Sean Dietrich

Sean Dietrich is a columnist, novelist, podcast host, and construction worker, known for his commentary on life in the American South.

She takes up the whole couch. #thelmalou #bloodhound
Dear Thelma Lou, I remember when I could hold you in my arms without severely rupturing L4 and L5.
“Do a good day’s work and be somebody.” #andygriffith
Three words: Coker. Nut. Cake.
Recording our 60th #podcast , from the Tale Tellin’ Festival in Selma. #alabama #kathryntuckerwindham
If you are ever at the Fort Deposit exit, Here is a barbecue joint that has some of the best smoked chicken this boy has ever tasted. Ever. #frontporchbbq #fortdeposit #alabama
October snow in Alabama. #cotton
Top secret fishing hole—the whereabouts of which are only known by a few people, and a few deceased fish.
ME: I can’t quite figure out what I want. CRACKER BARREL WAITRESS: Let me get creative and put something together for you that my kids eat all the time. #crackerbarrel #shenailedit
ME: May I take a photo of your shirt, ma’am? WOMAN: Yes, you may. ME: Where can I get one? I love that shirt. WOMAN: I certainly hope you don’t plan on giving one of these to your mother.
“On the count of three say money! One! Two! Three!” “MONEEEEEYYYY!”
Baby Otis has the hiccups.
When hunger strikes, it looks like this. #thelmalou #bloodhound
Selfie with grade school friends. #selma #alabama
These people were the best dog boarding place I have ever used, and buddy, we have used a lot. @wetalkdog #birmingham #alabama
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