Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia ... A nation of hope, driven by our dreams and inspired by our history. #SaudiArabia

Horses and #SaudiArabia have become synonymous! Our love of horses goes back thousands of years and have become a key part of #Saudi and Arabian imagery since the dawn of the nation. There's a deep connection we have with horses, as they are more than just animals to us! #KSA
A star of the #Saudi arts scene, Khalid Zahid's (@kz_art ) thought provoking work has led his star to grow brighter by the day. Since starting his first exhibition in 2013, he has always focused on discussing societal issues in his pieces! #KSA #SaudiArabia #GameChangers
A 6,000 years-old sculpture from Saudi Arabia known as “The Suffering Man” has been touring the world as one of #SaudiArabia 's oldest and precious archeological findings. Discovered in Ha'il, the artifact has quickly helped tell the story of the region during that time! #KSA #Saudi
A key part of many #Saudi dishes, especially as the weather gets colder during the winter, sweet potatoes are popular in many regions of #SaudiArabia , offering a sweet taste with a great texture! #KSA
A makeup artist who completely transforms her models' looks, Haneen Khoj's skill with makeup is absolutely astounding thanks to her amazing designs and artistic perspectives! #KSA #SaudiArabia #Saudi
Journalist and TV presenter Weam Al-Dakheel, made history by being featured on #Saudi TV's Channel 1 as the first woman to act as an anchor for the main evening news broadcast! #KSA #SaudiArabia
With his goal being to light the spark of conversation through his art, Gharem Studio (@Gharemstudio ) by Abdulnasser Gharem (@abdulnassergharem ) has helped launch the career of so many young artists in #SaudiArabia thanks to his dedication to developing contemporary art in the country! #KSA #Saudi
The weather is getting colder in #SaudiArabia , so it's the perfect opportunity for #Saudis to have some perfectly roasted chestnuts. A local favorite in many #Saudi areas, chestnuts are a perfect cold weather snack! #KSA
Growing into the face of graffiti stores, Dhad Graffiti (@DhadStore ) offers products for graffiti of all kinds. Their focus on maintaining their heritage in their store led them to naming it Dhad, which is a letter only found in the Arabic language! #KSA #SaudiArabia #Saudi #GameChangers
Co-founded by Fahad bin Naif Alsaud (@fahad_n_alsaud ), Jowaher bint Abdulaziz Alsaud and Noura bint Abdulaziz Alsaud, Minhaj ( ) is an art and design educational platform that develops collaberative efforts and moderates workshops in the arts! #KSA #Saudi #SaudiArabia
Located north of Riyadh and famous for its greenery, numerous vallies, and astonishing beauty, Al-Majmaah was historically a tribal meeting point and has become a must see for people visiting central #SaudiArabia ! #KSA #Saudi
Quite possibly the face of high end thobes in #SaudiArabia , Yahya Albishri's (@yahya1albishri ) take on #Saudi thobes has been exhibited in Victoria and Albert in London through his line Yahya Couture (@yahya_couture )! #KSA
A perfect destination for people in the southern region of #SaudiArabia , Fayfa Mountains is absolutely beautiful to look at, and is home for thousands of coffee trees. This makes it one of the main sources of #Saudi coffee! #KSA
Founder of Squad Partners, Dr. Mohammed Alrokayan developed Rizq Program, which helps young entrepreneurs through the journey of starting their businesses the right way, teaching them how to turn their passion to a business! #KSA #Saudi #SaudiArabia #GameChangers
A historic port that is centuries old, Uqiar Port in Al-Ahsa is the first ever port in the Arabian Gulf and has become one of the prime historical sites in the Eastern region of #SaudiArabia !
A Riyadh based clothing brand established by Abdallah Bagalb, Ahmad AlWohaibi and Maan AlQurashi, Too Dark to See Tomorrow (@2D2C2M ) is a clothing brand that focuses on self-expression and reflecting one's self through clothing in a brilliant, artistic fashion. #KSA #SaudiArabia #GameChangers
With a similar texture to bubble tea, Sogdana is a drink made with the starch from the Sago plant. Popular around the Western region of #SaudiArabia , it has become a staple of many #Saudi households this time of the year! #SaudiArabia
Shifa'a Dardas is the co-founder of Our Family Non-profit Group. A company that envisions a poverty-free community. Their work includes: volunteering, mentorship, employment programs, andsustainable change for underprivledged people. #SaudiArabia
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