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If the beauty community had a theme song 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just for shits n gigs 🤣 #lipsyncbattle
There is literally sooooo fucking much new makeup out now or launching soon 😳 I can’t keep up but more than that I’ve been staring at pics, swatches, and reviews on my phone for like an hour now trying to decide what I want to buy right away and what I can wait on. Don’t forget the @sephora VIB sale is in November and then there’s also the $20 off $50 that usually happens in December. On my radar I have- * @kyliecosmetics x Jordyn collab launching tomorrow, 9/21 at 3pm pst (for some reason I’m not super pumped about this collection tbh, but I’m thinking of getting the palette and the lipstick * @toofaced gingerbread palette and melted matte lipstick (palette is sold out on Too Faced website but in stock online @sephora * @doseofcolors #desixkaty round 2 (launching on DOC website 9/24, and online and in store @ultabeauty 9/30 * @anastasiabeverlyhills sultry palette, mini gloss kit, and glitters (I’m def getting the palette and mini glosses) online 9/25, and 10/9 online retailers, and in store 10/12 * I’m gonna wait for the Sephora sale to hopefully snag the new PatMcgrath palette, and I’m super intrigued by the new Dior ultra rouge lipsticks and ink lip liners 🤔💋 What do you guys have your eyes on?! 😍 I have 2 of the new Huda mini palettes and the new Fenty highlighter and gloss on the way 🙈 • • • • • • • #Makeupartist #Makeupaddict #Makeupjunkie #Makeuplover #Makeupforever #Makeupbyme #Makeupmafia #Makeupmurah #Makeupoftheday #Makeuplook #Mascara #Makeupgeek #Makeuplovers #Instamakeup #Instamakeupartist #Seattlemuarenee #Makeupporn  #Makeupobsessed #Beauty #Eyeliner #Makeupfanatic1 #Eyeshadow #Lipgloss #Makeuptalk #Makeuptutorial #Makeuplove
Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to the dentist I go 🙄 lost a filling biting into a rice crispy treat yesterday 🤦🏼‍♀️ Enough about me... how are you?! Smooches 😘💋 #girl #selfie #kissyface #seattle #seattlemuarenee
Excuse my tardiness in announcing the giveaway winners... you can go ahead and blame @tomfordbeauty for it. Square lipsticks are a bitch to hold and take a pic with! 🙈 Thank you to everyone that entered! I had over 1k comments to look thru and make sure peeps followed the rules, please keep in mind I do giveaways as often as humanly possible to give back to the people that truly support me. It’s always interesting to me how many people I see come out of nowhere when a giveaway is posted. I also know the @instagram algorithm has been fucking me for awhile and most of my posts are not being shown to even the people following me. If you feel like it, and don’t want to miss new posts/giveaways you’re more than welcome to turn on post notifications 😘 The winners for this giveaway are @kait.jonyl and @goodwindonna30 please dm me your name and address ASAP! Please don’t get discouraged cuz y’all know I do these allllllllllll the time! 💄- @tomfordbeauty Katherine and x @iamcardib 💙 #tomfordbeauty #cardib #lipstickaddict #seattlemuarenee
Really wanted to show part of my GOOD VIBES shirt from @fashionnova but thanks to my boobs and hair it looks like OOD VIL 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣 PS. Last call/chance to enter my giveaway!!! I’ll be announcing the winners in about an hour or so! 💚 @makeupforeverus smoothing and mattifying primers @marcbeauty remarcable foundation combined with @physiciansformula the healthy foundation @maccosmetics MSFN medium golden to set face @benefitcosmetics precisely my brow pencil 4, high brow and hoola bronzer @acebeaute cleopatra lashes @urbandecaycosmetics born to run palette and “mildew” 24/7 glide on eye pencil @natashadenona blush duo #11 and super glow “light-medium” *swatch of this highlighter on my story! @hudabeauty spice girl liquid lipstick #motd #urbandecay #mac #natashadenona #selfie
Well this pic was a pain in my ass to take. If you guys only knew (🎶if your girl only knew🎶🙌🏼) the time I spend perfecting every shot I take. I took a bunch then didn’t like the order of the concealers and played around with different combos according to length and color 🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s coo, my hair is ashy/silver now so you can’t see all the gray hairs growing in🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 #foundation #concealer #seattlemuarenee
Tips to make your forehead go from a fivehead to a four 🤓 You will need- a shit ton of hair (extensions will work), eyes, eyebrows, weed (this is optional and not necessary) First, pile all the hair you can on top of your head and secure, raise your brows, and slightly squint your eyes (this is where smoking some weed will help, but you will then also need visine) I was able to do a natural squint today lol 😂 PS. NOT AT ALL RELATED BUT GOOOOOOO HAWKS! 💙💚 @makeupforeverus smoothing and mattifying primers @marcbeauty remarcable foundation combined with @physiciansformula the healthy foundation @maccosmetics MSFN medium golden to set face @benefitcosmetics precisely my brow pencil 4, high brow and hoola bronzer @acebeaute cleopatra lashes @urbandecaycosmetics born to run palette and “mildew” 24/7 glide on eye pencil @natashadenona super glow “light-medium” for inner corner highlight #makeupoftheday #urbandecaycosmetics #macgirl #maquillaje
Y’all may wanna peep my previous post... just sayin 🤷🏼‍♀️💋 What’s your fave @kyliecosmetics lip kit?! Lemme know in case I don’t have it! Personally I prefer the formula of the velvets over the mattes, however the mattes launched first so I own more of them and seems to be more of a broad shade selection as well. If you’re curious my fave matte shades are- libra, koko k, candy k (glad that shade goes both ways lol 😂), posie k, dolce k, autumn, and Mary Jo k is one of my all time favo-reds (see what I did there ❤️) *I do find that the darker/vampy matte shades while beautiful tend to be more drying and a bit streaky than the lighter shades* Fave velvets- charm, mood, Rosie, shook, and punk. I know for sure I want dirty peach, one wish, harmony, dazzle and poison berry (which is out of stock😫) #kyliecosmetics #kylielipkit #makeupfavorites
Y’all may want to turn on post notifications and keep them eyes peeled 🙊 just might be putting up a new giveaway tonight or tomorrow 🤷🏼‍♀️💋 @makeupforeverus smoothing primer @marcbeauty remarcable foundation combined with @physiciansformula the healthy foundation @benefitcosmetics precisely my brow pencil 4, gimme brow 3, high brow, and hoola bronzer @tartecosmetics shape tape concealer set with @itcosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder @hudabeauty smoky obsessions palette @acebeaute cleopatra lashes @maccosmetics coppertone blush @anastasiabeverlyhills sugar glow kit @katvondbeauty bow n arrow lip liner @maccosmetics blankety lipstick #seattlemuarenee #makeuplook #makeupoftheday #makeupartist #makeupartistsworldwide #flawlessdolls #hudabeauty #brian_champagne #universodamaquiagem_oficial #peachyqueenblog #wakeupandmakeup #laurag_143 #vegasnay #benefitbrows #benefitcosmetics #macgirl #maccosmetics #maclipstick #katvondbeauty #tarte #tartecosmetics #physiciansformula #wingedliner #highlighter
Do you ever think you have a really good idea that turns out awful and poorly executed?! The pups always sleep in their crate. Romeo even just goes in his around 9pm when he gets tired. I couldn’t sleep last night and went downstairs and got both of them and brought them upstairs to sleep with me thinking they would snuggle and keep me company. I have no idea if they slept nor do I know if I did 🤷🏼‍♀️all I know is there was snoring, licking, pawing, and me rolling around but too lazy to bring them back downstairs. Chloe still won’t go downstairs, only up them 🤦🏼‍♀️ anyways, that’s my story. The end 💋 Nudity.... as per usual 🤣 • • • • • • • #lipstickaddict #maclipstick #seattlemuarenee #macjunkies #hudabeautyliquidmatte
When I was down in AZ my mama said me and the bff @jgriffin1438 needed to find a place where I could lip sync and she could dance (she’s good af) but I couldn’t find any 🤷🏼‍♀️ I like to be positive and believe I can sing, but when the windows shatter and the animals run and hide I lose a little confidence in my singing voice 🤣 #lipsyncbattle #lipsync #envogue
Messy floor, messy life 😳 🎶it’s Friday, and I’m ready to swing, pick up my girls and hit the party scene, tonight... it’s alright. So get up and let this funky mellow groove, get you in the mood, cuz you know it’s alright🎶 Although I won’t be picking up my girls and hitting the party scene, Aaliyah’s life/legacy was cut short and she didn’t get to experience Uber’s ❤️ What are you guys up to this weekend?! Supposed to be 60 (as the high 🙄) and rain, so I think I’ll lay out 🤣 #makeupmess #makeupcollection #bbloggers #seattlemuarenee
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