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This was put together from a trip to Colorado with @tyler_m_king a few years back. Shot mostly on iPhone. The quality isn’t awesome but the experience was memorable.
Coats, hats, and color! ..................................... @ig_color
A touch of fall. @oregon.nw @oregonexplored
Fortunate to spend the weekend in White River, South Dakota with some amazing humans. The work is hard, the life is simple, the faith is strong and family is everything. Appreciate all the new connections made working with @bigfrigcoolers. The bonding and deep and conversations was life changing shit.
Oldie but goodie. #falllove
Fall time is by far my favorite season. The leaves are turning slowly in the Midwest. Heading out tomorrow to a ranch in #southdakota with tons of gear and good humans.
Nature is awesome! #iphonetimelapse
10 years with this one! #blessed #betterhalf #imnotworthy #marriedup
Saw my first fall picture show up in my feed today. It made me smile. Ten years in San Diego was some of the best times of my life. I met my wife, made lifelong friends and started a photography career. It’s sunny and perfect weather pretty much every day of the year. Growing up in the midwest I always missed seasons. For me those 60 degree misty and foggy mornings are the best when in nature. Maybe its just me but the earth sounds different in the fall. I’ve chased fall from state to state the last 8 years. Yes to take pictures but honestly it does more for me personally. Some days I won’t even bring out the camera and just take it all in. Where is my favorite spot? They all are! Do you chase fall colors? Where is your favorite place? Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions chasing this year. This was shot in Massachusetts. I would have done anything to have a coffee on that deck. #mywayoflife
Man I love this. It’s only taken me two years to finally print it. Open for ideas helping me name it. - - - - @oregon.nw @oregonexplored @traveloregon
This place!
What a terrible morning at #lakejenny in @grandtetonnps. It only took 8 days to have a perfect still morning.
The only reason I started taking pictures of the ocean was to satisfy a creative outlet. I was working for the man and completely overwhelmed with anxiety. Thankful I found photography to keep me sane. Anxiety and depression sucks and unfortunately its in to many of our lives. I’m not a doctor or expert. But I do believe if you are aware and are open to learn you can fix most issues. I’m so excited to launch a podcast that focuses on humans who took a passion and turned into a career. Had a great podcast conversation with @elynoelle tonight. Can’t wait to share.
My last post was from a thank you note sent to me. This was the pick. Thanks to @john_brumbach for including me in this adventure. The pick @sherigriffinphotography @tinamotz @rssdesign757
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