, know your truth and to speak, act + show up from THAT place. Sending you the BIG LOVE. #sheislitss #wakethewitches #showup #truthteller #audrelorde #shepower
:: SHE IS LIT - SUMMER SCHOOL :: I'm not going to lie, I was hoping that the summer months might be a time for me to kick back + continue to cultivate my life-long woman crush on Serena Williams as she takes yet another Wimbledon title, but as we enter the eclipse portal that’s opposing Pluto, on this Friday’s new moon, the day of the goddess - we need to slay all the fears (societal, ancestral, familial) that keep us from speaking our truth, sharing our story + showing up. If, like me, you're hearing the call to show up but it feels hard/unsafe/scary to do so, I invite you to join me on Friday 13th July - online - for 28 days, to find ways to figure it all out, to make it feel safe, to get strong + to be a full + true expression of ourselves...TOGETHER. (What I'm realising, more + more, is that this is NOT a time to try and figure stuff out alone...Some of THE biggest healing I'm currently experiencing + witnessing is happening because women are flicking a middle finger at the old paradigm and coming together to feel what it's like to trust one another again. THIS IS MASSSIVE.) After the success of SHE IS LIT :: DEDICATION + DEVOTION :: earlier in the year, I'm gathering women for a SHE IS LIT SUMMER SCHOOL, this time it's a response to these current times where we’re being called, in all the ways, to SHOW UP. For ourselves, for each other, for the world. To be seen, to be heard, to speak, to create, to share our voice + the fullest expression of ourselves in a world where until recently, women have been persecuted, punished, burned, drowned + tortured for doing exactly that. In fact, for so many of us, that witch wound runs so deep that there’s a very real fear that it is STILL unsafe to share. We close the cart tomorrow at 4pm BST (this isn’t one of those wanky countdown techniques to make you feel panicked into signing up, it’s just that there’s only two of us + we need to do the admin before Friday 13th!) to sign up go to link in my bio @sassylisalister
:: MOONDAY SHE READING :: unedited, no bullshit, insight + wisdom from SHE, through me, for the week ahead. I spoke a ‘lil in my last post about the SHE ‘scape this week, so do all you can to tend to yourself as we enter in. My go-to is ANYTHING made by @root_and_flower - it’s all raw, organic, 100% natural and made with total love by the healing hands (and a powerful nose) of one of my most favourite women in the world - I love you, Jenny. (Not an ad, just BIG SUPPORTIVE LOVE for women who make magic!) Today’s pull from the #sassysheoraclecards is TRUTH so I’m taking props from that + using the R+F throat chakra oil... SHE SAYS: ''Turn inwards towards your own fire + light + ask what's MY truth? There’s a lot of shit going down on the planet right now, and on social media you may be feeling pressure to stand up, have an opinion, use your voice, speak out, be heard...all of which are definitely needed and necessary, BUT only if it feels right for you and on your terms, not anyone else's. There's anger + frustration, there's a lot of 'noise', and in that it can be hard to really tune in + trust your own truth, but YOUR truth - the truth that you'll hear if you come IN to your body - is ALL that's required here. We don't need the same old regurgitated messages/books/courses/art/voices, we need YOUR truth. Yes, there's a chance that YOUR truth will piss people off. Good. Yes, there's a chance that you won't be liked by everyone. Good. Yes, you'll have to trust yourself. Good. Bring your real, sister. Bring how it is for you. You get to choose how you use + share your voice, your art, your fullness, your anger, your quiet, your stillness + your joy. For goddess sake, please don't let anyone tell you HOW to show up. Let your own truth, how it is for YOU, lead your agency, lady.'' How does that feel for you? Is it scary to speak your truth? Do you know what yours is? Do you feel under pressure to do + be in action + react? The SASSY SHE oracle cards each drawn + coloured in with love + magic by me are available to buy AND you can join me to explore your truth + your voice in SHE IS LIT SUMMER SCHOOL - deets are in bio: @sassylisalister
:: Cleanse your SHE 'Scape :: Yes, it’s virtual, but let’s use my homemade incense to smudge the shit out of this coming week. Tomorrow we'll be entering the shadow of the darkness of the moon, drink lots of water (‘tis Cancer season after all) try not to enter into anyone else’s neggo drama (easier said than done, right?) tend to yourself + know that on Friday we'll be moving into a pretty powerful timeline - it’s the 13th, the day of the goddess, the eclipse portal opens, Sirius is sending in some biiiiiiiiiggggggg Isis knowledge for embodiment + expansion and you WILL be invited, whether you choose to sign up for SHE IS LIT SUMMER SCHOOL or not, to show up + to change shit up because to quote The Craft, now is the time, now is the hour, ours is the magic, ours is the power! (If you ARE feeling the feels, DO know that SUMMER SCHOOL - link is in the bio: @sassylisalister - is NOT a pre-prepared programme. I'm creating this immersion in real time, as a response to the SHE ‘scape and what the women who gather bring to the circle to support us through these ‘interesting times.) #sheled #sheislitss #shepower #wakethewitches #sunincancer #shescape
When I’m feeling all the feels, my gypsy roots call me to the land. Whether in a Maltese calcite temple or a Somerset stone circle, I am never more at home than when I’m bare foot, with my hands on stones that are over 6,000 years old. In my tradition (gypsy traveller) we use drums + tambourines to connect with the spirits of the stones and then let them whisper their stories, wisdom + visions to us across timelines. @richlisteruk + I have spent the day in communion with the stones, drumming + allowing this significant Sirius portal to filter through some BIIIIIIIIGG Isis + Magdalene medicine ready for the SHE IS LIT Summer School that starts on Friday 13th - cannot wait to share what’s come through with you... If you get the chance, get barefoot in the sun today, be a channel for the Sirius energy, allow it to enter your light body, to change you up + to receive the wisdom of the trees/stones/the plants in your window box... #stonecircles #wakethewitches #sirius #cosmic #gypsy #drumming #portals #divination #goddess #goddessisis #magdalene #stonemedicinekeepers
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