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Blac Chyna is catching heat for promoting and selling the "skin bleaching" cream @whitenicious in Nigeria. 🤨
The whole family would be in sweats and neon tops. 😂😂😂
New Episode: 🚨"The True, The Whole True, and Nothing But The True!"🚨 Rob says he can't afford to pay Blac Chyna $20K a month in child support anymore💰💰. On KUWTK it was all about baby True 👶🏽and we got to go inside the tense delivery room with Tristan🚫🚫 and the Kardashians! We read your Tyra Mail 📬📬📬 and got ready for Thanksgiving!!! 🦃🦃🦃 Listen on Spotify, SoundCloud, or iTunes... link in the bio!!!
Yo she's really a a mom!
Already married or nah??? 💍💍💍 (via @dashkids )
Okuuurrr Malika!
Kanye West was deeply moved by the story of a Chicago security guard who was murdered by the cops after he subdued a gunman. He donated $150,000 to Roberson's family Friday, more than doubling the goal originally placed on a GoFundMe account for Roberson's family. (via @tmz_tv )
Tomorrow in @ulta....
Blac Chyna's mom is team Kardashian??? 👀 (via @roastvachyna )
Wendy chimes in on the Rob & Blac Chyna drama... (via @wendyshow )
Another one... @kkwbeauty x @kyliecosmetics collab coming on Black Friday!
Kimberly speaks for us 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (via @enews )
A clique. (via @commentsbycelebs )
Rob says he can no longer afford to pay Blac Chyna $20K a month in child support. In 2017 Rob agreed to pay $20k a month, if Chyna dropped her domestic violence restraining order and agreed to give him 50/50 joint custody. . . . Chyna's lawyer says Chyna never wanted to fight over custody and wanted Rob to be involved in Dream's life. She also claims Rob is pretending to be poor when he leads a lavish lifestyle. She says, "Rob has deliberately retreated from social media to suppress his income in order to reduce support. What kind of father plays games with supporting his own baby?" . . . Sources connected to the litigation tell TMZ months ago a judge suspended Rob's entire obligation to pay any child support until he could evaluate Chyna's resources as well as Rob's, so for now, Chyna's getting $0 in child support. (via @tmz_tv )
Kendall for @chaossixtynine
Kylie for @superellechina
Bitch, let's talk about a Holiday collection! (This was a huge topic on this week's episode). @kyliecosmetics Holiday collection will drop on 11/19.
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