Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia ... A nation of hope, driven by our dreams and inspired by our history. #SaudiArabia

The first #Saudi to win the Rally Kazakhstan in the World Rally Champion, Yazeed Alrajhi has made his country proud by winning the title! #SaudiArabia
Artist, actress, and Harvard alumni Fatima Albanawi has made a career in the sophisticated arts. Starring in the acclaimed #Saudi film Barakah Meets Barakah, Fatimah has developed a unique voice in #SaudiArabia
The philosophic and poetic themes of Mariam Bukhamsin's (@mariambu50 ) art yearns for discussion! Her abstract art is inspired by the contradictory nature of the colors found in space: both dull and mute while vivid and grand #SaudiArabia
One of the most cavernous caves in #SaudiArabia , Abu Al Hol, which translates to the father of fear due to its darkness and many unreached parts, it has tunnels that are undiscovered due to them being too small for people to pass through!
Focusing on modernized traditional handcrafted materials, Sleysla (@sleysla ) is part of a women's welfare society in #SaudiArabia , and has helped orphan girls become self-sufficient and independent in the future through their beautiful work
An electrical engineer and an award-winning director for his movies Tongue (2017) and Amongst (2015). Mohamad Al Salman (@AlsalmanGraphy ) is interested in pre-modern magic, Tongue is a mysterious film that reflects contradictory aspects of culture. #SaudiArabia
Konnichiwa! Fatema Amr (@tofyamr ) is a photographer based in Tokyo. Her work explores Japan through a #Saudi lens, capturing the serenity and privacy that we share. Her work has fueled the growth of #SaudiArabia fans of Japanese culture, paving the way for events like ComicCon!
What an incredible World Cup! #SaudiArabia would like to congratulate #France for winning their second #WorldCup trophy! This is why football is called the Beautiful Game!
Feeding on nearby plants due to its lack of clorophyl, the Desert Hyacinth, also known as Cistanche tubulosa, can be found in the #Saudi deserts. Known for its bright yellow and orange colors, the parasitic plant is absolutely beautiful! #SaudiArabia
Winning multiple medals on numerous international competitions, #Saudi rower Sultan Al Shali has taken his career in rowing to incredible heights. With dreams of representing #SaudiArabia in the Olympics, the future is looking bright for Sultan!
An author with over 17 childrens books under her name, Arwa Khomayyis has made a career out of focusing on young reader across #SaudiArabia ! #SaudiPeople
A shoe designer, trader and partner in the global sneaker brand Concepts (@cncptsdxb ), Faisal bin Turki Alfaisal (@faisaltaf ) blended his love of sneakers and comics to make his brand wholly unique! #SaudiArabia #SaudiPeople
In an act of tragic heroism and sacrifice, cousins Theeb and Jaser Al Yami sadly passed away in their efforts to rescue a drowning Massachusetts child when they were swept away by the tide. #SaudiArabia offers their families the greatest sympathies
A triathlon athlete and marathoner with half and full marathons under her belt, Arwa Alamoudi (@arwa9alamoudi ) has made a career out of her athletics, proving that women are limitless in #SaudiArabia !
There are fast food brands—and then there is Al Baik (@albaik ): by far the most popular restaurant chain in the country. Travelers can often be seen carrying bags of their delicious fried chicken and garlic sauce with them back home. #SaudiFood #SaudiArabia
Al Ula, an ancient settlement dating as far back as 500 BC, is home to 2000-year-old archeological remnants. Historically located on the incense trade route, this city has peaked the interest of researchers for the past century. You can still visit the old town! #ExploreSaudi #SaudiArabia
Focusing on artwork from #SaudiArabia and internationally, the Hafez Gallery (@hafezgallery ) become one of the most popular artistic hotspots in Saudi Arabia, hosting shows that put #SaudiArt on the map
Promoting street art from artists #Saudi wide, #Khobar 's Dawi Gallery launched a first of its kind project, Eastern Art. It works to blend high art and street art to renovate old neighborhoods and drive tourism toward them. #SaudiArabia
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