Doing something @manecoffee Water Sommelier. 7th largest collection of russian nesting dolls. Only eats seeded grapes.

Go through the link in the bio and vote for us @manecoffee for best new Cafe! . All votes are appreciated!
WOWZERS SHE IS CUTE. . Happy Birthday Hannah! You are such an amazing, loving, kind, understanding, creative, funny (like really funny), beautiful girlfriend. I am beyond blessed to know you and so thankful to have you in my life. ❤️❤️❤️
What’s up insta. I’m alive. I have consumed more toast and coffee than any human should ever consume. . I am always here @manecoffee so come hang out and say hi!
Happy Fall
Same tho.
Catch me slaying bread @manecoffee 12-3 tomorrow.
It has been an amazing 6 months with you. . Beyond fantastic girlfriend, personal Uber driver. And really funny. Like really really funny. I laugh a lot. Great jokes. . Thank you for always being there to listen to me complain about my problems at the end of the day, and reminding me that nothing is a big deal and I can work through anything. . I miss you and I am so excited to see you in 11 days. 💕💕
Step by step. @manecoffee
She got curves for days.
Climb on up.
She stole my 👟 and my 🖤. Rude. Have an amazing time back at school. #hypebae
Golden hour snack break. Now back 2 work.
Dave x Dave
Everyone at @jacqandjack is amazing but special shout out to @marcos.j.lopez for slaying the espresso game and good conversation. If you are in the are, check them out!
Grab a seat.
Demo continues. I actually only picked this space because golden hour is 👌 in here.
Happy birthday my dude. Miss you. Hope you had a killer bday!
Beach Day With Mr Steal Yo Girl
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