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20 | Emirates Aviation Student 📍Dubai

Good things come to those who hustle. This Ramadan @dubizzle has exciting offer for car inspection for only AED399 instead of AED499. Its the fastest, easiest and reliable car service inspection for any car in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. They will even arrange the inspection directly with the seller #dubizzle #dubizzleit #inspectwithdubizzle
Did you know the sad facts about plastics? 1.Every year, 8 million tons of plastic bottles are dumped in the ocean 2. 60-90% of litters in the ocean today are plastic-based. 3. There is more micro plastics in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way. What will you do to save our Mother Earth? Support and take action for more sustainable future by reducing plastic pollution. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Say No To Plastic and I challenge @johnny.tag911 @clairefalconer__ and @iamjoeforreals to show me your plastic shame! #PledgeNoPlastic @TIMBERLAND_ME @BEEAHUAE #TIMBERLANDDXB #beeahuae #beeah
Isn't it magical to clearly see the moon as bright and visible from the distance? This distinct feature is possible with HUAWEI P30 Pro x50 Zoom without losing its image quality. @huaweiarabia Swipe left to see x25, x10, x50 Zoom. #HuaweiP30 #rewritetherules #huaweip30pro
Rewrite the Rules of Photography. With HUAWEI P30 Pro anyone could capture the subtleties of any images with its unmatched clarity using a 40MP main camera, ultra wide 20MP unit and a Telephoto 8 Mega pixel for zooming. Its 10x Hybrid Zoom feature, you can get closer than ever without losing image quality. Swipe right to see the X5 and X10 Hybrid Zoom. With Huawei anyone could be a PRO. @huaweiarabia #huaweip30 #huaweip30pro #huawei #mobilephotography
Be willing to step outside your comfort zone once in a while; take the risk in life that seem worth taking.
When life gets you down remember, Its only one down and the rest is UP ☝🏻
The Brooklyn Oxfords keep me light, fast and free to escape anywhere I want. #TimberlandDXB @timberland_me
Discovering the incredible potential Huawei P30 PRO has in rewriting the rules of photography its Super Camera and creating a whole new celullar experience where colors and vibrance are brought to life #HuaweiP30 @huaweiarabia . . Check out my bio to use my personalized link for Pre-Order.
In time, even the sharpest thorns will become soft. @mertsella #portraitpage #portraithood
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