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Made by ocean. #nocal
Question? Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have a favorite? If you have a favorite why? I’m going to launch one next week with @bigfrigcoolers. The concept is to feature people living their dream. We talk about the hard work and grit it takes. We are focusing on multiple industries. Any suggestions on people or companies we should contact? Appreciate your input.
The one I never get sick of. Top 3 favorite for me. #lajolla
#cali dreaming.
My Happy Place #cali
Funny how your perspective changes over time. For me to put my work out there it had to be perfect. It had to be my perfect. My perfect isn’t about rules of thirds or whatever bs people tell you, it was about connecting with whoever viewed it. I’m obsessed with connecting an emotion or thought with everything I put out. That is still the driving force but what I realize now it’s about the experience. The experience of getting up at 4 am 4 days in a row of rain and no sign of the sun. It’s about the journey! The time I spent with my brother who tagged along with me, the conversations and the awesome flat white’s Australia is famous for on the drive. This image was shot seven years ago and I remember the experience like it was yesterday. #leefilters #mywayoflife
The wave is backlit by the falling sun. #floridabeaches
Florida, see you soon. #floridabeaches
Everyday is a gift and privilege that we are allowed to follow our dreams and passions. Thank you to all the service and sacrifice of our Veterans. 🇺🇸 #memorialday
Find your beach this weekend.
Eye of the ocean. #myview
All about the light. #zen
Peaceful. When it’s 440 am along the shores of #maine you will have the whole beach to yourself. #long_exposure
Exploring the ocean colors of Maine.
Top two of my favorite 🌊 shots.
Blues. #zen
My obsession to catch the #perfectwave with a 📷 #zen
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