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The only reason I started taking pictures of the ocean was to satisfy a creative outlet. I was working for the man and completely overwhelmed with anxiety. Thankful I found photography to keep me sane. Anxiety and depression sucks and unfortunately its in to many of our lives. I’m not a doctor or expert. But I do believe if you are aware and are open to learn you can fix most issues. I’m so excited to launch a podcast that focuses on humans who took a passion and turned into a career. Had a great podcast conversation with @elynoelle tonight. Can’t wait to share.
My last post was from a thank you note sent to me. This was the pick. Thanks to @john_brumbach for including me in this adventure. The pick @sherigriffinphotography @tinamotz @rssdesign757
Ok this is a first! I received this beautiful handwritten thank you card yesterday from someone I don’t know. I get so f’ng caught up in the daily grind that it’s easy to forget there is someone out there who appreciates your work. #handwrittenletters
The good kind of lost.
This is me figuring it out. It’s harder than you think. #lovethejourney @fyigtoutdoors
I’ve tried to surround myself with creative humans 10x smarter than me. They are not easy to find. My ring is small but powerful. As he knows I’m gearing up to head into a new direction, and @adrianhbell dropped this on me yesterday. “ I keep thinking about a question posed in a book I read @eliteminds What do you want to: 1. Have 2. Be 3. Do I’ve changed the answers multiple times already! What a mind f#%k.
This is my brother Brent. He is a partner at a huge accounting fitm. We come from the same bloodline but couldn’t be any more different . Educated and possibly the most fit human I know. He definitely does more before 6am than most. What’s funny is we inspire each other. This is what I love about humans with an open mind. We have different bloodlines, different careers, and lifestyles. Live in the moment, put the phone down and engage.
I don’t meditate. The closest thing to meditation is walking sandy beaches before sunrise and photographing waves. Living in Nebraska I don’t have that option. The morale of the story is to get away and get your mind set. This showed up in my email box today as I was traveling away from the ocean. Couldn’t be more spot on @sethgodin The wrong bus Your first mistake was getting on the A53 bus, the one that goes crosstown instead of to where you're going. Mistakes like this happen all the time. The big mistake, though, the one that will cost you, is staying on that bus. I know it wasn't easy to get on the bus. I know you got a seat. I know it's getting dark outside. But you're on the wrong bus, and staying on the wrong bus won't make it the right bus. If you really want to get where you set out to go, you're going to have to get off the wrong bus.
cali, sunday, perfect...
Getting on the road soon. Any small business owners, or interesting people I should sit down with for a #podcast ? #vanlifeexplorers
Had an amazing time with these unbelievable humans the last few days. We had some laughs, and they dropped some knowledge. Can’t wait to share the podcast in the next few weeks. 📷 @eddiemcdonoughjr
I can blame my forgetfulness on age or being as busy as I’ve ever been. I will forget your name 10 seconds after I meet you or will forget where I placed my daughters brush. But I can look at all of my images I’ve taken over the years and remember everything. This was shot in Naples #florida 3 years ago. I was the only one on the 🏝. No shoes watching the sky change colors by the second.
I’m ok if it’s not sunny at the beach everyday.
Super long exposure. About 40 minutes after sunset. #cali
All about the light. #floridalife
Made by ocean. #nocal
Question? Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have a favorite? If you have a favorite why? I’m going to launch one next week with @bigfrigcoolers. The concept is to feature people living their dream. We talk about the hard work and grit it takes. We are focusing on multiple industries. Any suggestions on people or companies we should contact? Appreciate your input.
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