Sean Dietrich

Sean Dietrich is a columnist, novelist, podcast host, and construction worker, known for his commentary on life in the American South.

My Thel is having a little eye operation today. Nothing serious, but if you have a few seconds, maybe say a few words for Thelma Lou.
God bless those who love us enough to feed us fat, sugar, white flour, and sodium.
I love calendars.
Who is that goofy kid?
I found a place to buy a pound of nails, some taffy, a licorice whip, and a pocketknife. #ugwhite #athens
Things you see in #Alabama .
“Sean?” they ask me. “You sure stay in a lot of hotels, how do you keep going?” And I always answer: “My wife, she holds a high-powered rifle pointed at my head.” But also: caffeine, found in the smooth silky taste of Midnight Shift coffee—locally roasted. (Cue commercial music) Each bag of this coffee benefits my friends in blue at the @pensacolapolice department and @rallyfoundation . #pensacolasfinest @delunacoffee
The Cotton Pickin’ Kids—11 musical siblings. I asked their father how he sleeps. He said, “I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that word.” #athensAL #cullmanalabama
Third potluck in 3 days. I must be dead.
Sandwiches you might see at a bridal party. Itty, itty bitty. No crust. #athensalabama #athensstateuniversity #alabama
The Cotton Pickin’ Kids are cotton pickin’ cool.
It was a legendary potluck, the year Miss Lydia lost the diamond on her wedding ring while grating cheese for squash casserole. 80 saints were on the lookout for it. Rumor had it that Pastor Wallace found it the first thing the very next morning.
Now I can say I’ve finally been to Paris. Even if only for 2 minutes. #parisTN #tennessee @jonihboyd
Where Baptists go to hear good music. #visitnorthal #alabama
I wish I knew a baby who wanted a ball glove.
Joe Wheeler State Park—I’ll bet this guy threw some great parties. #visitnorthal #joewheelerstatepark #alabama
This will never replace my Dixieland Stampede boot mug, but it ain’t bad. #branson
This is where I belong. In the potluck line. #kentucky #baptist #potlucks
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