• 28, raised in Indiana • living on Staten Island, New York • Obstacle Course Racer • U. S. Coast Guard; 9 years strong

Went out with @aaron_womack_ and @cori.lovesyou to support @themainsqueezee at his show.....but ended up being in the show. Cant take us anywhere! 😂
Far from perfect but always striving to be great. 💯
In a world full of stress and negativity, do what it takes to keep your peace. When you let go of things you don't control and get a better handle on the things you do, life is a bit more enjoyable.
Every time I put on my boots, I know its gonna be a good night. Some people don't understand how I can love the genre, but I'll always remember what country music and line dancing has done for me.
9 years of loyalty to a career that has been nothing but good to me. Never givin' up! #CareerCoastie #NineYears #Anniversary
All I'm really trying to do is live the best life for me by exceeding my own expectations and doing things I never thought I would. I never pictured myself going from a timid high school boy who shook while giving a speech in front of a class of 12 to an outgoing and energetic young man that wasn't afraid to take the stage in front of an audience with all eyes on me and leaving them entertained. Most wont understand the hype cause they weren't there and felt the energy. I couldnt be happier with the person I've grown up to be. Here's to no longer being afraid of the unknown and making more memories, no matter how crazy they are. #CarnivalVista #LipSyncBattle #LSBCarnival #Growth #Fun #LiveYourBestLife #DontBeAfraid #GoForIt #Memories
Well me and mama are back in Miami now so I can proudly say I didnt disappoint and won the Carnival Vista Lip Sync Battle! It was probably the most fun I've ever had in my life. I will honestly never forget the way the audience cheered for me. I'll post more videos soon....I hope ya'll ready for the craziness 😂 #LSBCarnival #CarnivalVista #LipSyncBattle
Time to show mom what a real vacation is like! Here we come Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Curacao, and Aruba!! 😁😁😁 #CarnivalVista #8DayCruise #MamasBoy #Miami
Same race, same place, 1 yr apart. Extremely proud of @lukem_who and how well he did at Mud Titan this year. He crushed last years time, finishing just under an hour. This year marked his 3 year anniversary of his weight loss journey of 150+ lbs. His hard work and dedication is definitely showing at these races. Couldnt be more happy for him. ● ● ● #FlexFriday #MudTitan #OCRLife #Hobbies #Fitness #MedalAddict #Focused #WeightLossJourney #OCRBuddies #Dedication
Oh, ya know. Just carrying a 50lb sandbag on my shoulders while running up and down what seemed like a gazillion stairs in chilly weather. Totally normal. • • • #SpartanRace #SpartanCitiField #Spartan #CitiField #StadiumSprint #AgeGroup #MedalAddict #OCRLife #OCR #ObstacleCourseRacing #Hobbies #Training #Nike #LoveThisSport #RunWithMike #RWM
Had a great race today at the Spartan Citi Field Stadium Sprint. It was pretty cool to literally run all over the Mets stadium. I liked how we had to do push ups in the Mets locker room. I had fun and am proud of my time/results! #SpartanRace #CitiField #OCRLife #AROO #OCR #MedalAddict
Finished 1st place out of 23 at Mud Titan in the Male Open Timed wave with a time of 51.22mins. Successful completion of all but 1 obstacle, the Titan Rig. Started feeling pain in my left shoulder so I took the fail to ensure I'm in good shape for my race next weekend back in New York. I knocked 3 mins off my finish time when I did the race 1 year ago. Happy with my results! Race pics to come soon. #MudTitan9 #OCRLife #MudRun
One thing I miss about being underway is getting to see countries I've never been to before. These pics are from 2012 when I first visited Jamaica. Had a great time ziplining and bobsledding while there! #tbt #MissThatCrew
Sending all of my positive vibes and good energy to this crazy kid today as he take the National Registry Exam and becomes a certified EMT. Shake off those nerves, you're gonna do great!! #Proud #Hubs #IsThatADeadBody 😂😋😘
When you're out on the course, sometimes nobody else is around. You gotta dig deep and find strength from within to keep going. Tell yourself "I can do this." Be your own cheerleader. Obstacle Course Racing comes with challenges but if you stay in the right mindset, they can be overcome. The biggest challenge for me at Greek Peak was the weather conditions. I may not be used to racing in 28° weather but that didnt prevent me from giving it my all and crossing the finish line! #SpartanRace #GreekPeak #WinterRace #SpartanGreekPeak #MedalAddict #OCRLife #Hobbies #RunWithMike #Focused
4.1 miles, 24 obstacles done! I'm content with my results too. Running up a ski slope seriously is no joke. I had a great time and I'm already looking forward to my next Spartan Race in April. Oh, and the warmer weather too lol 29° isn't really that bad once ya get goin though!! #SpartanRace #GreekPeak #SpartanGreekPeak
Thanks to my buddy/coach @runwithmike my first race of the season is next weekend, Spartan Greek Peak. It'll be my first Spartan Race as well as my first winter race. Looking forward to putting our intense training sessions to the test along with @anthony_coluccio_realtor ! #OCRLife #SpartanRace #GreekPeak #RunWithMike #Brothers #Training worst enemy when it comes to the faces I make on tough obstacles. 😂😂😂 #SavageRace #Sawtooth #OCRLife #tbt
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