Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia ... A nation of hope, driven by our dreams and inspired by our history. #SaudiArabia

Owner of Color Theory (@colortheoryksa ), Ahmed Al Sunaidi was not always involved in art, but when he found that artists have a need for instruments in #Saudi , he started his business to help give #SaudiArabia more color. #SaudiPeople #GameChangers
Worn over the thobes for gatherings or celebrations in #SaudiArabia , Daglahs come in many different colors and designs, and are used to look even better on special occassions!
An interior designer, furniture designer, and artist, Nawaf Al Nassar's 3nJeddah (@3nJeddah ) brand works through its simplicity and minimalism. He is also a lecturer on architecture around the country. #SaudiPeople #SaudiArabia
Taking advantage of this beautiful summer weather, #Saudis in the coastal cities take fishing trips as a bonding and communal experience! Plus, it doesn't hurt that #SaudiArabia boasts some of the most delicious fish recipes for after the trip! #SaudiArabia
After a long journey of understanding happiness, Manal Alsadhan (@manalalsadhan ) found her inner peace after visiting Uganda and India. Since then, her work has been dedicated to finding true happiness beyond physical and material means! #KSA #SaudiArabia #Saudi #GameChangers
A luxury clothing store with popularity growing by the day, Turki Alharbi's (@teesaudiswag ) Saudi Swag (@s3odiswag ) has made an effort to give #Saudis a cool look that they can flaunt anywhere! #SaudiArabia #SaudiPeople
With much of the surrounding bodies of water untouched, the coral reef in the #Saudi seas is some of the most unique and beautiful in the world! #SaudiArabia
Yazeed Alharthi's (@yazcomics ) first cartoon was published in 2000, his cartoons have since been featured in publications across the Arab world. His work has also been exhibited in galleries, both around the Middle East and in Europe! #SaudiArabia #GameChangers
Dedicating her life to helping others, Hanan Faiz's (@Arab_Hawaiian_Hippie ) journey initially began as an ER nurse. Years later, after spending time in Nepal, her focus shifted to helping people in an entirely different way as she became #SaudiArabia 's premier yoga instructor! #SaudiPeople
Founder of Coexist Records, musician and DJ Omar Basaad's (@OmarBasaad ) nearly decade long professional career has led him to top the iTunes charts in #SaudiArabia thanks to his unique perspective on music! #SaudiArabia #SaudiPeople
With literacy at a year by year rise, #SaudiArabia is proud to say that it has some of the highest literacy rates in the world by @UNESCO ! #Saudi
With a beautiful greenery and an awe inspiring view, the Green Valley Lake near Jeddah is a wonderful place to explore and discover thanks to it remaining relatively untouched by humans! #SaudiArabia
One of the biggest rising stars in Saudi Arabia’s art scene, Tagreed Baghshi's (@tagreedbagshi ) most popular painting is “A Burning Cigarette’s Mind”. Her work focuses on breaking stereotypes and the empowerment of women. Her main inspiration for her artwork is nature, and she believes the future of art in Saudi will be great! #SaudiArabia #SaudiPeople #GameChangers
Highlighting the history, cultures, and traditions of #SaudiArabia , the National Museum in #Riyadh is a tribute to Arabian history and archeology! #DiscoverSaudi
Encouraging women to take part in deep sea diving through Pink Bubbles Divers (@pinkbubblesdivers ), Nouf Alosaimi (@redseacitizen ) has become the female face of diving in #SaudiArabia thanks to her love of adventure and fearless attitude! #SaudiPeople
Musicians Jamal Bishri and Salah Alazhar co-founded Maqam (@maqam_music ), a one-stop platform for everything related to music, from learning to playing. #SaudiArabia #SaudiPeople #GameChangers
Marasee' and Masabeeb are some of the most popular pastries in the central region of #SaudiArabia . Often served with honey, chocolate, or syrup if made sweet, cheese if savory, or even plain if you just want a nice snack! #SaudiArabia
Producer of the Azzbda podcast, Khayra Bundakji (@KhayraB ), has utilized her skills behind a microphone to adress issues that she feels are seldom discussed in society like mental health, the empowerment of both genders, and authenticity! #SaudiPeople #SaudiArabia
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