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Developing and maintaining a healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system in San Diego County

Did you know 68% of food disposed is still edible?! Learning from so many great partners at the #zerofoodwasteforum on #worldfoodday
This Thursday, Oct 18th! Shop or dine at any @WholeFoods Market location in California and they will donate 5% of California net sales to our partner @RootsofChange to #powerthefoodmovement #ROCWFMpercentDay #HealthyFood #HealthyFarms #HealthyFamilies #wholefoods
Don’t waste, taste!! Swipe right to witness the culinary experience provided by the #NoWasteChef from @wildthymeco at the @kitchensforgood “Wasted” event #savethefood
This Thursday, Oct 18th, please shop at any @wholefoods market in California to #Powerthefoodmovement #ROCWFM5percentDay #wholefoods
Next Thursday, Oct 18th! Shop any @WholeFoods Market in California. They'll donate 5% to the food movmeent via our partner @carootsofchange #ROCWFM5 %Day #HealthyFood #HealthyFarms #HealthyFamilies #wholefoods
We are thrilled to welcome Sona Desai to the team as our new Associate Director! Sona comes to us with over 20 years of experience working to advance sustainable and equitable food systems. She has a background in organic farming, food marketing and distribution, farm business development, and is recognized nationally as a leader in community food systems development. Welcome Sona!
Having a great time at the @slowfoodurbansd Good Food Community Fair! Stop by and say hi!
“The opportunities are huge. You take the word waste: It’s a word that will hopefully go extinct as mankind continues to evolve. When you look at waste, we’re talking about resources we haven’t figured out how to use. A lot of times those weird parts are the tastiest. That waste part of it is the part that gets me most excited.” -Davin Waite, Executive Chef/Owner of Wrench & Rodent at the Food Waste Solutions Summit IV #unwastedfood
Sneak peak of the food waste inspired art project we’re working on. Make sure you register for our Summit next week to see the final product! #savethefood
Our Voting Members engaged in the research of Pascale Marcelli, Ph.D., about the link between food and place.
Having a blast and supporting the @sandiegofoodbank at the @aimloan San Diego Blues Fest! 💙🎺🎷☀️🍎
#FoodWasteFriday : Did you know that apples ripen 6 -10x faster at room temperature? Slow the process by storing them in a breathable bag in a low-humidity refrigerator drawer. #storeit And for those bruised apples you have around the kitchen, treat yourself by making this delicious smoothie with them while ending food waste at the same time. #cookit For more tips and recipes visit #SaveTheFood #SanDiego @savethefood
We had a blast at @hunterindustries yesterday sharing our Food Waste Warrior Training! Their staff committed to embracing ugly food, storing food properly, meal planning and more! How will you #savethefood his weekend?
Thank you for joining the San Diego Food System Alliance and the San Diego Food Bank last week for the Smart Kitchens San Diego Agency Award Ceremony! A huge congratulations to The Foundry, Heaven’s Windows, People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) and New Alternatives (NAI), the agencies selected for this partnership! We look forward to working together to reduce food waste in San Diego County while increasing distribution of healthy food to those in need!
Check out Food Tanks new article "Tracking Food Waste with Lean Path CEO Andrew Shakman" where the San Diego Food System Alliance is honorably mentioned! We are partnering with @LeanPath to reduce waste in 15 San Diego Institutions and are so happy to be sharing and supporting their work within our community. Visit: to read the full article and learn more about all of LeanPaths great work. #LeanPath #foodwaste
Our Urban Agriculture Workshop had the opportunity to visit UCSD's Roger's Garden this past week for our August meeting. They have an amazing aquaponic lot that closes the carbon loop and and minimizes food waste with their anaerobic digester and they are working on getting it 100% solar powered! #UrbanAg #UCSD #Rogersgarden #aquaponic
It's Food Waste Friday! What’s the best way to store cut watermelon? Store cut watermelon in an airtight container in the fridge! You can also freeze it by removing the rind, cubing the flesh, and freezing it on a baking sheet before storing it in an airtight container in the freezer! And for the hot summer you can make Nice Cream with the frozen watermelon! Nice Cream is close to a smoothie, but qualifies as a dessert. Nice creams are frozen fruit churned to soft-serve consistency. A frozen banana and another fruit of your choice along with some nut milk is all you need. #storeit #freezeit #cookit #SaveTheFood #SanDiego @savethefood #foodwastefriday
Check out our very first podcast! Give it a listen to learn about @SaveTheFood San Diego. Here are the links to listen: iTunes: SoundCloud: RSS:
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