The Restaurant of New Russian Cuisine in the Heart of Moscow, Metropol Hotel. The Brand-Chef - Andrei Shmakov. ⚫️+7 499 270-10-62

Recently @gqrussia published their rating of the 25 best Russian restaurants in 2018. SAVVA proudly holds the 11th place, the very center of the list. It's also pleasing for us to know that GQ singled out our restaurant in the rather complicated Hotel Restaurants category. GQ's experts seemed to be charmed by the smile of our brand-chef Andrei Shmakov, as well as by his mastery. His smile is perfect – just like his cuisine. And it's not only all about the charm: our team is incredibly dedicated to perfecting their art, spend hours upon hours fighting for the best quality of their work and searching for new inspiration in the hallowed traditions of Russian cuisine.
Our restaurant proudly bears the name of the legendary innovator and businessman Savva Mamontov. Аnd for good reason. Starting July 23 SAVVA will close for renovation. We're filled with new, global plans, grandiose hopes for the future, a tonn of ideas. We are not saying farewell... merely waiting for our reunion with all of you in October! We’ll have a brand new Fall Menu waiting. Stay tuned and be the first to see the renewed SAVVA. Yours, Andrei Shmakov.
The main vegetarian dish on our summer menu is egglpant & goat cheese. It's served with cedar nuts, sundried and fresh tomatoes, olives, basil and parmesan cheese sauce. #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #food #vegetarian
The restaurant SAVVA is located in the heart of Moscow’s Metropol Hotel, right within the historic hall with marble columns and early 20th century ceiling murals. Here the extravagant architecture meets a fresh and innovative approach to gastronomic traditions. #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #food
Salmon & Pike Caviar on a buckwheat pancake with sour cream, onion and quail egg. This appetizer is part of the Russian Set, crafted especially for a new and intimate introduction to Russian cuisine. 📸 @vincent_han_chao 🙏🏻 #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #food
Summer desserts are coming... with a whole new array of ice-cream, sorbet, fruits and berries. Beautiful new variations of hit treats. * White chocolate and semolina mousse – chamomile ice cream with fresh berries * "Lemonova" – lemon custard, pomelo, sour cream sorbet. * "Pear & Honey" – brioche, honey ice-cream, pickled pear, celery chutney, blue cheese cream * "No Name Dessert" – almond ice-cream, apricot, salted caramel mousse #moscow #sweets #dessert #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #food
Beetroot & goat cheese is a classic combination, which we now present in a delicate, new summer rendering. Beets are sliced into the thinnest ribbons, covered in honey, wrapped in medallions... while the goat cheese is whipped with cream. Served with strawberries, balsamico sauce and dill oil. #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #food
3 types of ceviche in our summer menu: • tuna with cherry tomatoes, sweet onions, curry, orange dressing • scallops with sesame oil, kiwi, cucumber, spinach, seaweed • salmon with coconut milk, lime, fennel, tarragon, sweet corn #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #food
The rain has finally left Moscow, and the sun is back. So reserve a table at our summer terrace by calling the profile number. 👆🏼 #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #foody
Oysters! 📸 @noonewilleverunderstand 🙏🏻
We’re always happy to see your photos and reviews, dedicated to SAVVA. We follow them closely, and not only follow, but also admire 😍 and repost them in our profile. #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #foody
Girolle Cappuccino. Whip the girolles into a gentle foam, with white wine, milk and cream. And serve with three profitroles. Their cream filling is also made of girolles, with the pleasant addition of mustard, horseradish and Gribiche sauce (egg yolks with homemade mayonnaise). #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #food #cappuccino
😋 the delicious shot 🙏🏻 @khun_bank Salmon & Pike Caviar
Salad with Duck Confit – is our rendition of the reknowned farmer duck Waldorf Salad, a favorite of world cuisine. Our chefs begin to prepare long before it lands on your plate. The duck is braised for 12 hours, then mixed with creme fresh, mustard, green apples, celery and nuts. It is an exceptionally nourishing and fresh dish. • #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #food
Okroshka is a traditional Russian dish, a cold summer soup with kvas or buttermilk. At SAVVA we cook okroshka with beef tongue. Our brand-chef Andrei Shmakov shares his recipe at @afishadaily For those that don’t read Russian, we’ve made a translation. Try to cook it yourself or order a ready, perfect version from SAVVA! ⠀ ⠀ Ingredients for 1 portion: ⠀ • Potatoes – 20 gr. ⠀ • Radish – 20 gr. ⠀ • Cucumber – 20 gr. ⠀ • Egg whites – 25 gr. ⠀ • Egg yolk – 10 gr. ⠀ • Beef tongue – 30 gr. ⠀ • Green onions – 4 gr. ⠀ • Sour cream – 30 gr. ⠀ • For the dressing use kvas or buttermilk – 150 ml. ⠀ ⠀ Andrei Shmakov: For our version of the okroshka summer soup, you’ll need to boil potatoes, peal the radish and cucumber. Grate all of the vegetables along with the egg. Cut the beef tongue into strips. You can serve the soup with either kvas or buttermilk. For the kvas dressing, mix kvas with mustard, horseradish and egg yolk, at give it time to blend. For the kefir dressing mix 2,5% kefir with garlic and freshly cut greens. Place all of the ingredients in the plate. Add the dressing right before serving. Serve with sour cream. ⠀ #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #gastronomy #foody #recipe
Stuffed tomato is among the most tender and beautiful meals on the summer menu. Tomato is blanched, filled with stracciatella cheese, and placed on a bed of fresh spinach and spiced green salsa. • #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #chefslife #delicious #food #comida #tomato
SAVVA is located in the Metropol Hotel, one of the finest monuments of the Art Nouveau movement. It is undoubtebly one of Moscow's most beautiful landmarks. Its construction began in 1899 at the initiative of the legendary businessman and art patron Savva Mamontov. It was Mamontov's dream for this hotel to become an exhibition space and a pathway to immortality for the new generation of Russian artists. The facades are decorated with innumerable scultural frisos and panels, the most famous being the panel 'La Princesse Lointaine' by Mikhail Vrubel. A poetic depiction of the Crusading poet Geoffrey Rudel and the love of his life - Melisende of Tripoli, it occupies the Hotel's central facade. If your planning on taking pictures, the best place for that is on the corner of Moscow Theatre Square. #moscow #russianfood #russianrestaurant #moscowrestaurant #tripadvisor #worldcup #metropolhotel
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