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I write + create. I make magic, ritual + ceremony. I’m a catalyst for change. I help women to navigate the terrain of their lady landscape. Period.

Happy birthday + another trip around the sun to this hot, big hearted Viking that I get to call my husband, best friend, lover, teacher + partner in love, adventure + magic-making! To celebrate him while he eats his b-day cake in bed (the sparkler has set off ALL the alarms) hug a little tighter than you usually do today (if you’ve been hugged by this man you know how good his hugs are) Care a little more about those around you (this one has THE biggest heart) and/or compliment + appreciate as many beards as you can through the course of the day, (because he is currently regrowing his after a ‘situation’ at the barbers.) Also tag him in the comments below + love bomb him. @richlisteruk I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!
Er...Isn’t this is how everyone rolls into their pre-menstrual phase?!!! It’s day 23 of my menstrual cycle + if you had one of those mood rings like I used to have as a kid (do you remember those?) it would have moved through every shade of chakra this morning and it’s not even 9am. Plunging hormones on day 23 mean there’s a BIG chance you’ll experience ALLLLLL the moods. (UNDERSTATEMENT. Am I right?!) Day 22 + 23 have become major hot spots for me. If you feel the same, it’s best to put off any big decision making til at least day 6 of your cycle when rising estrogen + testosterone make you feel more confident. Days 21 to 23 are the crossover period, it’s when we leave the bright sunshine of summer - our ovulation phase - + step into our pre-menstrual phase, a time where we shed, edit + feel the wildness + unpredictability of being a woman. Many Moods Lister - that’s me - will be over here stripping layers Inanna-style with Venus in Scorpz, indulging in the luxe of Libra + doing my very best to channel Elizabeth. (But more realistically feeling + acting more like the monster from the blue lagoon.) If you want to talk cycles - menstrual, mood, moon, nature + cosmos - + explore the terrain of being a woman in these interesting times, join me over at The SHE Power Collective. 📸shared from @pclrk - she KNOWS. #wakethewitches #sharemycycle #menstrualcycle #shepowercollective #cosmos #astrology #shareyourcycle #loveyourladylandscape #coderedthebook #shepower #libra #venusretrograde
“...She knows that she’s here to experience it ALL. To not be held down by the shackles of fear, expectation and safety, but to dance at her own edges, throw her head back + feel the winds of liberation + freedom blow through her hair as she remembers that as long as she is rooted in her truth, in her body, she can travel anywhere, because she is her own safe space...” Each week in the SHE Power Collective we dive deeper with the medicine and the mythos of the #sassysheoraclecards + support + witness each other as the realisations of what’s coming up for us as a collective are experienced in real-time. I definitely have a lot of ‘stuff’ to be alchemised in the cauldron after today’s reading. Not all entirely comfortable, but definitely all necessary. I’m so grateful for this space as we unravel our mysteries, magic + messiness + support each other in becoming our own safe spaces. If you’re called, please come join us. Link is in the bio: @sassylisalister #shepower #divination #oracle #oraclecards #tarot #wakethewitches #loveyourladylandscape #gypsy #gypsysoul
SHE ‘scape: Day 19 of my cycle, 5th day of the moon, day 9 of Venus retrograde + it’s a Saturday - ruled by the planet Saturn. The bath is, was, + will continue to be, my safe space. Home. I am Priestess of Mer. SHE who is prune-like because she stays in bath for entire hours. (I blame @root_and_flower for making such delicious magic prods that make me feel thoroughly Venusian!) Today the moon’s waxing energy is bringing up lots of creative ideas as it moves from new to waxing, there’s a pull from the planetary energy of the day to get sh*t done (Saturn day is deffo my day of action) yet I am FEEEEEEEELING the Venus descent. This cyclic + rhythmic intelligence is why I was curled up with tea + my own old-ness + future wisdom at 4am. It’s why I’m mid-creation of a new oracle card and it’s why I’m now in the bath shedding thoughts, tears + out-dated belief systems before 8am ready for a day of writing + deep diving as it blows a storm outside. When we work with these cycles within cycles, and not against them, we truly become our own oracle. It turns out we’re not ACTUALLY bat shit crazy (despite having been made to feel it) we’re an ever-unfolding map of cycles decoding our magic and that if we check in with the SHE ‘scape not only will be a whole lot kinder to ourselves, we can also navigate these times from THAT place. Wanna do this in community? I’m sharing how to work WITH our cyclic nature + rhythmic intelligence in real-time over at THE SHE POWER COLLECTIVE on Patreon. (I’m also sharing new oracle cards mid-creation, rituals + insight + would love you to come join me, link is in the bio: @sassylisalister #shepower #wakethewitches #bath #sassysheoraclecards #shecycles #shescape #shepowercollective #venus #venusretrograde
An actual fact reminder from me, Venus + your reflection... 📸@violetclair #worldmentalhealthday2018
Me, prepping for SHE IS LIT :: THE VENUS CODES :: an online, SHE-led, writing experience, starting Tuesday October 9th. Why the Venus Codes? Because it will fall smack dab in a 40 day Venus retrograde. Retrogrades get a bad rap, and if you read conventional astrology, you’ll maybe have been warned off entering a new relationship or purchasing any luxe prods, but Venus retro in Scorpz is WAY more than that. She’s a deep dive, she’s sorcery + She + I have history. She was retro in Scorpz when I came in this lifetime, and as she moves retro into Scorpz again this October 6th, (although I imagine you’ve been feeling her playing out in ALL the ways since back in Sept 3rd) there is no better time, as I enter into a brand new cycle + dance with Venus, to invite you to dive deep into her codes and write from THERE. If you’ve read Witch, the archetypes that I share - Force of Nature, Creatrix, Healer, Oracle, Sorceress - are all Venusian in their qualities, and so much of our work as women this lifetime is to re-vision + re-tell her story through OUR bodies + OUR experiences. Yes, you may know Venus as the goddess of beauty + love in both Greek + Roman mythology, you may know her as a planet in the night sky, you may know her as an ancient statue of feminine form, like the Venus of Willendorf or the Venus of Laussel, but there is SO much more to her than that. SO. MUCH. MORE. During this 28 day moon cycle, (yep, we’ll be cycling within cycles, it’s what the feminine does) not only will we tap into the creative energy of each moon phase, we’ll experience Venus descend as the evening star, into the underworld where she experiences a mini death - the same way, that if you bleed, you experience it at menstruation - before she rises as the morning star, the light bringer. I’ll share mythology, ritual and magic to support your own alchemical change of state during this time, along with super practical insight into creating a SHE-led writing practice of dedication and devotion to the medicine you’re here to make + create with your words. Would love for you to join me. Link is in my bio: @sassylisalister #sheislitdd #venuscodes #venusretrograde #shepower #writing #goddess
It’s no surprise that the most recent card pulls from the SASSY SHE oracle (you can dive in to the readings over at the SHE Power Collective on Patreon) have been SHOW UP + TRUTH. After watching the news coming out of America, I know why. And it’s a LOT. I doubt that there are very few women who haven't been 'triggered' in some way. Her voice is our voice. Yet, HOW we show up is totally up to us. There are some people who have made it clear to me that they're 'disappointed' in me, because they believe, that somehow, as someone who contributes to the work of the feminine here on earth this lifetime, that I have a 'duty', a 'responsibility' to comment + share my thoughts + feelings on this. FYI: I don't. Showing up looks + feels VERY different to each + every one of us. Some of us will be loud + vocal. Others will need to go inwards + tend to themselves. Some will post on social media, others won't. Others will write books or make art or music. Some will need to self-source, some will need to express their thoughts in a years time once they've had time to process. ALL of these are totally valid ways of showing up, BTW, so PLEASE, let NO ONE tell you HOW to show up. As the light is being shone on the dark underbelly of patriarchy, we're also witnessing how, those who benefit from it most, are NOT going to give up it's power + privilege without a fight. Now, more than ever, we need to do what's necessary to feel fortified, nourished, tended to + sovereign + right now, for me, that does NOT look like showing up on social media in a way that suits and please others, it looks like nourishing + navigating myself, being in conversation with trusted loves + creating art. In fact, post equinox for me, has been mostly about bleeding + recalibrating (because what no one tells you on those astro posts is that autumn equinox can be quite uncomfy - understatement - as you're encouraged/forced to realign after all the unfurlings, b*tch slaps and bat-sh*t-craziness that occurred during those eclipses this summer!) So, I’m sending you the big love for the week ahead, @amandapalmer suggests we all make art. I am IN. #sassysheoraclecards #wakethewitches
Now, I hosted the first iteration of SHE IS LIT :: DEDICATION + DEVOTION :: back in April + already FIVE of the participants have completed a love-filled, sh*itty first draft of their book. Not going to lie, I feel like a very proud mama! THIS particular 28 day SHE IS LIT writing immersion, I'm ALL about the Venus Codes. Why? Because it will fall smack dab in a 40 day Venus retrograde. I’ve been having a love affair with Venus from the day I arrived on this planet. She + I have got history. She was retro in Scorpz when I came in this lifetime, and as she moves retro into Scorpz again this October 6th, (although I imagine you’ve been feeling her playing out in ALL the ways since back in Sept 3rd) there feels like no better time as I celebrate my own 40th trip around the sun + enter into a brand new cycle + dance with Venus to dive deep into her codes as we create and weave and write and share together. Now, if you’ve read Witch, the archetypes that I share - Force of Nature, Creatrix, Healer, Oracle, Sorceress - are all Venusian in their qualities, and so much of our work as women this lifetime is to re-vision + re-tell her story through OUR bodies + OUR experiences. Yes, you may know Venus as the goddess of beauty + love in both Greek + Roman mythology, you may know her as a planet in the night sky, you may know her as an ancient statue of feminine form, like the Venus of Willendorf or the Venus of Laussel, but there is SO much more to her than that. SO. MUCH. MORE. You only need to look at the dance that Venus, the earth + the sun participate in to create the sacred geometry of both a five pointed pentagram + wild rose to KNOW that she holds some powerful + potent divine feminine wisdom. Her astro symbol, often called a ‘mirror’, is actually a key to unlocking her whispers + mysteries within you. Some of my most favourite women throughout time from Mary Magdalene to Eleanor of Aquitaine, from Isis to Sophia, from Atlantean Queen, Ash-ta-tara to current Queen, Beyonce - ALL knew/know the power that is held in the Venus Codes. We start in 9 days time, come join me! #venusretrograde #wakethewitches #sheislitdd
It’s day 3 of my menstrual cycle + I’m reposting myself - is that a thing? Don’t care, doing it - because I was feeling antsy + then I re-read this that I posted last year + realised that absolutely nothing has changed. Ha! Me, today, on day 3 of my menstrual cycle. Around day three I start to get impatient. During my bleed days, I get epic up-the-vag-loads from SHE. (We all have much easier access to SHE/spirit/all that is when we're bleeding, it's part of our monthly utility belt of super-powers.) But as it is for so many of us, the pull of the masculine - the need to do, to be in action, to make shit happen - starts to rise along with our hormone levels, and if like me, you receive epic uploads during YOUR menstruation phase, you'll feel like you want to do ALL OF THE THINGS. NOW. Woah there, action-taking Annie. Don't act yet, you're still bleeding. I make eight page entries in my journal, I schedule play dates in my diary to explore ideas for courses/workshops/books/projects, but I don't act on ANY of it when I'm bleeding. My advice, and it's so much easier said than done, is to try to stay slow + intentional during your bleed days, it'll allow your full wisdom, medicine + magic to come through. 📸by the amazing @planetprudence ❤️ #sharemycycle #periods #menstrualcycle #menstrualawareness #loveyourladylandscape #shepower #coderedthebook #wakethewitches
:: LUNA THERAPY :: Firstly, when will someone design a phone with a camera that can take great moon pix? Has it happened? I can guarantee it’s not bloody Apple. It’s day 2 of my menstrual cycle (I started bleeding as the moon became full in Aries - I’m sharing all about what that means for me over at the SHE Power Collective - link in bio: @sassylisalister ) and La Luna + I are having an early morning heart-to-heart. Of course you can do moon magic + spells to manifest + let go when she's in her fullness, (I deffo do) you can put out water and crystals to be charged by her magic (I deffo do) but honestly, all that really needs to happen is when she's big + bright, that you talk to her. And most importantly, you're open to receive her wisdom. Let her know what's on your heart and let her, in all her light reflective glory, be a mirror. Consider it lunar therapy. It's my most favourite kind. Full moon blessings, witches. #wakethewitches #fullmoon #moon #moonmagic #laluna #fullmoonaries #sharemycycle
:: EQUINOX BLESSINGS FROM AVALON :: So, the Viking and I were up for the point of equinox (totes went back to sleep afterwards though, we’re not THAT hardcore) we shared in some BIG love + food + truth with some gorgeous people (on day 29 too, only the ones who know that I will sit with them, eat, but probbo won’t speak, meet me on day 29!) + then we went and got out in this glorious Avalon ‘scape. Im also obsessed/totes emotional with all of you who are sharing your equinox offerings + altars based on/inspired by what you read in WITCH - my nana would be so proud of all the honey cakes + herb pouches that have been created this weekend! Sending you ALL the BIG love from the heart chakra of the planet, my loves - hope you can feel it through the leylines + the ‘gram - + trusting that while finding the balance isn’t always easy, (ain’t that the freakin’ truth?!!) taking time to honour the changing energies will make the transition into the next phase a lil less bat-shitt-y. Honestly, we gotta get the breaks where we can. Fact. #equinox #glastonbury #avalon #sharemycycle #wakethewitches
:: AUTUMN EQUINOX :: What I like to call ‘the witch’s thanksgiving’ - also Morgan la Faye’s feast day - a time to appreciate + give thanks + to share in the joy of all that you have manifested + brought into being. What’s your biggest ‘I’m totally fucking grateful for...?’ Mine is having friends + a hot Viking who get me. Like, REALLY get me. Who know that I rarely say yes to social occasions, who support me and the work that I do, and know that an unresponded-to text or email does not mean I do not love them. I’ve spent today in communion with the SHE Power Collective, creating + sharing ritual + ceremony for both the autumn + spring equinox (depending on which hemisphere you reside in) there’s gypsy magic, herblore, cyclic intel, ritual baths for creating balance + a self-ceremony to call your power into balance for the coming cycles ahead, because the equinox is also a crossover point, a super-potent time-between-times to recalibrate and find your balance before moving fully into the darkness/light of the season to come. (Come join us, link is in the bio: @sassylisalister ) I’m currently day 28 of my menstrual cycle + had allsorts of deliciously grand plans as to how I might spend this equinox/full moon weekend, I mean, I live in Glastonbury, if ever there was a place to celebrate the equinox, it’s here. In fact, for years, I travelled here to celebrate and be in ritual with friends, but now I live here? I’m on my sofa, under a blanket, reading Lily Allen’s bio, eating peanut butter noodles. Ha! To be fair, it’s not officially equinox here til 2.54am UK time tomorrow morning, so the Viking and I plan on rising early to bathe in sound + to make our ‘I’m totally fucking grateful’ lists + to go out in nature + have ourselves a power you’ll excuse me, if I just get back to my noodles + Lily Allen for now, yeah?! Sending you the big love as you seek to find YOUR balance in these ‘interesting’ times. 📸 @shanazappa (Love you, lady!) #shepowercollective #loveyourladylandscape #autumnequinox #springequinox #wakethewitches #sharemycycle #shepower #magic #equinox #mabon
:: SHARE MY CYCLE :: Day 26. The moon is waxing, the outward energetics are rising, this weekend is a big one cosmically with the equinox, full moon in Aries + the sun moving into Libra + my SHE ‘scape seems to currently be stuck at grr. (Or maybe it’s just that the only time I’m called to share on social media is when I’m angry. Or maybe it’s social media that’s making me angry?!! All things I’d maybe consider if I wasn’t so bloody angry.) I'm angry at EVERYTHING + EVERY ONE. (Patriarchy, you still take the number one slot. Indefinitely.) I want to burn ALL the bridges. I want to shout 'fuck you' + 'fuck off' at most people. Yet I want hugs. But don’t you dare try to hug me. I want to dive under the duvet. But... I want to start revolutions. But I want to hide. I want to read a book but have no patience to finish a page. I want to curl up and have my hair stroked, but if any one dared to actually stroke my hair I might reach for the fork. So, for the benefit of everyone, I'm in the bath. With an entire bag of Dead Sea salts. It REALLY is for everyone's safety. #sharemycycle #menstrualcycle #carefordownthere #goddess #loveyourladylandscape #shescape
:: RHYTHM :: This weekend sees the equinox, the sun moving into Libra + the moon becoming full in Aries - it’s no surprise that our pull from the #sassysheoraclecards is RHYTHM. (Things have changed a lil bit round here, I do a Moonday card pull with the SHE Power Collective each Monday, I share correspondences for spells + rituals for the card, a deeper insight into the card story and her SHE archetype as well as guidance for the week ahead. It’s super juicy + you can join us at the SHE Power Collective, link is in the bio: @sassylisalister + I’ll be sharing a sneaky peek like the one below on a Wednesday here on the ‘gram.) When you pull the RHYTHM card, it’s your invitation to call on the presence of SHE and remember when the drummers were women. A time when the frame drum was a ritual instrument, when it was used to celebrate woman as a creatrix, when the beat of the drum represented the rhythmic intelligence held within a woman’s body. (It’s no surprise that women’s drumming was banned as part of spiritual and religious life, is it?!) Consider the pull of this card an opportunity to become the initiator. There are currently entire universes laying un-manifested + dormant in your being, so what’s moving through you that needs to be created, what is begging to be realized? #rhythm #shepower #shepowercollective #loveyourladylandscape #oracle #art #tarot #equinox #fullmooninaries #suninlibra #magic #astrology #wakethewitches
:: SHE POWER COLLECTIVE :: For so long, I've been called a ‘rebel’ + ‘un-coachable’ (both were meant as put downs, but I took them both as a total positive! ha!) + I've said 'no' to business opportunities that others would has TOTALLY said yes to, because I simply wouldn't/couldn't follow a tried + tested 'business' model. For a while I thought I was a bit broken + that I 'just wasn’t made for business' but that wasn't true. It's because the business models that were being offered up were patriarchal, they were all straight-line, five point plans, goal orientated + most importantly, they were not in concordance with how I show up + create. This is why I love the SHE Power Collective space that's unfolding over at Patreon. It's allowing me to lean into a place of trust + self-source-ery. Now, THIS is how I create. It holds me accountable, but not to anyone else's agenda/model, only to my own creativity. I don't have to be 'disciplined' to create a 'thing', I get to choose devotion instead. When I'm devoted to the work that I create + I'm able to share from that place, a place that's not fixed, or linear, a place that's in tune with my cyclic + rhythmic intelligence, well...THAT place is where fierce magic happens. It's fecund. It's juicy. It's lush. It's fertile. I’ll be honest, at the beginning of this year, I thought I'd never write another book again, but this week I've planned + planted seeds in ritual for more than one new book + a few super creative projects. (I’ve had to at least start them + declare them in real-time before lucky, expansive Jupiter leaves my first house in a few weeks!) I've also written words on a page + they're NOT rubbish. I've also blogged + shared in the SHE Power Collective which has been straight from the heart + womb riffs, those that are gathering are AMAZING + are already sharing from their big beat-y hearts. When people ask me what the SHE Power Collective is, my response is: I don’t bloody know. It could be a LOT of things, but right now, all I want is for it to be a space where we ALL get to be in the process. Of being a woman. Becoming whole. If you're called, come + join me link in bio @sassylisalister
Firstly can we take a moment to be in total awe of this glorious image by Harmonia Rosales @honeiee (Thanks @themysticalarts for the introduction to this woman’s AMAZING art. I’m obsessed.) Remington says: “Friday is Venus day. She is the frequency of romance, art, intuition, creativity and all things yummy, delicious + sensual (on all levels.) Deeper lessons of Venus are understanding + recognising what is of true value to your soul.” Over at the SHE Power Collective (come join us, link is in my bio @sassylisalister ) I’m sharing all about my love of Venus, her ‘dance’, cycles, symbology + myths + how she as a planet, siren + goddess is my guiding light/homegirl as I navigate a new body of creative work that’s moving through me. Take a moment today, Friday, day of Venus, to tune into her Venusian teachings - what is of true value to YOUR soul right now? #venus #astrology #planets #goddess #shepower #shepowercollective #loveyourladylandscape #wakethewitches
@fearnecotton - you’re bloody brilliant. This woman and her team have created such a glorious ‘happy place’ here in the big London today. Feel v.happy to be spending the day with my bestie @root_and_flower + @tildagibbons sharing Jen’s incredible sensory magic (+ tried to be cool when meeting the hot man from Bake Off @selasigb . Failed. A lot. ) Feeling very much in my happy place. What’s YOUR happy place? #happyplacelive #mind
MOONDAY SHE READING: unedited insight + wisdom from SHE, through me, for the week ahead. It’s a new moon in Virgo + today's pull from the #sassysheoraclecards is: BARE NOTE: If you love these weekly pulls, I’m going to be taking a deeper dive with the cards, their medicine, mythology + the archetypes they represent, starting next Monday over at the ‘SHE Power Collective’ on Patreon. (Link is in bio @sassylisalister for more details) SHE SAYS: stop hiding behind the mask of who you 'think' you 'should' be. Stop being who you think others want you to be in order to be liked or admired - who are you beneath it all? This week you're being called to strip down + get Bare. Physically, emotionally + spiritually. Get to know ALL your parts. The dark and the light. Where you feel fear, and more importantly, why. Are you willing to meet the enemies of your soul? Stand naked in front of a mirror and really look at yourself. Can you do that? Can you do it without judgement? Can you look past your body + 'see' what's there? Hear what comes up, words + labels - fat, pretty, kind, selfish - ask what's yours + then begin to recognise which of these words and labels were given to you by other people. This isn't just a one-time exercise. You're going to need to do it a few times. (Social + familial conditioning runs DEEP.) You don't have to try and 'fix' any of it, but getting to know yourself in this way, stripping back the layers 'til you're bone deep, (this WILL feel raw, but stay with it, there’s gold in the discoveries you will make.) knowing what's yours to work with and what's been 'given' to you by society + cultural + familial conditioning, means that you build foundations FROM that place, you can’t be side-swiped because no one can ever 'have' anything on you or over you, because you're no longer hiding from yourself. Nothing comes as a surprise - you know ALL your parts + you own them all. This creates wholeness. And a woman who is whole? She's a fucking force. Woman, be a fucking force. Come join me over at patreon for in-depth readings + explorations. Cards are also available to buy. Link in bio @sassylisalister
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