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Save the Elephants works to secure a future for elephants in a rapidly changing world. Based in #Samburu #Kenya

After being shot five times and losing two daughters during the poaching crisis of 2009 - 2013, Monsoon, the matriarch of the Storms 2 herd, has amazed researchers by giving birth again for the first time in nine years. This short clip taken by STE's Scientific Board Chair, George Wittemyer yesterday shows Monsoon with her newborn son, who was born mid September. Monsoon (estimated to be in her mid 50s) is one of the oldest elephants in Samburu National Reserve. Not only is she a fighter, but she’s also infamous for proving scientists wrong when she led her Storms family up Koitogor, one of the biggest hills in Samburu National Reserve. Monsoon has one surviving daughter, Hurricane, who was born in 2004, and a son - born in 2009. This latest birth is another sign of recovery and resilience.  #elephants #Monsoon #StormsFamily #SamburuNationalReserve #babies
We are deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic news that Paul Allen has died. Paul had a heartfelt passion for elephants. To him they symbolised Nature, and he had dedicated a significant part of his enormous intellectual and financial power to aid the beings that he knew to be wide-ranging, sentient and vulnerable. Over our long relationship with Paul and Vulcan we had the excitement of developing new ideas with the ability to implement them in the field, often with hugely improved techniques. He was always seeking ways to alter the fortunes of elephants, by pouring resources and expertise into collecting vitally needed data on the status of elephant populations, through anti-trafficking projects and by producing moving films on the wild world. Thanks to his interest and energy our home-grown elephant tracking system grew into the Domain Awareness System that now helps defend protected areas across Africa. Paul was always deeply generous to his friends, no matter their species. He will be sorely missed. #paulallen #vulcan #elephants
Sobering words from our Founder, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, who is with a team from Save The Elephants and the @elephantcrisisfund at the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) conference in London this week. Illegal wildlife trade is a form of serious organised crime and protecting wildlife requires a global coalition of support. Read our statement on the illegal wildlife trade by clicking on the link in the bio #IWT #illegalwildlifetrade #savetheelephants #elephant #elephantconservation #elephants
Save The Elephants and The Elephant Crisis Fund are at the IWT (Illegal Wildlife Trade) conference in London this week where we hope governments will be inspired to recognise the significance of illegal wildlife trade, strengthen laws around wildlife trafficking and establish task forces that have the mandate and capacity to tackle high level traffickers. IWT is a form of serious organised crime, intimately linked with other crimes such as corruption, drug trafficking and terrorism, causing significant damage to fragile economies. Protecting wildlife requires a global coalition of support and we hope governments will redouble efforts against poaching, trafficking and illegal ivory sales. Read our statement by clicking the link in the bio. #IWT #illegalwildlifetrade #london #savetheelephants #elephantcrisisfund #IWT18 #endwildlifecrime . Photo: Frank af Petersens
Congratulations and well done ! #elephants #Tim #Kenya #Pachyderm #Repost (@get_repost ) ・・・ Delighted and proud to see my first paper on the movement ecology of crop raiding elephants in Amboseli (co-authored with Iain Douglas-Hamilton) published in the latest edition of Pachyderm. So grateful for the support of @savetheelephants @biglifeafrica and @amboseli_trust and, of course, a dedication to Tim, whose crop-raiding exploits provided the inspiration for this research paper. Check out the full published article by following the link below: #elephant #conservation #research #Tim #tusker #humanelephantconflict #gentlegiant #notsogentlegiant #wildplanet #capturethewild #wildlifeaddicts #nature #wildlife #wildlifephotography #SaveTheElephants #AmboseliTrust #BigLife #DSWT #Pachyderm #Kenya #Africa
With only one week to go, you can still grab your tickets to this years #WCNExpo in San Francisco where STE’s CEO Frank Pope and Head of Field Operations David Daballen will be speaking. Get immersed into the world of elephants, learn more about the challenges they face and what you can do to help. Tickets available on @wildnetorg 's website. See you then! Photo:  #WCNExpo #elephants #SaveTheElephants .
We are honoured to have been chosen to receive the 2018 Chico Mendes Award in Denver, Colorado. The award, run by the Sierra Club Awards Committee recognizes individuals or non-governmental organizations outside the United States who have exhibited extraordinary courage and leadership at the grassroots level in the universal struggle to protect the environment. The award, presented last weekend, was very special as it was given in honor of the late Esmond Bradley Martin - one of the world’s leading ivory trade experts and a long-term ally of Save The Elephants. Just two days ago, we launched Esmond’s last report, with co-author Lucy Vigne, into the illegal ivory trade in Myanmar. Esmond’s wife, Chrysee Martin pictured with Sierra Club President Loren Blackford and Ramon Cruz, a member of the club's Board of Directors, kindly accepted the Chico Mendes award in Denver on ours and Esmond's behalf. #SierraClub #ChicoMendesAward #SavetheElephants #EsmondBradleyMartin . Photo: Courtesy of Sierra Club Awards Committee
Conservationist, @sabadouglashamilton  - daughter of STE’s founder, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, was on Fox News’ Good Day Chicago this morning in the US talking about the importance of saving elephants. Saba is guest of honour at an inaugural benefit which has been organised by one of STE’s incredible supporters, @lorisouder.   Good luck Lori and thank you! #chicago #benefit #foxnews #gooddaychicago #elephants #elephant #elephantconservation
Great attendance at a press conference for the launch of a new STE report in into the illegal ivory trade in Myanmar.  The report, funded by the @elephantcrisisfund and published by Save The Elephants, shows that one Myanmar town in particular, Mong La, on the border of China, has experienced a ‘prolific growth’ in ivory trading. At the conference in Nairobi this morning, STE founder Iain Douglas-Hamilton, said “The new study into Myanmar’s illegal ivory trade shows the scale of the challenge that remains for elephants in the face of the ivory trade.” The report was dedicated to ivory trade specialist, Esmond Bradley Martin, who was tragically killed in Nairobi in February 2018. Full report on our website. #illegalivorytrade #myanmarreport #savetheelephants
Last week, we asked you to help @krishartas name the elephant in his sketch and we received lots of great suggestions from you. Today, we are excited to let you know that the winning name is - 'Gajaraj' - which means king of elephants in Hindu. Thanks Kapil Saini and everyone for your creative ideas! #FanFriday #elephants #talent #Art
On October 13th, leading conservationists including Save The Elephants, will come together from across the globe at the Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco to share stories about protecting some of the world’s most endangered species. Join STE’s CEO Frank Pope and Head of Field Operations David Daballen as they introduce you to the incredible and dynamic world of elephants and learn how YOU can make a difference to the lives of these iconic creatures. Get your tickets on the @wildnetorg website. #WCNExpo  #elephants  #SaveTheElephants . Photo: @janewynyard
Congratulations to one of STE’s senior researchers Festus Wanderi Ihwagi - who was awarded his degree of doctor by the @utwente in Netherlands. Dr Ihwagi was awarded the degree after successfully defending his dissertation titled ‘Living in a Risky Landscape: Elephant Movement in Response to Poaching’. Kenyan-born Dr Ihwagi, who spent 4 and a half years studying at the University of Twente, is renowned for his work and most recently co-authored a Night vs Day Ratio study which gained worldwide publicity after it revealed that elephants move more at night and hide during the day in areas of high level poaching. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd Festus! #elephants #thesis #PHD #research #savetheelephants . Photos: Van Slooten Rodger
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