Scott Goldstein

Nothing like a few days at the beach to relieve me of a little creative constipation 💩
Castle Hill Light in Newport, R.I.
Under the bridge downtown, east coast edition.
Some wildflower action from up north the other week. Luckily for us, more color is coming. And I'm stoked 😬
Dreamy meadows in Flag 🌻
Full moonrise over the Manhattan Bridge. I could've happily hung out on this little stretch of beach all night, but pizza was calling.
Goat Island 🐐
Day to night, as seen from South Mountain. Anybody been up here recently and seen all the millipedes? They're massive and they've taken over the mountain. Check it out if you're into that kind of thing.
I can't for the life of me seem to edit any of my other Colorado snaps to my liking, so here's the last one I got from 🐴👞
Bear Creek in Telluride, provider of some real nice wilderness tunes.
I was really hoping to stumble upon a secret comp of the bend that I had never seen photos of before. That didn't happen though. With it being so crowded up here, on a weekend at sunset, you kind of just want to hold your ground once you find a decent opening. For if you walk away, that spot will be snatched up by someone else in a matter of seconds. Would love to spend some more time out here walking along the entire cliff, searching for something that might not exist. Maybe next time.
Trout lake 🎣
After a few days of searching, @rose.emilyk and I were finally able to find this hidden little canyon. We were just about to give up when she spotted the creek crossing that lead us here. A strong current and some chilly waters from all the recent snowmelt made for some tricky shooting. Had a blast though and was very happy that we got to enjoy this while in Telluride last week.
One of these days I'll get to play with my camera outside of az. I just need some more moneys. Anybody out there wanna give me some?
Salty giants 🗿
Chasing the good stuff with @chente_el_rey1
Long exposure fun at the lake 🌬
Wild horse roaming the salt 🐴
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