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SHE ‘Scape: mercury is retro, Neptune is direct, moon is in Cancer, head full of snot + I’m day 4 of menstrual cycle. Basically, I’m a hot, emo mess and my ability to communicate is WHACK. I have no energy, yet rising hormones are tricking me into thinking that I have, I’m crying, laughing + I shouted at the man behind the counter in the pharmacy because he totally patriarch-ed all over me. (Totally TM-ing the phrase ‘he patriarch-ed all over me’ BTW. It should be a tee shouldn’t it? Noticed everyone’s TM-ing everything these days. What’s with that? FYI: TM-ing actually costs a metric shit ton of money and simply putting the letters TM next to something does not in fact TM it. Seriously, who let me on social media when I’m bleeding and all this astro is going on???) How’s YOUR Monday? 📸 @synergysoul_
I’m a Scorpio, the Moon is in Pisces AND it’s day 23 of my menstrual cycle. So...y’know, THIS. What’s the SHE ‘scape like with you? #sharemycycle
Day 22 of my menstrual cycle. THIS.
Sliding into Friday like...Cyd Charisse. (Isn’t she incredible?! Glorious AF.) So after a day of dentistry + pity party throwing yesterday, today is a new day. Hurrah. Thanks for all the love + support + for the shares - see? Dentistry + the witch wound, it’s a ‘thing’. Venus goes direct today (which is why my share of this celluloid moment of perfection) + I’m celebrating all that is beautiful after 40 days in retrograde of getting super clear about my values. Mercury is retrograde (don’t I know it, every session + call has experienced a techno fail this morning - shakes fist at mercury.) Mars has moved into Pisces (compassionate and love filled action with flow - that’s MY kind o’ action) meanwhile, despite being day 21 of my menstrual cycle which is one of those in-between days where I feel void of any bloody course + have far more questions about life, the universe and everything, than I do answers, I refuse to let it turn me into a Debbie Downer + so I’m channeling Cyd + Venus + beauty + love + the Piscean dreamy-ness to dance through the day, how about you? You can get the full low down over at the SHE POWER COLLECTIVE on Patreon. 💋
This is my ‘I’m at the dentist for final root canal’ face. It has always taken an army (+ gin) to get me to the dentist. I have a LOT of past life AND this life trauma with my voice/mouth/teeth/tongue, but I’m breaking ancestral patterns this year + so I decided to claim back another of my parts + do the work to heal my mouth. Until, that is, a few weeks ago, when, the dentist was doing an impression of my mouth which involved pouring a warm wax in my mouth to create a mould. Well, I FREAKED OUT. I cried, I screamed, I shook. THE LOT. I had visions of having scalding hot water poured into my mouth to silence me. His face kept changing and I thought he was saying things that he wasn’t. (Turns out I’m also allergic to the anaesthetic - societal AND dental it seems - which basically feels like I’m on a bad trip crossing multiple timelines + full of fire + rage + anxiety + terror. Nice.) Anyway, I share, because the struggle is real + having shared this with the women + witches in the SHE Power Collective, it seems I’m not alone. Dentistry + witches is a ‘thing’. Anyway, after three hours of kundalini power mantras this morning, I was able to come back - basically a champ if I do say so myself - to get this part of my treatment completed. Power moves to heal the witch wound + break old patterns in action over here, (all while wearing a rather fabulous headscarf, I mean if a woman is going to make power moves she’s gonna rock the accessories while doing it) send me love please!
I CANNOT WAIT! I’m so excited to be a part of the Indie Birth Retreat 2019. The work those women do to support women to take back their power in birth is bloody incredible so I’m super honoured to be holding ceremony + sharing sessions over the retreat and to get to gather in circle with fierce ass women in Minnesota in May next year - wanna come? Head to their insta @indiebirth for all the deets!
LOVE YOUR LADY LANDSCAPE is now available on audible. Yep, it’s me, reading to you. (Personally, while I believe there’s a lot of really rather good stuff in there - I mean, I would, I wrote it, right? - If I were you, I’d fast forward to the bit about how 80s cartoon SHE-Ra basically holds ALL. THE. FREAKIN’. CODES.) Psttt. Yours will sound better than this snippet, I recorded it off the ‘puter. I’m technically challenged so have NO clue how to share a snippet directly.
Hey loves, so it’s Scorpz season. Today is lunar/astrological Samhain - when both the dark/new moon + the sun are aligned in Scorpio AND it’s the official mid-point between equinox + solstice - it’s a time for endings, new beginnings, death + rebirth, a time to check in with yourself + reset, recalibrate, course correct. A time to die to all that’s no longer needed, alchemise the darkness + pain into light + rise like a freakin’ mother-loving Phoenix - you know, it’s the Witch Work. Full share, as always, can be found at the SHE Power Collective on Patreon. Artwork by the incredible talent that is: @raychponygold
All Sunday mornings should start with Frida Kahlo (only time slot available for her V+A exhibition was 7am. On a Sunday morning. I KNOW. So worth it though. Cried my way round the entire thing + bought ALL the overpriced brightly coloured things in the shop. Obvz. ) followed up by all the hugs, laughter, truth + rose lattes (officially new favourite thing) with the incredible @lealeabest - woman, I bloody love you. (Looked over by what felt like our long lost family member.) Planning on extending birthday indefinitely.
Waking up in Paris on your birthday is ALWAYS a good idea. Following Magdalene/Isis infused rose-lines, eating croissants, visiting Venus temples, book shopping in Shakespeare and Company, stationery shopping, champagne sipping + celebrating a fully-lived life with my best friend/lover/hot husband @richlisteruk - très magnifique! Amour et bisous de moi!❤️💋
Blessings from the Viking + I’s ancestral fire here in Avalon. I invite you between now and the ‘official’ lunar Samhain (next week’s new moon), when the veil is thin between times, worlds + realms to be in deep bows + reverence to those that have gone before. I’m bowing to my own ancestors, my gypsy traveler lineage + to the foremothers for doing the good + hard work of carving a path for our own remembrance + reclamation. And so it freakin’ is. #wakethewitches
Today’s pull from the SASSY SHE oracle cards is: SEEK She’s a reminder, that as we move towards Samhain here in the Northern Hemisphere, and the veil becomes thin, that we must NOT take everything at face value. She’s an invitation to dig beneath the surface, ask questions, see past what you’re told is ‘true’ by the media + remember who you are. An oracle. SHE who, with laser-point precision, can cut through bullshit illusions + power plays. You can access the reading in full, along with its medicine + cosmic guidance for navigating the week ahead in these ‘interesting’ times at the ‘SHE Power Collective’ on Patreon. Oh, and for those waiting to order SASSY SHE Oracle Cards, good news, I’ve just received a bumper delivery - they’re available now on the website - hurrah! #shepowercollective #oracle #tarotcards #oraclecards #shepower #samhain #wakethewitches
When, like Venus as the evening star, you’ve dipped below the horizon, like Inanna, you’ve reached the metamorphic underworld stripped bare, surrendering to death, ready to be reborn + birthed a new, I turn to one of my most favourite humans @themysticalarts who is dropping the big Venus wisdom on this super potent day... ・・・ Today is the Venus Cazimi 💫 Venus and the Sun are in each other’s hearts today 💖💕This is a very powerful and wonderful time for huge, loving blessings. Be open to all the love, and love it all. This is a very auspicious energy. ✨#astrology #kundalini #magick #venus #shepowercollective
Day 29 of Menstrual Cycle. I have a Scorpz sun. The Sun is in Scorpz, full moon is in Taurus (ruled by Venus which is currently retrograde in Scorpz) + I’m feeling powerful, intense, in-my-body + ready to unleash my sting on the out of date systems + paradigms that are pissing me off. Patriarchy, I’m talking to you. Yep, basically my current SHE ‘scape has me in my most comfiest place, channeling Bilquis in American Gods. Welcome to Scorpio season! Sharing ritual for tonight’s full moon over at the SHE Power Collective, link is 👆🏽 #scorpio #loveyourladylandscape #wakethewitches #shepower #menstrualcycle #sharemycycle #shareyourcycle #venusretrograde #venusretrogradefeels
“Sophia, Eve, Kore, Morgan Le Fay + all the goddesses + women associated with the apple (of which there are many - can’t think why, can you?!) KNEW that at the core of all that is divine, lies a five pointed star of cosmic truth, a representation of the feminine principle, or as we call it in the traveler tradition, ‘a star of knowledge’... Yep, cut an apple, often referred to as the forbidden fruit, through its equator + you will reveal a five-pointed star, a pentagram, held within the five petals of a wild rose.” This is continued in the SHE Power Collective, where we’re exploring Venus codes, Magdalene Mysteries + ‘core’ truths. Link is in my bio: @sassylisalister #wakethewitches #shepowercollective #venusretrograde #apple #loveyourladylandscape #shepower #goddess #witches
Happy birthday + another trip around the sun to this hot, big hearted Viking that I get to call my husband, best friend, lover, teacher + partner in love, adventure + magic-making! To celebrate him while he eats his b-day cake in bed (the sparkler has set off ALL the alarms) hug a little tighter than you usually do today (if you’ve been hugged by this man you know how good his hugs are) Care a little more about those around you (this one has THE biggest heart) and/or compliment + appreciate as many beards as you can through the course of the day, (because he is currently regrowing his after a ‘situation’ at the barbers.) Also tag him in the comments below + love bomb him. @richlisteruk I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!
Er...Isn’t this is how everyone rolls into their pre-menstrual phase?!!! It’s day 23 of my menstrual cycle + if you had one of those mood rings like I used to have as a kid (do you remember those?) it would have moved through every shade of chakra this morning and it’s not even 9am. Plunging hormones on day 23 mean there’s a BIG chance you’ll experience ALLLLLL the moods. (UNDERSTATEMENT. Am I right?!) Day 22 + 23 have become major hot spots for me. If you feel the same, it’s best to put off any big decision making til at least day 6 of your cycle when rising estrogen + testosterone make you feel more confident. Days 21 to 23 are the crossover period, it’s when we leave the bright sunshine of summer - our ovulation phase - + step into our pre-menstrual phase, a time where we shed, edit + feel the wildness + unpredictability of being a woman. Many Moods Lister - that’s me - will be over here stripping layers Inanna-style with Venus in Scorpz, indulging in the luxe of Libra + doing my very best to channel Elizabeth. (But more realistically feeling + acting more like the monster from the blue lagoon.) If you want to talk cycles - menstrual, mood, moon, nature + cosmos - + explore the terrain of being a woman in these interesting times, join me over at The SHE Power Collective. 📸shared from @pclrk - she KNOWS. #wakethewitches #sharemycycle #menstrualcycle #shepowercollective #cosmos #astrology #shareyourcycle #loveyourladylandscape #coderedthebook #shepower #libra #venusretrograde
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