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Huckleberry, Australian Shepherd/American Bulldog mix (1 y/o) Location: University Village #seattledoggos
Marley, Shorkie (10 y/o) • Happy “Marley Monday”! Marley held a donut sandwich with Cookie Monster cookie dough from @donutfactoryinc in collaboration with @sugarspoondough. My fingers were dyed blue for the rest of the weekend. Also, as a disclaimer, Marley did not get to consume anything during this food hold. The cookie dough was inside the donut, but the tiny cookies in the dough had pieces of chocolate (not to mention the sugar packed dessert as a whole). We definitely erred on the side of caution, although Marley did drop it on the ground by himself in the end. @marleyhugs Location: University District #seattledoggos
Griffey, Golden Retriever (6 m/o) • “He just got neutered, so he’s not supposed to be playing with other dogs.” Location: Magnuson Park #seattledoggos
Manson, Miniature Australian Shepherd (1 y/o) Location: Oyster Dome Trail, Bow, Washington #seattledoggos
Georgi, Bernese Mountain Dog (8 m/o) @georgi.the.berner Location: Volunteer Park #seattledoggos
Ruffle, English Cocker Spaniel (1 y/o) • “We flew [from Waterloo] to Vancouver and then drove down... Ruffle flew in cargo... I’m not sure how he was during the flight, but he seemed happy when I picked him up.” Location: Magnuson Park #seattledoggos
Pearl, Basset Hound (11 m/o) • "She went blind in her left eye at 4 months from one of her puppy vaccines... She's my running buddy. Except for today, we run from 45th to 70th street everyday. People are always surprised that she can run with her short legs... I picked Pearl up in Portland when I was staying with my aunt. It was crazy... Jenny [Pearl's breeder (@outdoorhound )] was traveling in Oregon with all 10 of her Bassets, so she had to let them out to use the bathroom because they had been driving all day... When [Jenny] opens the door, the Bassets just run out of the car and start going everywhere in pitch black on the busy street. So my aunt starts freaking out because these dogs aren't on leashes. We all had to get in the middle of the road and stop cars because the dogs were just walking across the road. It was the most chaotic evening. I felt bad for my aunt, but I did warn her. I was like 'it's going to be a chaotic scene!’" . Location: Phinney Ridge #seattledoggos
Mucca, Miniature Dachshund (7 m/o) • “My mommy thinks I look like a cow, so she named me ‘Mucca’, the Italian word for cow.” @mucca_the_dachshund Location: Gas Works Park #seattledoggos
Marley, Shorkie (10 y/o) • Happy “Marley Monday”! Marley held a blueberry popster from @seattlecookiecounter. Note his little raised paw. After we were done with this food hold, I kind of regretted not buying something for myself lol. I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day yesterday. We took Marley to my grandma’s place for a Mother’s Day lunch yesterday. Their obsession with each other is mutual, so I am sure they both had a great time. @marleyhugs Location: Phinney Ridge #seattledoggos
Theodore, Bernese Mountain Dog (1 y/o) • “‘Happy happy Mother’s Day to my mama and all the other crazy dog moms like mine out there! Thanks for loving us the way you do.’” Happy Mother’s Day! @teddypenderkraft Location: Volunteer Park #seattledoggos
Cody, Labrador Retriever (1 y/o) Location: Oyster Dome Trail, Bow, Washington #seattledoggos
Roxanne, Miniature Pinscher (11 y/o) • “I adopted her when she was 1... She didn’t come housebroken. She peed all over my apartment... We just found out that she’s full Min Pin. We thought she might have been mixed with another breed... I brought 4 outfits for today... I wish we had room for a closet for her. I have an ottoman with storage that has all her clothes inside. I have no self control when it comes to Roxy. She has two designer [collars] and a few basics- it’s like having a child... We’ve only been to Kerry Park one time before. We live close by in Belltown, but it gets so crowded here... This area reminds me of Newport. We got married in Newport, Rhode Island and the houses look a lot like [the ones in this area of Queen Anne]. The hotel we stayed in was originally owned by the Vanderbilts in the 1900’s. Roxy wasn’t allowed to go to the reception, but she was spoiled by the hotel staff.” @roxanne_rockstar Location: Kerry Park & Parsons Gardens, Queen Anne #seattledoggos
Marley, Shorkie (10 y/o) • This is our #BestofMet entry for @metmarket ’s photo contest. Not going to lie- an apple rolled all the way down the hill while I was trying to take these photos. Would you have a picnic with Marley? It’s okay if you say no- he’s a messy eater and definitely not my first choice. @marleyhugs Location: Gas Works Park
Bernie Sanders, Miniature Bernedoodle (10 m/o) • “He was flirting with all the lady Berners today. He had to make up for his scraggly appearance somehow... He looks like one of the sad dogs in the commercials where Sarah McLachlan is singing.” @bernie__doodle CAPTION THIS PHOTO Location: Volunteer Park #seattledoggos
Sawyer, Bernese Mountain Dog (7 m/o) Location: Oyster Dome Trail, Bow, Washington #seattledoggos
Marley, Shorkie (10 y/o) • Happy “Marley Monday”! Marley held a donut from @toppotdoughnuts and hiked Oyster Dome this weekend. And when I say “hiked”, I really mean he was carried up a 1,000+ ft. elevation trail in a backpack (lucky dog). Marley is on restricted activity so he does not exacerbate the arthritis in his right front foot, which is why we had stopped hiking and switched to food holds. However, the vet gave us the all clear to carry him in a backpack during strenuous activity. On the trail, we let Marley out for a few minutes ever half an hour and he actually did remarkably well in the backpack and even fell asleep on the way down. It was so fun to get back outside with the Cuddle Bear. We went with one of my oldest friends and a new friend, one of the hikers who helped us out on our accidental Lake 22 night hike. Coincidentally, we also ran into the other Lake 22 friend when we got to the top of Oyster Dome (hi, @joycieats )! Marley had a great time and we just got a special dog backpack for future hikes. @marleyhugs #seattledoggos
Harlow, Golden Retriever (4 m/o) • “She’s gotten a bit bigger since the last time you saw her.” Location: Green Lake #seattledoggos
Milo, Cockapoo (2 y/o) Location: Capitol Hill #seattledoggos
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